How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb Minecraft

Platform Information Honeycomb is not supported on all platforms. Before starting your search, check which platforms and versions include honeycomb.  Platform Version Added Supported? Java (PC/Mac) 1.15 Yes Pocket Edition 1.14.0 Yes Xbox 360 No Xbox One 1.14.0 Yes PS3 No PS4 1.14.0 Yes Wii U No Nintendo Switch 1.14.0 Yes Windows 10 1.14.0 Yes […]

How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

Fishing Rod

Fishing rods have been available in Minecraft since the alpha version. Initially, they had no function and were stackable.  However, since version 1.2.0 fishing rods can be used to catch fish from any body of water. They are also no longer stackable as this would allow players to change the damage levels.  Fishing rods can […]

How to Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft

Stonecutter Minecraft

The stonecutter is a tool block that allows you to craft items out of stone. Initially only available in the Pocket Edition, the stone cutter eventually found its way to other platforms.  It has a similar function to the crafting table in that it is used to craft items. However, it can only be used […]

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Enchanting Table paper

Paper in Minecraft is an important item made out of sugar cane which can be used to make several useful items including maps, books, banners, and fireworks.   Paper can be traded with librarians and cartographer villagers for an emerald or found within stronghold library chests and shipwreck chests. It can also be used with an […]

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Smooth Stone and Gold

Smooth stone is one of the many building blocks found in Minecraft. It is made from stone, which in turn is made from cobblestone.  Unlike stone, smooth stone has limited applications outside of decorative purposes. It is used as a crafting ingredient in one or two recipes.  If you wish to move a smooth stone […]

League of Legends Clash: Tournament Mode For Team Play

When you and your team have ranked up, gained champions and considerable experience, what’s left to do? If you’re serious about rising through the ranks, you can then battle for the trophy. Tournament mode is the best place to garner rewarding wins. It’s a great battleground to play against a team at your skill level. You’ll […]

How To Find A LoL Duo

Lol Duo Xayah Rakan

After enough League of Legends, you’d gain new levels, experience, and Summoner Spells.  What else is there to do after? If you’re a serious player, you’d want to climb up the ladder. In team-based games, it could take a while to climb ranks on your own. Instead of doing it alone, it’s more efficient to gain […]

What You Need to Know About Adaptive Force League

Adaptive force is an additional stat or boost that was added to the secondary Rune path prior to patch 8.23. Riot Games intentionally included these additional stats to give players more options to choose from such as bonus attack speed, cooldown reduction, adaptive damage, and additional defense stats. Today, we’ll share with you everything you […]