The Ultimate Guide of LOL Mastery

Champion Mastery

Champion mastery is a system that was released during patch 5.6 that allowed players to showcase their skill and familiarity with a specific champion.

Now if you’re curious to know what champion mastery is all about and how to rise through the ranks of earning the highest mastery score, stay tuned!

In this ultimate guide, we’ll share with you everything there is to know about LOL masteries.

What is Champion Mastery?

As mentioned earlier, champion mastery serves to track the progression of a specific champion in terms of skill, familiarity, and experience.

One thing to note is that champion mastery has 7 mastery levels.

You’ll also need certain items to craft a Mastery badge like Hextech Crafting, Blue Essence, and Mastery tokens.

Every player starts with 0 mastery points. As you progress and win games, you’ll earn champion points (CP) that are added to your overall mastery level.

The amount of champion points you earn is dependent on your performance per game played. On a Fresh GooseSmurfs account you can get these points faster if you’re smurfing in lower elo.

How exactly does this work? First, you have to understand the different grades you can earn per game.

How Does it Work?

Each player earns a grade after every game where you can receive the following grades:

S+, S, S-, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-

When you first purchase a champion, you’ll start with zero mastery points and a mastery level of 0.

Once you’ve started playing, you’ll earn champion points based on your grade and increase your mastery level.

Mastery 1

Take note that a higher grade will give you a higher amount of champion points and if you play with a pre-made party, the more members you have will also result in a higher percentage of champion mastery points.

Rising through the ranks from mastery level 0 to mastery level 5 shouldn’t be too hard if you consistently play a specific champion.

Mastery Two
Mastery Four

Every increase in your mastery level will also result in a different design of the mastery badge shown on your champion.

Level 2 has a different design compared to a Level 4 mastery.

As soon as you reach mastery levels 5, 6, and 7, things start to get interesting. The mastery system isn’t so easy that all you have to do is play and earn points.

Players must demonstrate their skill and familiarity with the champion first through grade performance.

With S+ being the highest grade you can receive in League of Legends, it’s also a challenge to earn this grade. Why is this important?

Mainly because S grades are necessary once you reach level 5 mastery.

For level 4 mastery and below, grades aren’t as important and needed if you want to progress from a level 3 mastery to a level 4 mastery, for example.

For a level 5 mastery, you’ll need at least two S- grades if you want to upgrade into a level 6 mastery.

Mastery Five

Once you’ve reached level 6, you’ll need three S or S+ grades to upgrade into a level 7 mastery.

Mastery Tokens

Level 7 is the highest tier of all mastery levels and the ultimate form of showcasing other players how skilled and familiar you are with this champion.

That’s not all. The mastery system for levels 6 and 7 will also require you to spend 2,450 worth of Blue Essence to unlock the succeeding level.

Mastery Unlock

Mastery Level Rewards

All that effort and hard work you put into earning an S grade won’t go to waste. You’ll earn a set of rewards as soon as you hit master level 4.

Depending on your mastery level, players will receive different rewards for a different rank.

Here are the following rewards for each respective rank:

Mastery Level 1 to 3 – None

Mastery Level 4 – Loading Screen Border, Mastery Badge Emote, Announcement Banner

Mastery Level 5 – Loading Screen Border, Mastery Badge Emote, Announcement Banner

Mastery Level 6 – Loading Screen Border, Mastery Badge Emote, Announcement Banner

Mastery Level 7 – Loading Screen Border, Mastery Badge Emote, Announcement Banner

Now here’s what a reward looks like:

Loading Screen Border:

Mastery Loading Screen Border

How to Get a High Grade in League of Legends

Players have wondered what sets getting an S+, S, or S- apart from getting an A+, A, or A-.

Most of the time, players will pay attention to the number of kills and deaths they have. Lesser deaths and more kills will result in higher chances of getting an S grade and earning more mastery tokens.

Now, here’s the thing. Champion Mastery and earning a high grade isn’t as easy as just getting 20 kills and 0 deaths. Focusing only on this might leave you with an A+ at best.

Here are 4 metrics to take into account if you want to earn an S+ in League of Legends:


K/D/A stands for Kills, Deaths, and Assists. As mentioned earlier, focusing on kills and deaths isn’t enough for you to earn an S grade in League of Legends, though that’s what most players believe.

This also depends on the role you choose as a player. If you choose a support champion, increasing your assists matters more. If you choose a tank champion, assists and kills would matter.

That’s not all. As a player, you also have to complete objectives in time such as placing Wards and beating jungle monsters before the game ends.

Creep Score

Those little minions do in fact have a large role to play.

Creep Score Mastery

Take note that racking up your Creep Score isn’t as easy as it sounds. No one knows for sure just how many exactly you’ll need once the game ends.

A good rule to follow is an average of killing 8 minions per minute. This should also be consistent from start to finish, so make sure that you still go around the map to kill minions even during completing objectives and destroying turrets.

Damage Dealt

For a carry champion, damage dealt is important. For a tank champion, it’s damage taken that matters.

League of Legends Mastery Damage Dealt

A player who opts for a tank as their preferred champion of choice will stand mostly in the front lines while their teammates at the back can deal damage.

League Mastery Damage Taken

That’s not to say tanks are sacrificial pieces, but rather because of their huge health pool, they can take more hits than their teammates can.

Earning an S grade as a player when it comes to damage dealt/damage taken should also be consistent throughout the entire game. Should this fall behind, it could affect your overall grade.

Vision Score

Vision score depends on two things: where you position your wards and which enemy wards you destroy.

Positioning your wards properly is vital to your overall grade since this will allow you to grant vision to any unseen enemies or monsters around the map.

LoL Mastery

Destroying enemy wards denies your opponent the ability to find you as well, so eliminating your opponent’s wards are just as vital to how you position them.

Most players will focus poorly on increasing their vision scores throughout the game.

League of Legends may look like it’s simply about team fights and destroying the base, but it also requires a ton of strategy, good map control, and completing objectives within the allotted timeframe.

Objective Damage

Last but not least, the final metric of champion mastery is a high objective damage.

Throughout the game, you’ll have to complete certain objectives such as destroying turrets, slaying epic monsters, gaining buffs from killing elemental drakes, and so forth.

How much damage you deliver in these objectives will also affect your overall grade.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to go out there and prove your experience and skill as a player! Check out our other guides to see how you can improve even more

Mastery levels are eligible for various game modes too such as Ranked Solo/Duo and Ranked Flex. For ARAM and TFT game modes, it doesn’t apply.

Needless to say, we hope this guide has helped you learn and understand everything there is to know about mastery in League of Legends!