13 Must-Know Tips in Valorant

13 Must-Know Tips in Valorant

Riot Games’ Valorant is one of the most sought-after first-person shooter (FPS) games in the world.

SO if you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of your games, we’ll break down the 13 MUST KNOW tips and tricks every Valorant player should know.

Starting With the Best Valorant Tips for Beginners:

Tip 1: INVEST in the Best Equipment

prism skin on all guns in valorant


By now if you’ve been playing Valorant, this tip would be redundant.

BUUUT there are still some players out there that have a hard time playing with mediocre equipment.

So if you’re a beginner, get yourself the best gaming mouse, a big 18-inch mousepad, and a good set of headphones.

As you progress through the game, you can adjust your mouse sensitivity to your liking and a big mousepad will help you move around comfortably.

Trust us, getting the best gaming equipment will change your game for the BETTER.

Tip #2: Don’t say “Over There”… Learn the Location Names!

Have you ever played with somebody that calls out “Over there” or “Behind that thing” and it’s just downright frustrating?


In Valorant, it’s CRUCIAL to memorize the location names to call out during a game.

This way your teammates will know the exact location of your enemy or enemy team and they don’t have to guess where “over there” is.

Tip #3: Know Your Mouse Sensitivity and Mouse Controls

tenz settings for valorant


Assuming you already have your essential gaming equipment from tip #1, you also need to learn how to use it properly.

For most FPS games, mouse sensitivity boils down to personal preference.

Fine-tuning your mouse sensitivity and mouse control will improve your aim and gameplay.

The general rule of thumb is you should be able to do a 180-degree turn with just a swipe of your mouse from the center of your mousepad.

If you have a good crosshair placement then most of your enemies will be in front of you and you wouldn’t have to turn often.

Want headshots? Want instant kill plays? Aiming to be as phenomenal as TenZ? Get comfortable with your preferred settings first.

Tip #4: There is No Perfect Crosshair Placement

There is no crosshair setting, pattern, or type that works for everyone.

Ultimately, like in-game and mouse sensitivities, crosshair adjustments are down to personal preference.

Lucky for us, Riot Games made it easier to tweak your crosshair on Valorant’s settings. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be tweaking those settings as you move up in your rank.

The more you adjust your crosshair, the better your aim will be. TRUST US.

Tip #5: Play to Your Agent’s Abilities

Phoneix Viper and Jett standing in front of Valorant Logo


Out of all the Valorant tips for beginners, this has to be one of the most important tips.

Choosing the right agent and playing to their abilities is pivotal to your gameplay.

For example, agents like Sage and Phoenix have HEALING abilities. This will come in handy during 1v1 situations because if you get shot, you can heal yourself in the process and you’ll have the upper hand.

However, team ability damage in this game is another factor, which means any ability you use against your opponents can also damage your team.

Here are examples of the abilities have you to be careful with:

  • Sage’s slow orb
  • Viper’s snake bite
  • Phoenix’s Molotov
  • Raze’s cluster grenade

Raze’s Boom Bot:

We want to highlight one of Riot Games’ unique agent abilities, the Boom Bot, and why it’s so effective.

The Boom Bot is Raze’s ability and is an auto-lock bot that chases your enemies and explodes when it catches up to them.

This is great for adding pressure on your opponents and creates a serious amount of damage once it’s triggered.

Raze using her boom bot strategically


Using Off-Angles:

It’s uncommon to see players utilize off-angles to their agent’s full effect.

Agents like Jett and Reyna are MADE to play off-angles. These two have the ability to dash or dismiss towards cover after getting a pick.

The disadvantage of playing an off-angle is you also put yourself in a dangerous position. If you are currently struggling with your aim, it’s tough to pull this technique off in the middle of a fight.

In a 1v1, off angles can sometimes be a strong tactic. They can be strong if you know your enemy has no flashes or intel.

Tip # 6: Crash Course on Callouts

Remember, Valorant is a TEAM game and teams have a higher chance of winning games if each person communicates well with their teammates.

If one of your teammates is having a bad game, ask yourself, how can the other players play around them better to still come out with a win.

Here’s a guide on basic callouts used in Valorant. It’s important that YOU understand these callouts as well.

  • Frag= Kill
  • Refrag: Killing the enemy who killed your teammate who is close to you.
  • Eco Round= The round where you save money
  • CT= Defender spawn
  • T= Attacker Spawn
  • Heaven= High Ground
  • Hell= Low Ground
  • Full push=The whole team pushes onto a site (usually only used on the attacker’s side) without the need of walking or taking out your knife.
  • Molly= Shortform for Molotov, usually used for Raze’s or Brim’s signature.
  • Elo: Your rank/standard in the game


That’s a roundup of the basic ling in Riot Games. You’ll learn more callouts as you climb up the ranks, so use your voice chat wisely!

Now Here Are Some More Valorant Tips for the Advanced/Veteran Players

Tip #7: Going Silent Is a Loud Technique

Going silent is a Valorant technique used by many pro players especially when they’re in a clutch situation.

The goal of this technique is you want to reset what your enemy knows about your position/ location. Basically, you want to keep your enemies guessing.

