BEST Champions & Items To Counter Teemo in League of Legends

Teemo League of Legends

One of the most frustrating champions to lane against in the Top Lane is Teemo. He starts out with a slight edge because he is a ranged champion and most Top Laners are melee. In addition, dealing with his Q and his mushroom attacks may be extremely frustrating. In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 champions to counter Teemo, as well as the top 3 items, and general tips on how to counter Teemo and beat this cute yet deadly character.

Top 10 Champions to Counter Teemo

Darius League of Legends

10. Darius

Darius is a capable solo queue fighter who can tank and keep himself alive while taking damage from Teemo. Apprehend him and pull him. Use his opening move, Decimate, to increase the damage you do when he flees from you. You have a stronger chance of using Apprehend as your opening move thanks to his main item, Stridebreaker, which applies a slow. Force of Nature and Death’s Dance should come afterward.


9. Garen

Garen is a great choice to employ against Teemo because he typically plays in the top lane. Use Garen’s substantial health to absorb Noxious Trap damage in the early stages of the game. When you are not engaged in combat, remember to maximize your Perseverance regeneration passive.

Build defensively in the middle of the game to maintain your endurance during team fights. Items such as Death’s Dance heal you for 15% of all enemy damage. Force of Nature will be hugely useful if Teemo builds AP. Garen’s playstyle will benefit from the full stacks’ 10% movement speed gain and 25% reduction in all incoming magic damage.

Irelia League of Legends

8. Irelia

Teemo can be rapidly killed by Irelia if he overextends because she has a lot of kill pressure and Teemo is quite flimsy. Irelia will prevail in an all-in as long as she maneuvers around the Teemo Binding.

Shen League of Legends

7. Shen

Shen is an excellent fighter. Compared to Teemos, his all-in pressure is substantially higher. Using his W, he can also stop Teemo from attacking him. Shen can assist a teammate at level 6 without worrying that Teemo will prevent him from leaving the lane.

Malphite League of Legends

6. Malphite

Malphite is typically seen as a reliable champion. Malphite is an excellent choice against Teemo since he can knock him out with his Q, shield him from pokes, and win a level 6 all-in. Malphite will also be more effective in team battles and out scale a Teemo.

Yasuo League of Legends

5. Yasuo

As long as you are able to work around his Q, Yasuo is a good selection for Teemo. If his Q is on cooldown, play aggressively or draw him out with your Windwall to look for all-ins. If you can get on top of Teemo, you should be able to kill him because he is rather fragile.

Yorick League of Legends

4. Yorick

In general, Teemo is a pretty stiff champion. Yorick can temporarily confine him in a cage, enabling him to close the opening and topple him. Compared to Teemos, Yorick’s level 6 is significantly stronger.

Pantheon League of Legends

3. Pantheon

Teemo may be defeated with the help of Pantheon. His passive Mortal Will, which enhances both his basic attack and abilities, is mostly responsible for his high damage output.

Aegis Assault shields you from magic damage while Pantheon’s Shield Vault also can stun Teemo so you can keep him at a comfortable distance. Before going all-in, you should also be utilizing Comet Spear to poke him remotely.

Vladimir League of Legends

2. Vladimir

Vladimir is a strong pick for countering Teemo due to his burst damage potential. With his abilities, Vladimir can quickly eliminate Teemo in the top lane. In addition to his burst damage, Vladimir’s sustain and AOE damage make him a difficult opponent for Teemo to deal with. His passive ability, Crimson Pact, grants him bonus health for every point of bonus ability power he has, which allows him to sustain through Teemo’s poke and harass.

Olaf League of Legends

1. Olaf

Olaf is the ideal candidate to defeat Teemo because he can be easily countered by high burst damage or skill-based damage. Attack speed decrease will not be effective against Teemo because he relies on his auto attack to inflict damage.

Top 3 Items To Counter Teemo

3. Randium’s Omen

Another legendary item, it releases a shockwave around you to delay foes in your vicinity by 55% for two seconds.

2. Thornmail

Deals 10 (+ 25% bonus armor) magic damage to the attacker when they are hit by a basic attack. If the attacker is a champion, they will also sustain Grievous Wounds for three seconds.

1. Frozen Heart

Teemo relies on his basic attacks’ poison damage and his quick movements, so you’ll need to acquire certain things that will slow him down. Frozen Heart is a great item to halt his strikes. Due to its high armor and ability haste, Frozen Heart is one of the greatest items for tank champions. Winter’s Caress, the passive ability of Frozen Heart, severely slows down foes in the area by 20%.

Tips To Counter Teemo

1. Teemo’s Blinding Dart should not be underestimated because it is particularly powerful against automatic strikes.

2. Avoid engaging in combat with Teemo if your primary means of damage are simple assaults. Your harm will be totally negated by his blind.

3. The cooldown on Teemo’s W (Move Quick) is lengthy. Teemo is incredibly vulnerable in melee battles, so take advantage of that.

4. As soon as you can, get Oracle Lens so you can disable and eliminate his mushrooms.

5. As Teemo frequently excels at long-lasting battles, burst strategies might work well.

The Bottom Line

Teemo may seem like an impossible nuisance, but once you know the right champions and the right tactics to defeat him, he’s not at all hard. You can counter Teemo using all the aforementioned techniques, items, and champions listed.

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