The Best Nunu Jungle Build Guide For Season 13 (2023)

Nunu & Willump Build Guide

Best Nunu Jungle Build Guide

In the preseason, Nunu and Willump continues to be a favorable jungler for new and old players alike. This duo combines great mobility, fast clearing of the forest, high survivability, and damage. He has a lot of control and survivability and can cover his team well as a tank.


  • He farms the jungle well and at the same time maintains his health at a high level due to his consuming skill.
  • His passive Call of the Freljord helps not only Nun and Willump, but the team carries.
  • With the right items, he can act as an excellent tank and initiator due to his Biggest Snowball Ever!


  • If Nunu loses pace at the beginning of the game, feeds, or plays poorly on ganks, then in the late game it is very difficult for him to return to the game.
  • No skills for instant exit from combat.
  • Very much dependent on the actions of his team and with a standard defensive build.

Nunu Abilities: 

Call of the Freljord – Nunu’s passive skill increases Nunu’s attack speed every time he attacks a new monster camp. In addition, Nunu gains a small speed boost, and his auto attacks hit an area near the target.

 Consume – this ability helps Nun not only deal damage but also restore health. Due to the fact that the damage on neutral monsters is pure and the damage of the ability itself is very high, Nunu actually has an additional Smite spell. Because of this fact, it is very difficult to steal a Dragon or any other important object.

 Biggest Snowball Ever! – Nunu’s main ability, this ability allows you to significantly increase the movement speed of the champion and is the main tool for initiating battles and moving around the map.

 Snowball Barrage – at first, some players do not notice this ability, while others completely ignore it. The fact is that not everyone understands that the ability can be used several times. Also, this ability is indispensable for ganks, as it is an additional type of control.

 Absolute Zero – when using the ult, the nunu stops in place and slows all enemies in the area around it, after which it makes an explosion, dealing damage to everyone in the area of ​​​​the ability. The strength of the slow and the damage directly depend on how long the nunu has been charging its ability.


Best Nunu Items 

When first purchased, the best items for Nunu will be

Mosstomper Seedling/Health potion

  Moss Stomper Seedling Health Pot


After the first back, it is recommended to take:


Dark Seal, Kindlegem, and Boots

Mosstomper Seedling at full growth gives Nunu a shield that can increase his survivability, and when the shield is destroyed, Nunu will also gain durability.

A full Nunu build should look like this:            

Jak The Protean item Sunfire Aegis Thornmail_item Mercury Treads

Also, optional items are:

Abyssal_Mask_item Deadman's Plate


Darkseal. Gives us the opportunity to snowball, due to the amount of AP you gain from a takedown, and if you’re doing well, you can upgrade Dark Seal to Mejai’s Soulstealer for an even bigger boost.

Jak’Sho, The Protean. An item that will increase our survivability due to the resistance obtained from it and the property of stealing XP.

Jak The Protean item

 Sunfire Aegis. An item that gives us not only HP and resistances but also passive damage, the size of which increases in proportion to our HP.

Sunfire Aegis

Thornmail is an item that gives us HP and armor, its passive effect gives us the ability to return small damage from the enemy’s auto attacks, as well as inflict terrible wounds on him.


Mercury’s Treads. Gives movement speed and stamina, and helps against crowd control.

Mercury Treads

Spirit visage. Increases magical defense, as well as the amount of healing we receive. Therefore our Q will heal us more.


Abyssal mask. Gives HP, mana, and magic defense. The passive effect carries a decrease in the enemy’s magical defense by a certain number, while the owner himself, on the contrary, increases the amount of magical resistance for everyone who has been affected by the item.


Warmog’s Armor. Gives a large amount of HP and increases regeneration, synergizes well with Sunfire Aegis.

Sunfire Aegis

Dead Man’s Plate. Gives Armor and HP. When moving, the character accumulates stacks, when they reach 100, the movement speed increases by 40, and the next auto attack deals additional damage, helping to move faster around the map.

Deadman's Plate


The most popular rune variation for Nunu is this combination.


Phase Rush gives Nun additional movement speed

Nimbus Cloak also grants movement speed after using summoner spells, which can be useful for escaping or chasing someone.

Celerity increases all speed bonuses applied to us, as well as increases our movement speed.

Waterwalking grants additional movement speed, as well as adaptive stats (depending on level) when you are on a river

Cheap Shot gives us a small amount of damage when we restrict the target’s movement

Relentless Hunter increases our movement speed outside of combat based on how many charges we got from killing enemies



This rune combo gives us more survivability at the expense of movement speed and damage.


Nunu Counters: 

Olaf. Has a lot of sustain and ignores your CC due to the unstoppable on his ult.

Khazix. A strong early champion who can counter jungle Nunu to kill the second, as Nunu is a rather weak character early on.

Vi. Her W reduces your armor, making you weaker due to the loss of it.

Kayn. Red Kayn is a big threat to any tank, he has a huge sustain and can stop your R from getting ready with his W. He also has a very fast clear.


Nunu Best Synergies

Ryze. Quite an interesting combination with 2 Ults, when Nunu starts casting his ult, Ryze can use his ult to create a portal under him and move him to the right position, then Nunu with a charged ult hits everyone who is close.

Urgot. Nunu Urgot’s Ganks is almost always a guaranteed kill since you can chain control from Nunu’s W and Urgot’s E.

Yasuo. A simple combination of popping Nunu with his W and Yasuo’s R.

Should You Play Nunu?

Nunu is one of the best ganking junglers who takes objects just as quickly and is difficult to re-grind, but despite the advantages, he also has disadvantages that are easily compensated by training and game experience. Nunu is also a great character to play in pairs, together with a partner you can coordinate joint ganks in the lane, thus dispersing each other. If you’re looking for a fresh league of legends account, check out GooseSmurfs for ranked and unranked accounts that are both affordable and secure.