The Best Wukong Jungle Build Guide For Season 13 (2023)

The Best Wukong Jungle Build Guide For Season 13 (2023)

With the new jungle changes, previously non-standard picks for this position began appearing more often. One of the characters who performed well and changed his main position to the jungle is Wukong. Either becoming a team fight monster or a sneaky assassin here is everything you need to know about Wukong and how to properly build wukong for season 13. 

Wukong Build Sipping Tea

Pros and Cons of Wukong: 


  • One of the best team fight characters
  • Due to his skill set, Wukong is one of the best team fight characters, able to efficiently deal with both the frontline and the backline of the enemy team.
  • Strong against AD compositions and tanks
  • Wukong’s passive ability at level 1 at max stacks grants him 25 armor, which is equivalent to 500 gold. This makes Wukong a very formidable opponent for any AD champion.
  • Wukong’s Q cuts off some of the target’s armor, giving him an advantage in tank fights.
  • Build Variation
    • Wukong can play the classic role of the team’s bruiser, “making a rustle,” in team fights, but with the same efficiency, he can take the role of a killer, sometimes even better than many representatives of this class.
  • Juke potential
    • Wukong is a mythological character who fully conveys the spirit of the trickster of his ancestor in the game. His W has a huge potential for deception and getting out of seemingly hopeless situations
  • Strong in Early & Mid game
    • In addition to a passive ability that generates an advantage in “used” gold right during the battle, Wukong has good mobility and high damage, which allows him to build up an advantage quickly.


  • Weakness against AP Champions
    • Since Wukong’s passive is all about gaining armor during combat, it’s tough for him to offer AP to champions.
  • Vulnerability to control, especially “knockback”
    • In addition to the first con, it can be noted that a relatively large percentage of AP champions are mages with control, who can keep Wukong away from him while remaining in a safe zone.
  • Inability to catch up with fellow mobile champions, vulnerable to kiting
    • If Wukong is left without movement tools, he becomes vulnerable to kiting, and any other mobile character can easily get away from him.
  • Invisibility from W becomes almost useless if the opponent has Oracle Lens
    • The enemy can use Oracle Lens to reveal Wukong’s position while invisible to W, reducing his attempts to deceive him by 0.

The Best Wukong Summoner Spells

The choice of summoner spells for Wukong in the forest is somewhat limited by the obligation to use Smite.

Of the available options, the champion has the following spells:

  • Flash

Universal summoner spell for almost every character in the game. To Wukong, having Flash guarantees a stunning initiation that opponents will definitely not be ready for.

  • Ignite

A pure niche spell aimed at weakening the healing of the characters of the enemy team and the dueling potential of Wukong himself. It will be a good choice if you don’t have an identical spell in your team.

  • Ghost

A very controversial option since it does not provide a guaranteed way to avoid control, unlike Flash, but it has a place to be.

Wukong’s easy matchups and counters.

As said earlier, Wukong is very good against AD champions and tanks so the absolute opposite will be critical to the quality of his play.

Wukong Positive matchups:

Zac, Bel’Veth, Master Yi, Viego, Shaco, Rammus

Wukong 50/50 matchups:

Udyr, Diana, Nidalee, Talon, Warwick

Wukong Negative matchups:

Fiddlesticks, Mordekaiser, Nocturne, Hecarim, Shyvana, Ekko

Negative Matchups Explained:

Fiddlesticks and Mordekaiser are AP characters, one of which has targeted control, and the other has a giant shield, during which Wukong will already sink to a critical health point.

Although it has been said that Wukong is good against AD characters, Nocturne is an exception to this rule, as it has a long target control and rescales Wukong, feeling much better in the late game.

Hecarim can easily close and break distance, putting Wukong at a disadvantage.

Shivana is a very tanky jungler, also having a ton of AOE damage, which leaves Wukong no chance in an equal fight.

Ekko one-shots any non-tank target in 1-2 rotations of his skills, and with his ultimate, you probably won’t be able to kill him before he kills you.

The Best Wukong Item Builds

Wukong has two actual builds suitable for different playstyles of this character – Assassin and Bruiser. Let’s start with the bruiser build.

Wukong Starting Items:

Mosstomper Seedling/Scorchclaw Pup & Health Potion

MossStromper Seedling Scorchclaw Pup Health Pot

A green pet will give a shield and 20% stamina, which will be helpful against a lot of crowd control in the opposing team’s composition.

The red pet will grant more damage and a slow, which will be helpful against champions who can quickly get away from Wukong.

The blue pet effect has an order of magnitude lower value than its alternatives, which is why it is not considered an option to purchase in most cases.

