League of Legends Clash: Tournament Mode For Team Play

When you and your team have ranked up, gained champions and considerable experience, what’s left to do? If you’re serious about rising through the ranks, you can then battle for the trophy.

Tournament mode is the best place to garner rewarding wins. It’s a great battleground to play against a team at your skill level.

You’ll only need ranked placements and the winning drive. In this article, I’ll show you how to join in Clash and how you can be a Clash Champion!

What Is League Of Legends Clash?

Clash is an in-game tournament mode in League Of Legends. It’s a team system, based on a very competitive environment.

In clash mode, you’ll compete against another team of the same skill set. Joining a tournament allows you to rank up and bag the biggest prizes!

Additionally, you also get to boost your individual ranking placements. So how exactly does the Clash work?

In Clash, you’ll need five players to complete one team. You’ll also be playing against another team that matches your level.

Each day has its own tournament, with two trophies at stake. Your team can play in either or in both tournaments.

Upon winning all three rounds of the same tournament, your team gets to bring home the trophy. As the winning Clash team, you also receive big rewards!

For the best part, the more wins you gain, the better rewards to come. Now that you know how Clash works, let’s get you started on the fundamentals of joining.

Creating a Team

Your Clash team Tier depends on the weighted average of everyone’s skill level. Higher ranked players elevate your team tier.

You can either form your own team or join an existing one. To be eligible for a Clash team, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Reach an entry summoner level of 30 or greater
  2. Complete provision matches with at least one Summoner’s ranked queue
  3. Verify your League account through SMS, valid for 6 months

In each team, players can appoint a captain who decides the name, tag, and logo.

The captain can still change the composition of the team since the time frame is flexible. This starts on Monday before the Clash happens.

Team Tier

Once you’ve created your team, it’s then assigned a Tier. The team tier relies on the rank of its members. This will also adjust towards the best players on the team.

The system will try to match team opponents of the same skill levels, based on your Tier. It also signifies when you can lock in for your Clash bracket.


I cannot stress enough how necessary verification is. The SMS verification is a new feature added to Clash League Of Legends by Riot Games.

The mobile number you use to enter Clash will be valid for 6 months. This means you’ll have to wait for 6 months to lapse before linking another number to your account.

Other than having a ranked queue, verification is a measure to prevent smurfing in Clash.

Riot Games takes smurfing with a great deal, which is why they developed this feature.

Clash Bracket Entry

The bracket entry requires a clash ticket from the team. Your entry point into the tournament is through a basic clash ticket.

You can buy this ticket with 990 blue essence or 195 RP. You can also enter a Clash bracket with a premium ticket, which costs 975 RP.

With the premium ticket, your team gets to play for bigger rewards.

Bracket Format

Upon joining Clash, there are 8-team brackets. Each will battle against each other in single-elimination.

The classification of your team bracket will depend on its Tier. Your opponents in that bracket are also of the same skill level.

If you lose on that day, you’re still eligible to play the next day. In this case, your team will play in the consolation bracket.

This would be a separate bracket if your team lost during the first day’s match. But don’t worry, you can still win rewards in the consolation bracket.

Clash Phases

Now that you know the fundamentals of joining Clash, you’re almost ready to start playing. But did you know you can still plan and tweak your team composition?

Before your team starts the match, below are Clash phases you will go through:

Lock In

When creating or joining a team, you can do this anytime until the games start. Before the match starts, all team members should lock in before the start time.

This secures your slot in the tournament, and this usually takes 30 minutes before the match starts.

The start time for locking in is different for each member, depending on their Tier. If you appear idle or away from the keyboard, you lose the opportunity to play.


When the team has locked in, you’ll be presented with information on your rival’s stats. Scouting in LoL Clash allows your team to decide on their pick/ban strategy.

This feature also lets you view their win rates, KDAs, and their previous Clash data. If you use this time wisely to strategize, you’ll be one step closer to claiming victory.

Champion Select

When you reach this part of the game, you’ll follow a split draft for selecting Champions. In Clash, the game unlocks all Champions during Champion select.

This means you won’t have to waste too much time choosing the best fit.

If a player has yet to unlock a Champion, they’re locked with a random champion one, especially if the player chooses not to declare their hovered champion.

Clash LoL Competition

After finalizing your team and your playing strategy against the opponents, you’re now ready to battle for the trophy.

In Clash, there are house rules to regulate scenarios that take place during the game. These regulations are in place to guarantee a winning team by the end of the match.

Below are important features to expect when in the competition:

Sudden Death

League of Legends wants to keep clash competitions at a fixed length. The ‘Sudden Death’ is a feature to help regulate the game’s length.

