Best Runeterra decks for the latest patch

Legends of Runeterra decks

With a new mobile-game launched by Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra is a digital card game that requires an effective strategy to win.

Strategy, however, isn’t the only element to winning in Legends of Runeterra. You also need the best-handpicked cards and decks to help you climb to the top!

In this guide, we’ll share 10 of the best Runeterra decks to help you march into victory! Be sure to check out our League of Legends accounts as well!

S Tier Decks


Frostbite is the best Runeterra deck for midrange players and is an excellent deck to have if you’re against opponents with large followers.

Frostbite also uses two leading champions: Ashe and Sejuani. What makes this deck stand out is the Frost combination, which counters most combat attacks.

Frostbite Build


  • Ashe x3
  • Sejuani x2


  • Icevale Archer x3
  • Trifarian Gloryseeker x3
  • Omen Hawk x3
  • Avarosan Trapper x3
  • Trifarian Assessor x3
  • Reckless Trifarian x3
  • Kato the Arm x3
  • Captain Farron x1


  • Elixir of Iron x3
  • Brittle Steel x3
  • Harsh Winds x3
  • Culling Strike x3
  • Reckoning x1

How to Play Frostbite

  1. If your opponents are using aggro or burn decks, you have to take special consideration into using your mulligan early game. This is where Culling Strike comes in. Using it during the first rounds will help you against cards like Crimson Disciple while also sustaining your health.
  2. Spare your mana for using spells like Harsh winds, Brittle Steel, and Elixir of Iron to help you counter combat tricks thrown at you
  3. Buff up your deck with Hearthguard and Avarosan Trappers to improve your Trifarian Assessor as you draw it later on.


This deck uses two crucial elements to winning games: Elise and Dawnspeakers.

For players looking to use this deck in Legends of Runeterra, sacrifice is a crucial element to winning.

Sacrificing your own will grant you powerful buffs and effects along with Dawnspeakers, which also buff your spiders, house spiders, etc. whenever a creature dies.

Dawnspiders Build


  • Elise x3


  • Hapless Aristocrat x3
  • Cursed Keeper x3
  • Ravenous Butcher x2
  • Vanguard Redeemer x3
  • Fleetfeather Tracker x3
  • Dawnspeakers x3
  • Chronicler of Ruin x2
  • Radiant Guardian x1
  • Rhasa the Sunderer x2


  • Crawling Sensation x1
  • Glimpse Beyond x3
  • Vile Feast x3
  • Fading Memories x1
  • Black Spear x3
  • Detain x2
  • Back to Back x2

How to Play Dawnspiders

  1. Dawnspiders is a deck that revolves around killing your own allies. Use this strategy well, and you’ll be able to provide buffs for the cards you play afterward.
  2. Use Dawnspeakers and Elise to your advantage. Combining both in one round can boost your deck and snatch the win.
  3. Rhasa the Sunderer will be your biggest threat against your opponent, so make sure you insert this card at just the right time when killing weaker opponents.

Ezreal Twisted Fate

Ezreal Twisted Fate or Ezreal TF is a deck in Legends of Runeterra that’s full of draw and removal spells.

One of the biggest advantages to this deck is its low mana cost early game.

This adds flexibility and a whole range of options for players who love having variety up their sleeve.

Finally, using an Ezreal Twisted Fate deck p

Ezreal Twisted Fate Build


  • Ezreal x3
  • Twisted Fate x3


  • Black Market Merchant x3
  • Chempunk Pickpocket x3
  • Yordle Grifter x3
  • Petty Officer x3
  • Riptide Rex x3
  • Jagged Butcher x3


  • Make it Rain x3
  • Mystic Shot x3
  • Warning Shot x3
  • Thermogenic Beam x3
  • Pilfered Goods x3
  • Statikk Shock x2

How to Play Ezreal Twisted Fate

  1. Using draw spells like Make it Rain will help Twisted Fate level up quickly.
  2. Your followers and cheap mana curve are elements you should take advantage of early game. Your followers provide board presence against aggro decks, while your mana curve will help your win condition during the first few rounds.
  3. Make sure to use ChempunkPickpocket, Petty Officer, and Thermogenic Beam if you’re against aggro decks and need to block against opponents with a health of 3 or larger.
  4. Use Black Market Merchant along with Pilfered Goods to get the most value out of these cards.
  5. Petty Officer compliments Make it Rain and Statikk Shock, so save these cards when you’re about to attack or have enough mana to do so.

Heimerdinger Control

Another meta deck to use in Legends of Runeterra, Heimerdinger Control is a control deck that revolves around the use of spells.

The learning curve for this deck may be tough and tricky, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can shut down your opponent quickly.

Finally, it’s one of the few decks in Legends of Runeterra that’s powerful against nearly any deck.

