LoL Champions That Are Getting Reworks in 2023

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In 2023, there are some LoL champions that are getting reworks. Some reworks involve changes in the champion’s lore, abilities, or only their kits. Other reworks involve mechanical changes to modernize the champion. Some League of Legends players are excited about these reworks while others prefer their champions without any updates. In this article, you will learn about the different types of reworks and the LoL champions that are getting reworks in 2023.

Different Types of Reworks

There are three different types of reworks that a LoL champion can get. Visual Gameplay Updates, Comprehensive Gameplay Updates, and Midscope Updates are the three types of reworks. Being familiar with each one of them will help you in knowing what changings are going to happen to your champion.

Comprehensive Ability Updates

Comprehensive Ability Updates are becoming the most common rework as Riot Games avoid Visual Gameplay Updates. It involves updates in the champion’s ability that redefine their kit entirely. Comprehensive Ability Updates don’t involve changes in the champion’s visuals or lore. This type of rework is for champions whose theme requires some changes while their visuals and lore don’t.

Visual Gameplay Updates

Visual Gameplay Updates involve changes in the abilities, visuals, and lore of a champion. It requires redesigning the champion which makes it the rarest type. Reimagining a champion is very difficult. It requires plenty of effort from Riot Games to reimagine and redesign a champion which leads to avoiding it. Because of that, each year there is only one champion that will get Visual Gameplay Updates according to the fans’ vote.


Midscope Updates

Midscope Updates involve full or partial changes to the abilities, sound quality, animation, and visual effects of the champion. It adds a modern touch to the champion with good kits by making some mechanical changes. Midscope Updates’ main aim is to enhance and improve gameplay without giving the champion a new model or a voice-over.

After knowing more about the three types of reworks, you will understand more about the changes a champion will get. Some champions may get changes in their ability, visuals, or an entire makeover. Every year some champions may get reworks and in 2023 there are some LoL champions that are getting reworks.

LoL Champions That Are Getting Reworks in 2023

Visual Gameplay Updates – Skarner

Once a year a champion is chosen by the fans to get VGU and Skarner was chosen this year. Skarner is the only confirmed VGU until now and Riot games hasn’t shared much about Skarner’s abilities. Skarner, the crystal scorpion, is the last living member of Brackern. Brackern is a race of ancient crystal scorpions and they are the source of Hextech in the LoL world. That’s why it is predicted that Skarner’s design and rework may be affected by its background.

Comprehensive Gameplay Updates – Aurelion Sol

As for CGU, the only confirmed LoL champion was Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol is getting a more modernized touch with a new kit as it already has good skins, great lore, and good visuals. Aurelion Sol will become an undefeatable fierce dragon with his orbiting stars have hit the dust and his developing abilities. Until now there aren’t any other confirmed CGU reworks.

Midscope Updates – Jax, Rell, and Neeko

Jax, Rell, and Neeko are the champions that getting Midscope Updates in 2023. Jax got some updates in the visual effects and his kit to be more up-to-date while keeping its identity as a lane-dominant bully. Rell will get mini-updates on her performance and abilities such as doubling her signature fantasy of mounted combat. As for Neeko, the shapeshifter will gain the ability to shapeshift to any shape on the map without being restricted to transforming into champions on her own team.

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