The system does this by shifting regulations after an amount of time has elapsed. For example, at 55 minutes in, turrets lose armor and magic resistance.

At 60 minutes in, towers and structures become more fragile. The last resort scenario, which is at 70 minutes in, decides only one winning team.

Pauses and Remakes

It’s important to note that Clash has disabled /pauses and /remakes. This is because the system tries to regulate the length of Clash tournaments.

Players aren’t capable of overrunning Clash, because of this feature. Extended lengths could also cause other players to sabotage their team members.

To prevent this, disabling these features results in a more fair play in Clash.

When Does Clash Happen?

Since February 22, Clash occurs every month. The tournaments take place every other weekend, for two days.

Every two weeks, you can take part in a three-round, single-elimination tournament. Winners get trophies and the highest-stake rewards.

Otherwise, you still get to play consolation games to build up your prize pool. If you lose in the first match, you can still qualify to play on the following day.

What Is A Clash Ticket In League?

A Clash ticket in League of Legends is your entryway into the match. You’ll need either a basic clash ticket or a premium ticket to enter.

If you want to increase your chances of winning bigger rewards, you’ll need to enter with a premium clash ticket. For members without a Clash ticket, you can submit a ticket on behalf of them.

You can get a clash ticket from accomplishing missions. When you complete a Clash mission in every two tournaments, it unlocks a clash ticket.

Depending on your ticket, you can either unlock skin shards, logos, mystery icons, and other prizes.

Otherwise, you can also buy a clash ticket in stores or get them from a team member.

The Clash ticket is a unique feature and a way to keep the games more rewarding. Additionally, the prize pool you’ll play for relies on the clash ticket you hold.

What Are The Prizes For Clash Winners?

In Clash, everyone’s eye is on the trophy. League Of Legends offers other rewards such as Victory Points, Clash Orb, and Capsules.

Victory Points

Per win, you’ll accumulate 200 Victory points. You can use these to unlock banners. Below are banners you can unlock, based on the amount of VPs you gain:

  • 400 VPs – Banner Level 1
  • 600 VPs – Theme Logo 1
  • 1000 VPs – Banner Level 1
  • 1400 VPs – Banner Level 1
  • 2000 VPs – Theme Logo 1

Clash Orb and Capsules

Players receive a Clash Orb upon entering Clash. Once they leave the bracket, they receive a Clash Capsule. You can unlock tickets or skin shards from these.

The prizes you win will depend on the type of clash ticket used for entry.

For Basic Clash Ticket Orb, you can win prizes such as a mystery icon, skin shard, and logo. Below are the prizes:

  • 8th Place – 3 Win XP Boost, 1 Logo
  • 7th Place – Mystery Icon, 1 Logo
  • 6th Place – Mystery Icon, 1 Logo
  • 5th Place – 640 Ward Skin, Mystery Icon, 1 Logo
  • 4th Place – 640 Ward Skin, Mystery Icon, Mystery Emote, 1 Logo
  • 3rd Place – 640 Ward Skin, Mystery Icon, Mystery Emote, 1 Basic Ticket, 1 Logo
  • 2nd Place – 640 Ward Skin, Mystery Icon, Mystery Emote, 975 Skin Shard, 1 Basic Ticket, 1 Logo
  • 1st Place – 640 Ward Skin, Mystery Emote, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1 Chibi Icon, 1 Basic Ticket, 1 Logo

As for Premium Clash Ticket Capsule, you can unlock a ticket, skin shard, and logo. Below are the rewards:

  • 8th Place – 1 Basic Ticket, 500 OE, 750 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 7th Place – 1 Basic Ticket, 500 OE, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 6th Place – 1 Basic Ticket, 500 OE, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 5th Place – 1 Basic Ticket, 500 OE, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 4th Place – 1 Basic Ticket, 750 OE, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 3rd Place – 1 Basic Ticket, 750 OE, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1820 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 2nd Place – 1 Basic Ticket, 750 OE, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1820 Skin Shard, 1 Logo
  • 1st Place – 1 Basic Ticket, 750 OE, 750 Skin Shard, 975 Skin Shard, 1350 Skin Shard, 1820 Skin Shard, 1 Chibi Icon, 1 Gemstone, 1350 Skin Shard, 1 Logo

Final Note

Are you now ready to test your team’s Clash skills in League Of Legends? I hope you’re now more confident to play in Clash to win!

Once you form your team, remember to follow these guidelines. With this guide, you’ll be more prepared to battle for the trophy.