Heimerdinger Control Build


  • Karma x2
  • Heimerdinger x3


  • Shadow Assassin x3
  • Solitary Monk x3
  • Chempunk Pickpocket x3


  • Health Potion x2
  • Mystic Shot x3
  • Get Excited! x3
  • Twin Disciplines x3
  • Flash of Brilliance x3
  • Deny x3
  • Thermogenic Veam x3
  • Spirit’s Refuge x3
  • Will of Ionia x3

How to Play Heimerdinger Control

  1. Being one of the most powerful Legends of Runeterra decks in-game, you should start by summoning your bots early game. This will help you gain more chip damage before slapping Heimerdinger on the board.
  2. You’ll want to maintain board presence as much as possible before getting Heimerdinger. If you take too much damage in the early rounds, it will be hard to recover.
  3. Don’t just slap the cards all at once. Don’t even try to use your Heimerdinger as soon as you have it on deck. Since it’s one of the trickiest meta decks in the game, you have to be more careful. Do this by taking into account your opponent’s mana amount and if they have removal spells. This should help you strategize the follow-up rounds.

Corina Control

Just know, this is probably the strongest meta deck right now. Against other Legends of Runeterra decks, Corina control uses a vast amount of spells and can obliterate opponents if played right.

You can thank Corina Veraza for that.

This control deck is mostly dependent on your spells, so you’re almost guaranteed 5 damage to your opponents during every round.

If you combine this with Elise and her spider rush, it’s arguably one of the highest win rates Runeterra decks you can use right now.

Corina Control Deck Build


  • Elise x3
  • Vi x3


  • Corina Veraza x2
  • Commander Ledros x3
  • Frenzied Skitterer x2


  • Vile Feast x3
  • Mystic Shot x3
  • Statikk Shock x3
  • Thermogenic Beam x3
  • Gotcha! x3
  • Brood Awakening x3
  • Grasp of the Undying x3
  • Withering Wail x3
  • The Ruination x1
  • Vengeance x2

How to Play Corina Control

  1. If you end up going against other control decks, you’ll want to use cards like Frenzied Skitterer, Elise, and Brood Awakening to play aggressively and win. Try to mulligan for these cards early-on.
  2. Using Corina is essential because she can help stall the game, but the real damage control belongs to Commander Ledros. One way to do this is to let Commander Ledros start first then follow up with Corina to finish the game.
  3. If you want to use Corina to stall the game, use your removal spells to help you out. Vile Feast is useful for attacking 1 health enemies, Thermogenic Beam for scaling well throughout the game, and Gotcha! for killing champions such as Heimerdinger, for instance.
  4. Using Elise and Withering Wail are great combos to help you stall the game and trade well with your opponent. In addition, Elise and her spiderlings can help you maintain board presence early on.
  5. Don’t forget you have Ruination as an advantage for making a massive wipe-out on the board and will even help you buy time to get Commander Ledros or Corina.

A Tier Decks

Deep Monsters

Deep Monsters is one of the few Legends of Runeterra decks that use cards from a new region, Shadow Isles.

Unlike other regions like Noxus, Ionia, Piltover & Zaun, Shadow Isles carries champions such as Maokai, Hecarim, Kalista, and our one & only spider queen, Elise.

If you’re looking to using Deep Monsters, this is a deck great for players who love huge stats and a massive board spread.

Deep Monsters Deck Build


  • Maokai x2
  • Nautilus x3
  • Thresh x1


  • Thorny Toad x2
  • Hapless Aristocrat x1
  • Deadbloom Wanderer x3
  • Dreg Dredgers x3
  • Jaull Hunters x3
  • Abyssal Eye x2
  • Devourer of the Depths x3
  • Terror of the Tides x1


  • Vile Feast x3
  • Salvage x3
  • Withering Wail x3
  • Jettison x2
  • Grasp of the Undying x2
  • Atrocity x2
  • Mist’s Call x1

How to Play Deep Monsters

  1. Deep Monsters is a slow deck, meaning you don’t focus on building chip damage. You win by using your huge units to your advantage and overwhelming your opponents.
  2. Rather than pressure your opponent, you should go slow with your cards and use them to get value blocks.
  3. The best approach is to conserve your mana early on to build stability. Using your Jettison should only come later on when you’ve hit deep enough.
  4. Before using Devourer of the Depths, you’ll have to deal considerable damage to your opponent first. If you use this card right away without considering the damage your opponent can deal on your deck,

Pirate Aggro

Now here’s a relatively easy deck to use. Pirate Aggro is one of the Legends of Runeterra decks that will give players quick wins and short game time.

Using a Pirate Aggro deck is perfect for opponents with greedy decks.

