How To Find A LoL Duo

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After enough League of Legends, you’d gain new levels, experience, and Summoner Spells. 

What else is there to do after? If you’re a serious player, you’d want to climb up the ladder.

In team-based games, it could take a while to climb ranks on your own. Instead of doing it alone, it’s more efficient to gain wins with a team.

There are players who use the duo queue system to rank up. It’s a fast and easy way to gain more opportunities for winning.

Read on below, as I share with you how you can use the League of Legends duo queue to boost your elo:

Tips On How To Find A LoL Duo Partner

Finding a credible duo partner on League of Legends can be tricky. It’s hard to find new teammates to join clash teams. We have a lot of good smurfs in our Discord.

In League of Legends, you’ll need verified high elo players to help boost your ranking. It can also be frustrating to have fake duo partners.

Instead of spending too much time looking, I’ve listed ways to make the process easier for you. Below are tips you should consider when looking for a league of legends duo partner:

Team Up With Equal Or Better Players

Find a duo partner who is in the same rank as you or at least within 3 divisions. It helps to belong within a close skill range, most especially for those serious about climbing the ranks.

You want to make sure your duo partner isn’t going to drag you down or vice-versa. This may cause plenty of frustrations in the game if you and your teammate are elo levels apart.

It also helps for a duo to have the same knowledge and spot in the game. Having different experience and skill levels in a duo makes it hard to interact.

If you want to build good rapport as duo partners, make sure you’re both on the same level.

Use Voice Comms

Some people opt against this since it can be difficult to talk while concentrating on the game. Little do they know how they can use this to their advantage.

With voice communication, your partner is someone you’re guaranteed to listen to. This is why a good tip to follow is to appoint one of you as the shot-caller at all times.

This doesn’t mean only one of you can make decisions during the game. There are times it becomes strenuous for both players to call the shots.

It may also affect the duo’s balance in games, especially if both players try to take the lead by overpowering each other.

To work as effective duo partners, you must rely on each other’s call.

Look Out For Complementary Roles

To get effective results, best to choose a partner whose role will impact your playing style.

You can assign which among you and your duo will play the Tank or carry champions. But switching up roles often can be a disadvantage if you haven’t mastered both roles.

Instead of adjusting the way you play, it’s more effective to stick to your most comfortable role. Because you’ve mastered playing this role, it’s easier to gain wins.

A good tip in duo queuing is to first understand your duo’s champion pool. Know which champions each of you wants to play.

Map Awareness

This helps you track or pinpoint the enemy Jungler. Once you’re aware of this, call out to your duo to let them know. 

You can even pin their location on the map, to make tracing more convenient.

It’s an effective way to boost your duo’s effectiveness by twice as much. As a result, it can also help your team as a whole.

Once you get the hang of map awareness, it’s easier to evade deaths or attacks from the enemy. Based on previous games, it gets easier to expect where the Jungler will go.

This also makes it easier to tell your duo’s next action, based on what the Jungler will do. 

By tracing the enemy’s whereabouts, you and your duo can plan your next move.

Where Do I Find LoL Duo Partners?

It can be challenging to find new teammates for your flex teams or clash teams. You’d usually resort to online gaming threads or discord servers.

To save you the hassle and effort, you can now use a LoL Duo finder, which is easier to navigate through. 

A duo finder is an application that’ll match you with a compatible partner in a few clicks. These are third-party applications with no affiliation to Riot Games inc.

Instead of browsing through lists and servers, the duo finder suggests a partner for you. It also uses a smart algorithm that’ll take account of your play style and preferences.

For rank verification, you can use Riot Games inc. APIs and duo ratings. But a duo finder also offers this function.

This helps you make precise matches with people you’re compatible with in elo. Additionally, you’re guaranteed to find verified high elo players.

Is A Duo Finder Free?

The Duo Finder is a free downloadable application. All you need is a device to use it on and a stable internet connection.

A duo finder is easy to download and free to use. It’s accessible anytime, as long as stay connected to the internet.

These are external apps, which aren’t endorsed by Riot Games.

A duo finder comes compatible with almost any device! You can access it conveniently on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

It even comes in a web browser version, if you’re more comfortable browsing online.

You’ll find credible League of Legends players to join your flex teams and clash teams in no time!

Why Are There Rank Restrictions?

You might be playing with a couple of friends whose tiers are far apart from yours. In this case, it’s hard to duo with your friends, which you might find unfair.

In League of Legends, the skill levels between people can vary by tier. This may be a familiar environment in competitive games.

But it’s challenging as you play with allies who are still learning the fundamentals of the game. Most significantly for those with lower elo.

Rank restrictions are in place to prevent these problems from happening. The biggest being, you and your partner will face an enemy on a different skill level.

This also leads to an unbalanced team of players with an unequal skill set. Additionally, matchmaking will fail unless it can find a set of compatible players.

To ensure an effective duo, League of Legends poses rank restrictions. Without it, the game would be unfair and less enjoyable as it is.

Compatible Ranks For LoL Duo

We’ve explained how in League of Legends, your partner should be within the same elo range. You’ll first have to consider your own placement on the ladder before deciding who to team up with.

To give you a clearer idea, we’ve listed a rundown of ranks compatible for LoL duo partnership:

Iron and Bronze Tier

Both Iron and Bronze Tiers can only queue with the following:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver

Silver Tier

For Silver Tier, they can only queue with the following:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Gold Tier

For Gold Tier, they can only queue with the following:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Platinum Tier

For Platinum Tier, they can only queue with the following:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond players who are two tiers above them at maximum

Diamond Tier

For Diamond Tier, they can queue 2 divisions up or down. For example, if you’re Diamond IV, you can queue with either Platinum I, II, or Diamond II, III.

Master Tier

For Master Tier, they can only queue with the following:

  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Diamond I and II
  • Challenger

Grandmaster Tier

For Grandmaster Tier, they can only queue with the following:

  • Diamond I
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger Tier

Challenger Tier

For Challenger Tier, they can only queue with the following:

  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger Tier

LoL Duo With Higher Ranks

Let’s say you want to play with friends who are in a lower elo compared to you. Is it impossible to team up until they catch up with you?

One good way you can play with higher ranks is to resort to normal game modes. By doing this, it will have no bearing on the Jungler’s rank.

This is a great place to start if you’re still learning to duo queue with a high-level player. Other than this, either you or your partner will have to rise up the ranks to play.

It’s more rewarding so a player can develop his skills. It helps them gain more league points to play at a higher level.

If you want to verify your rank, Riot Games Inc. offers official APIs and duo ratings. This is also possible using a duo finder.

Final Note

League of Legends is one of the team-based games you can find that’s competitive. It requires teamwork for a player to evolve.

Sometimes, you or your duo can make mistakes. If you want to pull off an effective LoL duo, best not to call out on each other often.

Once you find a LoL duo partner, focus on gaining wins through good coordination and rapport.