How many skins are in League of Legends

On January 15, 2020, Riot Games released the Mecha Kingdoms event offering a ton of rewards and skins just for the first month of 2020 alone.

Since then, more events have come into the picture, adding even more LOL skins and a new League of Legends skin theme for champions all around!

How Many Types of League of Legends Skins Are There?

There are 3 types of League of Legends skins: Regular, Chroma, and Ward skins, with the exception of the rarest League of Legends skins available.

You’re looking at a grand total of 1,390 skins for LOL players to snatch and grab.

Of course, some skins do come as a reward. These rare skins are only granted to players who participate in a specific event or are qualified to receive it.

To earn a rare Victorious skin, for LOL players, this takes a certain degree of skill displayed and, more importantly, maintaining the honor and integrity of the game.

Players who are regularly suspended or use foul language, for instance, have lower chances of earning a rare LOL skin.

That being said, we’ll share wieverything you need to know about each type of League of Legends skin starting with…

Regular League of Legends Skins

Regular skins have the highest active skin count coming at 1,028 League of Legends skins in total. By 2019, Riot Games officially passed the 1000 skin benchmark.

Riot Games also mentioned that 2020 is going to be a big year for skins.

The Spirit Blossom event, for example, was a recent event out of the many that pumped our hearts racing for the skins to be rewarded and released!

Spirit Blossom Yasuo

We’ve already seen Yasuo’s Skin Blossom Skin and not to mention his older brother Yone. We found Riven’s and Kindred’s Spirit Blossom skin to be one of our favored new skins to have.

Spirit Blossom Riven

We also have to say the High Noon skins, particularly of Ashe and Darius are exciting skins to look out for as well! Currently, Jhin and Senna High Noon skins are some of our favorites!

High Noon skin line

Chroma Skins

With over 228 chroma skins available to players currently, there’s an even wider skin selection appeal for players from all over to use.

League Chromas

A regular skin can have as many as one to ten different recolors, and it’s clear that Riot Games has seriously stepped their Chroma skin game over the last months.

Most 1350 RP skins will also readily come with Chroma color options as they’re released. All in all, Chroma is one of the many skins that provide players with a unique in-game appeal and a wider expansion of skins to use!

Project skin line

Ward Skins

Ward skins have been building a lot of momentum lately and to give a unique in-game look, providing higher cosmetics customization.

With over 150 ward varieties available, we’re amazed at what Riot Games has been able to provide through in-game aesthetics alone.

Among the many skins available in League of Legends, we found the Pentakill ward skin and Pizza Chicken ward to be some of our favorites!

Pulsefire Pengu

Rare League of Legends Skins

These skins are the cream of the crop of champions.

Pax Twisted Fate

Although with many skins available and even some better than the rarest champions skins, rarity carries the highest value that only a few select gamers have earned through dedication and consistent effort.

The most valued is PAX Twisted Fate, which most didn’t even have a chance to see. Among others also includes Rusty Blitzcrank, Black Alistar, Championship Riven, Silver Kayle, PAX Sivir, PAX Jax, and Victorious Jarvan IV.

Black Alistar

Some of these champions skins don’t exactly fall as new skins, but rather vintage skins that you won’t be able to see just about anywhere today.

Rusty Blitzcrank

Before You Go

Our accounts here at GooseSmurfs also usually have Skin shards to use for a chance to get your favorite skins without the large RP price. With so many skins available, we’re hoping to hear which champions skin you have and want as part of your collection! Let us know in the comments section below!