Pirate Aggro Deck Build:


  • Gangplank x2
  • Miss Fortune x3


  • Petty Officer x3
  • Crimson Disciple x3
  • Precious Pet x3
  • Legion Saboteur x3
  • Jagged Butcher x3
  • Imperial Demolitionist x3
  • Legion Grenadier x3
  • Zap Sprayfin x3


  • Transfusion x2
  • Make it Rain x3
  • Noxian Fervor x3
  • Decimate x3

How to Play Pirate Aggro

  1. You should prioritize playing aggressive early game by using your 1 drops as an advantage and for a good early curve.
  2. Using Miss Fortune will help you deal better attack damage.
  3. You should play Petty Officer for board presence and extra units.
  4. Noxian Fervor is one of the cards in your deck you should use only as a counter. Against drain and removal spells, like Grasp of the Undying, for example, Noxian Fervor favors well against this card.

Kinkou Elusives

If you’re looking for an aggressive deck that can handle elusive units and bypass blockers. The best advantage you have with Kinkou Elusives is versatility.

Kinkou Elusives has some of the best elusive cards to use against favorable matchups and even tougher decks.

Kinkou Elusives Deck Build


  • Zed x3


  • Navori Conspirator x3
  • Navori Bladescout x3
  • Omen Hawk x3
  • Greenglade Duo x3
  • Keeper of Masks x3
  • Navori Highwayman x1
  • Shadow Assassin x3
  • Kinkou Wayfinder x3
  • Solitary Monk x1
  • Windfarer Hatchling x2


  • Twin Disciplines x3
  • Will of Ionia x3
  • Concussive Palm x2
  • Fury of the North x2
  • Deny x1
  • Elixir of Iron x1

How to Play Kinkou Elusives

  1. Prioritize gaining elusive units early game. This will help pressure your opponent early on. Cards like Greenglade Duo, Shadow Assasin, Kinkou Wayfinder, and Navori Bladescout are one of your best starters.
  2. Greenglade Duo is your best elusive unit, and when combined with Kinkou Wayfinder, this can do serious damage. Pairing Jeweled Protector with Kinkou Lifeblade also creates good synergy, which will be useful throughout the game.
  3. Zed is a great card to use on its own. It also synergizes well with Greenglade Duo by adding a buff to it.
  4. Use Twin Disciples, Deny, and Elixir of Iron to protect your elusive units from removal spells. Will of Ionia is useful if you need to recall a unit and offers amazing flexibility.
  5. Try to preserve your units with spells as much as you can early game. If you don’t have a Greenglade Duo on hand, you can go for Navori Conspirator and pair this with Omen Hawk or Navori Bladescout.

B Tier Decks

Fiora Barrier

Fiora Barrier is a combo deck that combines Fiora and Shen capable of dealing one-hit blows to your opponent.

It’s also one of the best combo decks in Legends of Runeterra that would be frustrating for most opponents to deal with.

Using this deck, you have two win conditions. The first win condition is your Fiora.

When you have Fiora kill two enemies, she levels up. If she kills four, you win the match without dealing damage to the Nexus at all.

The second win condition is through Greenglade Caretaker.

If you maintain this card’s board presence long enough, you can easily reach +15 attack and win the match.

Fiora Barrier Build


  • Fiora x3
  • Shen x3


  • Greenglade Caretaker x3
  • Inspiring Mentor x1
  • Navori Highwayman x1
  • Scaled Snapper x3
  • Kinkou Wayfinder x3
  • Shadow Assassin x3


  • Ki Guardian x3
  • Rush x3
  • Deny x2
  • Prismatic Barrier x3
  • Spirit’s Refuge x3
  • Stand United x2
  • Judgment x1
  • Rush x3

How to Play Fiora Barrier

  1. Maintaining board presence for Greenglade Caretaker is one way that can help you win the match. Using Stand United is one of the easiest ways to get your Caretaker to make its way to help you succeed.
  2. Shen provides a good barrier advantage, so using Shen with your Fiora makes a great combo to use in this deck.


Dreadway is more of a combo deck, and it’s ideal for players who love to use flashy combos while drawing a bunch of cards.

If played right, you can one-shot your opponent using a combo of cards.

Dreadway Deck Build


  • Twisted Fate x3


  • Petty Officer x3
  • Jagged Butcher x3
  • Black Market Merchant x3
  • Dreadway Deckhand x3
  • Yordle Grifter x3
  • Riptide Rex x3
  • Zap Sprayfin x2
  • Smooth Soloist x2
  • Commander Ledros x2
  • The Dreadway x1


  • Make it Rain x3
  • Vile Feast x3
  • Warning Shot x3
  • Withering Wail x2
  • Grasp of the Undying x1

How to Play Dreadway

  1. This meta combo deck uses Commander Ledros and Dreadway as one of the vital combo strategies to one-shot your opponent.
  2. Using Vile Feast and Make it Rain are useful cards to use against aggro decks and for controlling the tide.
  3. Smooth Soloist is useful against control decks by giving you mana cost advantage. Smooth Soloist discounts your mana cost for all creates by 2. This should give you enough steam to beat your opponents early on.

