League of Legends Ranked System

Ranked LoL

Racking up your player level and unlocking a bunch of champions only gets so satisfying before it gets monotonous. If you feel like you’re ready for more of a challenge, maybe it’s time to climb LoL’s ranked mode. Since being new to ranked can be confusing, this article is a deep dive into everything you […]

How to Know You’re Buying an Authentic Classic Game

With most classic games going out of stock, many fake games have hit the market at an alarming rate. Whether it’s your local game store, online market, or anywhere, you will find an original classic game and some fake classic games on sale. This situation means, with time, there will be no authentic classic games […]

How to Make a Nether Portal

Nether Portal

Minecraft, as we believe, is the epitome of creativity. With vast resources and unlimited time (this is, when you’re bored), you can create just about anything! [R] A few worth mentioning are your own mansion, a town of your own, Gotham city (we’ve seen it), an underground city or Atlantis even, an auto smelter, and […]

How To Improve Csing In League of Legends

Csing Farm

Winning matches in League of Legends, whether its blind pick or ranked solo/duo, isn’t merely about achieving “First Blood” or having a high K/D/A ratio. There’s one element you’re missing: Improving your creep score (CS). Experienced players who have achieved a Platinum, Diamond, or Challenger rank in League of Legends have a CS of 100+ […]

All About The New League of Legends Ruined King

Ruined King

League of Legends Ruined King Ruined King: League of Legends was announced awhile back in December 2019, giving fans and RPG players a much-awaited single-player experience. We understand it’s been nearly two years since the initial release of the upcoming “true RPG” game. Riot Forge promised us updates, and that’s what we’ll be sharing with […]

How to Teleport in Minecraft

Minecraft Teleport Ender Pearl

Losing your way in Minecraft’s endless expanse can be frustrating whether you are playing alone or with others, at times it can also be deadly. Thankfully, Minecraft lets players instantly travel from one location to another in the blink of an eye using the game’s teleport command. In this article, we will be showing you […]

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

Concrete is one of the many building blocks available in Minecraft. It is made from concrete powder when it comes into contact with water (source block or flowing). It is not made when combined with cauldrons, rain, or water bottles.  Concrete comes in 16 different dye colors and is useful as both a building material […]

How to Make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft

Cobblestone Generator

Cobblestone is a popular building material in Minecraft. Usually, these need to be mined using a pickaxe, however, there are ways to create an endless supply of cobblestones, without having to carve up the landscape.  In this article, we will be showing you how to build a cobblestone generator in survival mode as well as […]

How to Make a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented spider eyes are useful brewing ingredients in Minecraft. They can be used in several different potions to give a range of effects. Most of these potions have negative effects, as you’d expect from a potion containing spider eyes! Fermented spider eyes have been in the game since 2011 when they first debuted in the […]