What You Need to Know About Adaptive Force League

Adaptive force is an additional stat or boost that was added to the secondary Rune path prior to patch 8.23.

Riot Games intentionally included these additional stats to give players more options to choose from such as bonus attack speed, cooldown reduction, adaptive damage, and additional defense stats.

Today, we’ll share with you everything you need to know about Adaptive force and how it can improve your game performance.

What is Adaptive Force in League of Legends?

Adaptive force grants a champion either bonus attack damage (AD) or ability power (AP) depending on which damage type the champion has more of.

For example, using adaptive force on Kennen with his starting item, Doran’s blade, will grant a stronger boost in attack damage because Kennen will have more attack damage than ability power.

If you had gone with Gangplank and chosen Doran’s ring as your starting item, your ability power would be more than your attack damage.

In effect, Adaptive force will grant you bonus ability power instead of attack damage, seeing as how you have less attack damage than you do ability power.

Riot Games mentions that Adaptive force will either increase your attack damage or ability power depending on which champions you use and the items you purchase at the start.

How it works is, one point of Adaptive force equates to 0.6 points of bonus attack damage and one point of AP.

This means that for every one point of Adaptive force gained, you’ll earn 0.6 points AD and one point AP.

Choosing Adaptive force in the first Stat Shard rows will grant champions the ability to stack their adaptive force, resulting in either 12 bonus AD or 20 bonus AP.

How Can I Increase Adaptive Force LOL?

Take note that Adaptive force adapts to the items you carry throughout the game. In League of Legends, building your runes to be aligned with the items you choose in-game are vital to victory.

Let’s say that mid-game, you gain more AD than AP. As a result, Adaptive force will increase whichever stat is more buffed.

If you choose to run Adaptive force as part of your Stat Shard in League of Legends, here’s a list of items and runes to improve these force bonuses:

For Items:

  • Pilfered Potion of Rouge

For Runes:

  • Gathering Storm
  • Conqueror
  • Waterwalking
  • Transcendence
  • Absolute Focus
  • Eyeball Collection
  • Zombie Ward
  • Ghost Poro

Yuumi’s ability, You and Me! also grants bonus adaptive force, so having Yuumi in your team would serve an even stronger boost in attack or magic damage.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to patch 8.23, Riot Games was able to bring a higher player agency to League of Legends.

While this patch also made several changes to the Rune system, we felt that adaptive force was a hot topic among players on what exactly it does, so we hope this article helped you understand everything there is to know about it.

Word of Advice: Running Precision as your Keystone Rune should also grant you bonus adaptive force and damage if you choose Press the Attack and Conqueror as part of your Rune path on your new account.