A quick tip: Jungle Farm combo – W AA E AA Q

Best Boots For Wukong:

The choice of boots in most cases falls on Mercury`s Treads due to the character’s high vulnerability to crowd control.

Mercury Treads

Against Full AD – Plated Steelcaps

Plated Steelcaps

Ionian Boots of Lucidity – a good option when playing with a lead

Ionian Boots of Lucidity item

Your build will differ depending on your opponents and matchups, in the chance that their team doesn’t have a tank/bruiser champion, you have the option to go for an assassin build to quickly kill your opponents.


Serrated Dirk item Vampiric Scepter item

Serrated Dirk/Vampiric Scepter

Eclipse item

In the Assassin build, Wukong’s main item is Eclipse, which has a mythical passive effect on percentage armor penetration. It is on this stat that the emphasis is placed on the assembly


Tiamat item Pickaxe


Ravenous Hydra item

With the preseason changes, Ravenous Hydra has become a completely broken item, overtaking Lord Dominik’s Regards in terms of gold spent per item.

Wukong’s core build looks like this:


Eclipse item Ionian Boots of Lucidity item

Eclipse, Black Cleaver, Boots


Ravenous Hydra item Divine Sunderer Plated Steelcaps

Ravenous Hydra(Rush), Divine Sunderer, Boots

Wukong Full build examples:


Eclipse item Edge of Night Mercury Treads Deaths Dance Seryldas Grudge item

Eclipse, Black Cleaver, Edge of Night, Boots, Death`s Dance, Serylda`s Grudge

Bruiser vs Full AD:

Divine Sunderer Ravenous Hydra item Deaths Dance Steraks_Gage_item Plated Steelcaps Black Cleaver item

Divine Sunderer, Ravenous Hydra, Death`s Dance, Sterak`s Gage, Plated Steelcaps, Black Cleaver

Bruiser vs AP:

Divine Sunderer Ravenous Hydra item Deaths Dance Mercury Treads Maw of Malmortius Force of Nature

Ravenous Hydra, Divine Sunderer, Death`s Dance, Mercury`s Treads, Maw of Malmortius, Force of Nature

Situational Items:

Chempunk Chainsword item

Chempunk Chainsword – Healing reduction 

Lord Dominiks Regards

Lord Dominik`s Regards – more Armor pen

Axiom Arc item

Axiom Arc – an even more aggressive assassin option


Spear of Shojin – Ability Haste

Wukong’s Skills: 


Wukong’s passive ability, as mentioned earlier, increases his armor and grants additional health regeneration when fighting forest monsters or champions. Thanks to her, Wukong can exit the forest with a high level of health, which gives them an advantage in skirmishes with the crab.


Q – Your main source of damage. Apart from the auto-attack buff, except for the additional losses and its range. Because she is an auto-attack buff, she resets her timer, so it is most beneficial to use her to change while farming in the jungle and in combos. With auto-attacks, the reloading of parcels goes on.


W – a small forward jump leaves a clone cast in place that can use Q on the same target as Wukong, and gains an auto attack speed bonus from E if E already exists at the time of pressing. Allows you to pass through thin walls, which is a very useful skill for a jungler.


Е – dash to the selected target, and launches two more clones at the nearest enemies from the main target. After dashing, the attack speed increases, which helps to quickly re-cast Q.


R – Wukong spins around and throws up targets around him. Has two uses, both of which can be canceled, for example, to insert a Q between uses. Enemies knocked up by a single cast cannot be knocked up by the same cast.

The Best Runes for Wukong: 

Rune pages also differ depending on the selected build.

Assassin – Electrocute, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, Treasure/Ultimate Hunter

Electrocute sorcery Electrocute inspiration

The second branch can be:

Sorcery – Transcendence, Waterwalking

Inspiration – Magical Footwear, Future`s Market


Bruiser – Conqueror, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Last Stand

Legend: Tenacity – against teams with a lot of control

Conqueror Inspiration Conqueror domination

Second branch:

Inspiration – Magical Footwear, Future`s Market

Domination – Sudden Impact, Treasure/Ultimate Hunter

The Best Wukong Skins

There are a total of 8 Wukong skins available for purchase, from Volcanic Wukong, Jade Dragon Wukong, and Underworld Wukong. Usually, these skins can cost up to $15 but you can get a new account and the skin of your choice for less when you check out our skin store at

Battle Academia Wukong – 1350 RP

Lancer Stratus Wukong – 1350 RP

Radiant Wukong – 1350 RP

So Should You Play Wukong?

Wukong is a fun, deceptive champion that has immense carry potential if he is played correctly. If you’re looking to test out wukong without ruining your elo, pick up a new league of legends account at GooseSmurfs to test him out right now! For cheap and secure accounts that meet your exact requirements, check out our accounts today.