A Beginner’s Guide to Valorant Weapons

Beginner's guide to valorant weapons on a gradient background

So, you started playing Valorant by Riot Games? By the time you start a match, you’re overloaded with the choices you have. The result? You’re left off with a knife during the attack phase. Fortunately, this 5-minute read is all you need to save any losses from happening. The list below will display important Valorant weapon […]

Patch Notes League: Read About Patch 11.11 (Sneak Peak 11.12)

LoL Patch Notes

In the previous patches 11.9 and 11.10, we saw several champions getting nerfed, such as Diana, Hecarim, Jinx, Morgana, and even Dr. Mundo! However… We weren’t as ecstatic to see buffs for Lulu, Xerath, Kayn, and Shen. Riot Games amped up one of the top-performing supports today: Lulu! Still…Riot Games made some pretty exciting changes […]

Viego: A Dark Yet Bad-Ass Champion

Viego LoL

With the new League of Legends patch comes a new champion, Viego, the Ruined King! Here’s everything you need to know about MOBA’s 154th champion. After being hyped up with a bunch of teasers from Riot Games’ Season 2021, Viego is the first new champion to welcome the new year in the Summoners Rift. This […]