For example, say you are in a 1v1 or 1v2 situation and you go silent for 3 seconds, the enemy can still predict your location because the timeframe is NOT long enough.

BUT if you go silent for 15 or 30 seconds, the distance widens, and it’ll make your enemies question the information they have about your location.

You guys get the point now right? The longer the time passes between your last known location, the harder it is for your enemies to predict where you are.

This is why going silent is such a strong technique and it’s one of the most effective Valorant tips we learned.

Tip #8: Save Your Creds!

Just like adult life, you gotta keep an eye on your money! Everything you do in Valorant contributes to earning creds.

The economy is one of the important aspects of Valorant because, in an ideal situation, you’ll want to “Full Buy” meaning your team will be spending creds stocking up on weapons, utilities, armor, and sometimes you may even make purchases for allies, etc.

But truthfully, this won’t be an option in most circumstances especially if your team loses a few rounds; your creds will quickly deplete.

If your team is on an economy round, the good news is, this will ensure your team has enough creds to buy weapons for the following round.

…BUUUUT the bad news is if the opponents realize your team is playing an economy round, they will try and eliminate you one at a time (and vice versa).

How to Save Creds?

Pistol Rounds is a decisive round for your team if you want to avoid an eco round.

If you win a pistol round, you’ll win some creds too and that means your team will have enough creds to buy more weapons in the 3rd or 4th round.

Remember, the higher up the Valorant ranks you go, the more you will see the importance of winning in Pistol Rounds.

Tip #9: Peek-a-Boo

Peeking can either kill you or save you. Let’s guide you through it.

Obviously, you want to see your opponent without your opponent SEEING YOU FIRST.

But the issue is- how do you peek effectively?

This is where your position is critical because you have to move quickly enough so the shooter doesn’t see you. You want to peek at the right angle so YOU can take the perfect shot.

The best way to peek is:

  • To stand FURTHER away from the wall or corner.
  • Press A and D to strafe out
  • DON’T hold shift. Holding shift while you walk will only slow you down.


This way, you can move quickly while still looking for your opponent.

The best part? When you strafe out using A and D, you’ll move without making a sound and also catch the enemy off guard.

Tip #10: Look Up and Aim Up!

Aiming in market at head height with Phantom


We couldn’t believe a common mistake most players still make…

… is walking around aiming at the floor?!

Let’s get this clear, head shots are vital in Valorant and this is because most weapons can kill the enemy easily with 1-2 shots to the head.

Shooting at their body will only damage your opponent but head shots can end the fight instantly.

Ultimately, you want to be looking UP and aiming at head height AT ALL TIMES. Even if you are elevated or crouching down in the corner, aiming at head height will always be an advantage.

Tip #11: Recoil Control

Controlling your gun recoil takes A LOT of time and practice.

Other Valorant guides and players will tell you that crouching while shooting is a bad idea… but let us tell you why crouching can be effective when controlling your gun recoil.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Practice shooting at the wall and you’ll notice that the first 3 bullets can be easily controlled by pulling your mouse down. But after those 3 bullets, you’ll see that the bullets tend to jump up.
  • To counter this, you’ll want to crouch down by pressing CTRL after the first 3 bullets
  • Then perform the same amount of pull-down that you did on the first 3.


The result? You’ll have all 6 bullets to land in the SAME position.

If you want to learn better recoil control and improve even better with your aim, practice playing matches on CS: GO. It’s much more difficult to land headshots in a game like CS: GO.

Try it for a week and see how your gameplay improves in Valorant.

Tip #12: Optimal Range of Engagements

Every weapon has a range where it’s most effective.

When picking your weapons, keep in mind the optimal range of your weapon and STICK TO IT.

Don’t try to challenge their range and aim at different angles, this will only lessen their damage and accuracy.

A cheap gun like ‘Buckys’ has an optimal range of 0-15 meters.

Riffles like the ‘Phantom’ have an optimal range of 15-50 meters so you can understand why the Phantom has a high price.

It’s important to keep in mind the optimal ranges of each of your weapons so you can determine what your strategy is as you approach the enemy.


Using Operator rifle aiming in heaven


Use. The. Practice. Range.

Practice rounds are crucial and doing these warmups at the shooting range before your game can help you out BIG TIME.

You can practice your aim, sensitivity, and mouse control by aiming and shooting at the bots. This is also a good time to practice different positions and practice peeking behind the boxes or pillars.

Spray Control:

If you want to practice spray control, spend a few minutes in the range and practice spraying at the wall.

Try and get 5-6 bullets in the same direction and once you’re more comfortable you can add more bullets.

The goal is to aim in one direction and shoot at the same area.

Spray Transferring:

Learning how to hip spray with guns


If you want to practice spray transferring, you can practice using the flying bots right outside of the range.

Practice transferring between the flying targets and your muscle memory should carry over in-game.


Well… you’ve made it this far, which means you’re ready to try these tips and climb up the Valorant ranks!

This edition of Valorant tips is guaranteed to lead you and your team to victory while improving your skills and complex knowledge of the game.