How to ensure you keep your Account safe…

How to secure your account.

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to change your password to a strong 16+ Character password. is a great site to create a strong, unique and randomized password. Just be sure not to lose it!
  • Next, you want to make sure you change the e-mail to the account to your own. To do this, you will navigate to the League of Legends website that pertains to your Region(Na,Euw,Lan, Etc..), Login to your account, then go to “Settings” – from there you will have an option to change the e-mail to your own, after you’ve changed it they will send you a verification email which you need to click.
  • Tada! You’ve successfully secured your account correctly. A few pointers to remember: (Never share your account info with anyone, make sure the email you used belongs to you, do not use the same password for multiple accounts)

How to keep your account safe while you climb:

  • DO NOT harass or flame your teammates(We know.. It’s hard not to), this will result in a quick and easy trip to BAN-ville.
  • If you’re on a new account, do not rush to Diamond/Masters, take it slow. People will report your account for (MMR boosting) which can lead to a 14-day suspension.
  • Have fun. This is the most important part, you need to have fun when playing. If you just feel like you’re autopiloting in game, and get upset over the smallest thing, take a short break – get some fresh air, relax, and refresh yourself. After all, League of Legends is just a game.(Keeping calm and having fun will keep you from losing your mind on your teammates.)