GTA RP: An Adored Multiplayer GTA Mod

Grand Theft Auto viewership has resurged on Twitch. If you’re wondering why, it’s because of dozens of prominent streamers like Sykkuno and Summit1g playing entertaining GTA RP sessions. If it has sparked your curiosity, that’s exactly what I’m writing about today. I’ll tell you all about GTA RP and how you can play it too! […]

Hypixel: The Most Prominent Minecraft Server

Hypixel is the LARGEST Minecraft mini-game server in the world. With extremely popular minigames like BedWars, SkyWars, and Murder Mystery, it’s one of the reasons for Minecraft’s continued success! Feeling curious? I’ll tell you all about it and teach you how to play on the Hypixel Server! Hypixel: A Brief History Hypixel was founded in […]

NoPixel: A Guide to the Exclusive GTA RP Server

Image Source Grand Theft Auto role-playing has taken Twitch by storm and rakes in tons of fans and viewers. The participation of famous streamers skyrocketed its popularity, but one huge factor is NoPixel and its servers. If you want to know how to join these NoPixel servers, read on. I’ll tell you everything you need […]

The Definitive Guide: Agent Brimstone

In the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED Riot Games tactical shooter, Valorant, everyone respects the Sarge! Brimstone is a Valorant agent with plenty of tricks up his arsenal and a real knack for MAYHEM. Known best for his strategic smokes, gut-busting Molotov grenade launcher, and the dreaded Orbital Strike, this character can shatter enemies and cover teammates for […]

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the Best Sensitivity for Valorant

Sensitivity is CRUCIAL when playing First Person Shooter games (FPS), especially in Valorant. Without the correct settings, your gameplay will be frustrating… We’re here to help you WIN. We want to help you choose and fine-tune the right Valorant sensitivity settings that fit YOUR style of play. So if you’re new to Riot Games and […]

Buy Valorant Account: Is It Worth It to Buy One?

Buy Valorant account on a gradient background

Buying Valorant accounts has been a practice nowadays amongst the community. But is it worth the splurge? When you buy Valorant accounts, it immediately gives you the equipment and ranking of a professional Valorant gamer, making you much more efficient in the game. But here’s the catch: When you buy Valorant accounts, can you compete […]