Arcane Season 2: What We Know So Far

Arcane, the Netflix animated series based on the popular video game League of Legends, has taken the world by storm with its incredible animation, captivating characters, and thrilling storyline. Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting news about a second season since the end of the first season left them with many unanswered questions.

While details about the release date, plot, and cast of the highly anticipated Arcane Season 2 remain scarce, fans continue to speculate and anticipate what the next chapter may bring. In this article, we’ll explore what we know so far about the new season, and what fans can expect from the continuation of this exciting story.

Jinx Artwork

Latest Release Date News

As of February 2023, there has been no official announcement of a release date for the highly anticipated second season of Arcane. 

According to a tweet by the show’s co-creator, Nicolas Villarroel, the release date for the new season has not yet been confirmed. Villarroel stated that the team is “working hard” on the new season, but that they “can’t share a release date just yet.”

Despite the lack of an official release date, fans remain hopeful that the second season will be released in the future, given the popularity of the show and the positive response to the first season. As fans eagerly await more information, it’s likely that Netflix will make an announcement as soon as a release date is available.

Arcane Season 2’s Plot

It’s been speculated that the second season of Arcane will explore more of the history and lore of the world of Runeterra, including the origins of the various factions and characters introduced in the first season. It’s also likely that new characters will be introduced, and that the relationships between existing characters will be further developed. 

The show’s co-creator, Christian Linke, has hinted that the second season will be “darker” and “more intense” than the first, suggesting that the story will take a more serious tone. However, beyond these general hints and speculations, very little is known about its plot at this time.

Vi and Jinx Artwork

Meet Arcane Season 2 Cast

Netflix’s popular animated series, Arcane, is set to feature an impressive voice cast in its upcoming installment. Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, Kevin Alejandro, and Katie Leung in their respective roles.

Given the phenomenal performances of these actors in the first season, it is expected that they will bring the same level of excellence to the new season. Although there are no official reports on new cast members, some fans speculate that new characters might be introduced.

Regardless, the return of the original cast has generated considerable buzz, and audiences are excited to see what they bring to the upcoming season.

Watch for Arcane Season 2 Trailer

Fans of the show are eagerly anticipating the release of the trailer for a glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming season, including new characters and plot developments. In the meantime, staying up to date on the show’s official social media accounts will ensure fans are the first to know when new information about the release of the trailer is available.

Would you like to revisit the past and bring back some memories? We can do so by watching the trailer for season 1.


While there is still much to be revealed about Arcane Season 2, fans of the show can rest assured that a second season is likely in the works. As we eagerly anticipate more information, we can only imagine what new adventures and challenges will be faced by Jinx and Vi. One thing is for certain, the creators of the show have set a high standard with the first season, and fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of this engaging and dynamic story.

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