What is Rising Tides?

Some of the decks we mentioned might seem unfamiliar to you, and this is where Rising Tides comes in.

Rising Tides is an expansion to Legends of Runeterra released by Riot Games on April 30. This has given rise to some of the best decks that we mentioned in the previous sections.

You also have 11 new champions and a total of 120 new cards for an ever wider choice of decks to use.

Older cards such as Culling Strike, Minotaur Reckoner, Deny, etc. are still great cards you can have and build to creating the best decks in-game.

Minotaur Reckoner, for instance, works well with Yasuo and Katarina. When played right, you can stun your opponents and use this opportunity to win the game fast and easily.

So who are the new champions in this new Legends of Runterra expansion pack? Let’s take a closer look and see.

New Champions

  1. Miss Fortune
  2. Maokai
  3. Fizz
  4. Twisted Fate
  5. Quinn
  6. Swain
  7. Gangplank
  8. Vi
  9. Lee Sin
  10. Sejuani
  11. Nautilus

As you can see, Maokai and Nautilus make up one of the best decks currently being used right now: Deep Monsters. Miss Fortune and Quinn is also another combo deck that has a solid win condition.

Some of the best decks mentioned in this article also use followers and spells taken from this new Legends of Runeterra expansion pack such as:

  1. Black Market Merchant
  2. Jagged Butcher
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Devourer of the Depths
  5. Smooth Soloist
  6. Make it Rain
  7. Jettison
  8. Pilfered Goods

Deck Types

We’ve discussed the expansion pack and all the best decks you can use against your opponents. If you’re just starting out, you don’t have to dive straight into using the best deck.

First, you’ll have to understand what kind of player you are and what deck type will suit your playstyle the most.

Here are the following deck types:

Combo decks – From the name itself, combo deck types are all about using a specific combination of champions to use against your opponent and win.

Examples of combo decks include Fiora Barrier, Fiz, and Teemo, or if you’re looking to use three, there’s Kallista, Hecarim, and Sejuani.

Aggro Decks – Aggro decks are all about fast plays and early game finishes. This usually includes low mana cost creatures and burn spells for overwhelming your opponent at the start of the match.

Examples of aggro decks include Kinkou Elusives, or using champions like Darius, Jinx Burn , Teemo Burn, and so forth.

Darius’ aggro deck will usually go well with followers such as Legion Saboteur, Crimson Disciple, Iron Ballista, Ancient Yeti, Omen Hawk, Precious Pet, and spells such as Culling Strike, Noxian Fervor, Fury of the North, and Transfusion.

Control Decks – These deck types are usually slow and stall the game as much as it can.

Early game, control decks will appear like they’re on the losing end, but as the game prolongs and reaches the later parts, control decks will outlast their opponent’s deck with better card advantage and stronger options.

Examples of control decks include Corina Control, Heimerdinger Control, and even Ashe, and Anivia would be a great control deck to start with.

Midrange Decks – Last but not least, midrange decks are ideal for players looking for flexibility and adaptability as their highest priorities. As a result, you sacrifice stamina and speed for an even balance of the two.

Examples of Midrange decks include Frostbite, and even Dawnspiders, Dawnspeakers, and Quinn.

Dawnspiders is a deck that uses Elise to its fullest potential. By killing off your own units, you’ll be able to buff new units on the board. Combined with Dawnspeakers, and if played right, you won’t have a problem against aggro decks.

You could even take this midrange deck further by adding Quinn as a champion. Dawnspeakers will help buff your Quinn, and combined with followers such as The Undying and Cursed Keeper, you’ll be able to level up Quinn easily and snatch victory.

What is the Best Legends of Runeterra Deck?

All the decks mentioned are all high-performing decks, and each of with carries the best stats and builds for players to use.

Then again, a deck build is only as good as the player and his/her playstyle. If you find yourself leaning towards control types, you should use and build decks that follow this same type as well. The same goes for Aggro, Midrange, and Combo.

If you prefer to have balance as part of your playstyle, Control and Midrange types will suit you well. If you prefer fast pacing, adrenaline-pumping, and quick kills, Aggro might be the best selection for you.

Last but not least, if you enjoy using flashy combos, Combo types are generally fun to play with, not to mention the exciting animations that come with it.

Final Thoughts

Legends of Runeterra might have different mechanics compared to League of Legends; however, one common element both games require to win is strategy.

League of Legends hosts a ton of strong champions, and the same goes for LOR.

At the end of the day, understanding your playstyle, how you position your deck and board presence, and how you use each card to your advantage sets the stage for victory or defeat.