League of Legends history of Victorious Skins

Victorious skins

Victorious skins take us back to the old days – days where players from all over the world would grind ranked games to reach the Gold League and acquire them.

Ever since then, this legendary skin is a prized rarity for players to have.

Riot Games selectively choose which champions will receive the Victorious skin, so this also makes it interesting for players to look forward too.

So how is a player qualified to receive one? What are the requirements?

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about the qualification process and take a stroll down the various Victorious skins Riot has released since then.

How to Get Victorious Skins?

The first Victorious skin was released back in 2011.

These skins represent a special season-end award gifted to eligible players.

To get Victorious skins, first, you need to achieve a ranking of at least Gold or higher. Using one of our accounts you can get it faster than ever! Now, now. You don’t need to Solo Queue your way to get Victorious skins.

Here are all the available ranked queues that make you eligible to get Victorious skins:

  • Ranked Solo/Duo Queue
  • 3 vs. 3 Ranked
  • 5 vs. 5 Ranked

You’re probably wondering, is that all it takes to get Victorious skins? Not quite, champ.

There are two factors you should consider when it comes to these end of the season skins:

  1. Recent suspensions will exclude you from receiving an end of the season award, so getting a Victorious skin also means that you’d have to be an honorable player in League of Legends too.
  2. Even if you are an honorable player, Riot has to sift through millions of League of Legends accounts to consider which players are eligible for the award. This can take as long as 2 weeks, so be patient.

What happens if I get the Victorious skin of a Champion I don’t own?

It’s possible for a player to receive a Victorious skin without having the corresponding champion for the skin.

In this case, Riot will still add the skin to your League of Legends account for free.

Why is a Victorious Skin so valuable?

Victorious skins are a tradition passed down since the first skin ever to be released in Ranked matches – Victorious Jarvan IV.

The very first skin is a testament of how far and how much MOBA has grown over the years. The skin, however, is not just about history and legacy.

Players who receive a Victorious skin represent the most skillful players who showcase incredible experience. That’s not all.

The biggest cherry on top of acquiring a Victorious skin is its value. Because of its rarity and considering only a small handful of players receive this skin, it will never be available to any other player after the season ends.

Having just one Victorious skin is proof of what an incredible player you are!

Now that we’ve understood all the requirements needed to get a Vic skin let’s hop into taking a look at each of these legendary skins!

Victorious Jarvan IV

Victorious Skin Jarvan

The very first of its kind and the rarest of them all – Victorious Jarvan IV.

Personally, the Victorious Jarvan IV skin wasn’t as appealing as the others Riot released in the later years.

That’s understandable, though, since after all, this is the first skin in history that started this legendary tradition.

The Victorious Jarvan VI skin is actually quite similar to his original default skin, only that the Victorious version had him clad in silver armor with gold elements.

Still, this skin is the most valuable of all because of how much time has passed since then.

How Do I Get a Victorious Jarvan IV?

Sad to say, it’s no longer available and nor will it ever be. Don’t let this discourage you, though!

Apart from all the other Victorious skins you have a chance of acquiring, there’s still Dragonslayer Jarvan!

Dragonslayer Skin Jarvan

Victorious Janna

Victorious Skin Janna

Victorious Janna was quite the step-up and improvement from the first version. She is now a knight in armor with new weapons and animations to her abilities.

She also holds a blue crystal staff that showcases new visual effects that will appeal to many Janna fans.

How Do I Get a Victorious Janna?

This skin is just as old as Jarvan’s, so, unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy this version ever again. The one and only way to get this version is to purchase an account that already has it.

Even then, you can still enjoy Janna with her other skins like Tempest Janna, for example!

Tempest Skin Janna

Victorious Elise

Victorious Skin Elise

Victorious Elise is quite similar to Victorious Jarvan: silver armor with a golden trim around the edges. What makes it different is the blue crystal on her head and the new particles for her abilities.

Victorious Elise also carries a new animation for her recall on both her forms!

How Do I Get a Victorious Elise

Unlesss you played back in 2013 and were able to reach Gold League during the 3rd season, Victorious Elise isn’t for sale, and neither will it be available to players as far as League of Legends progresses.

Don’t feel too bad, though! The spider queen has a ton of skins you can still love and use!

Blood Moon Skin Elise Series

Victorious Morgana

Victorious Skin Morgana Series

Morgana is one of our favorite characters, despite how challenging it can be to use her the first few times. Despite her tough learning curve, we loved her Victorious Morgana skin!

A blue costume, gold-trimmed edges, and a new helmet with thorns sticking out, making this Morgana even more fierce than she already is!

The best part? New animation with sound effects! Players who were looking for a skin that would stand out amongst others regard this Morgana skin as an excellent choice.

How Do I Get a Victorious Morgana

Victorious Morgana was only available during season 4. The only way to get the Victorious Morgana skin is through buying an account that already has it.

Still, Bewitching Morgana is stunning!

Bewitching Skin Morgana Series

Victorious Sivir

Victorious Skin Sivir Series

Coming in as the season 5 top contender, Sivir claims a spot with her Victorious Sivir skin! It was released back in 2015 and had a complete makeover.

This golden warrior had a brand new armor with a golden trim around the edges along with a golden boomerang capable of dealing maximum damage. Victorious Sivir is definitely one of our most favorite skins to have seen during season 5.

How Do I Get a Victorious Sivir

Unless you were playing League of Legends back in 2015 or were able to reach Gold League by season 5, sad to say, Victorious Sivir is no longer available.

Don’t let this get to you, though. The golden warrior has other skins, which we find to be just as appealing!

Pizza Delivery Skin Sivir Series

Victorious Maokai

Victorious Skin Maokai Series

Victorious Maokai is one of the more recent skins to be released. With season 6 not far behind from the current season, you’ll be able to see more players using Victorious Maokai!

Victorious Maokia features a blue robe and golden leaves on the robe’s edges. What stands out is the recall animation, where Maokai’s sapling starts fanning him as he teleports back to base.

How Do I Get a Victorious Maokai

You wouldn’t be able to get Victorious Maokai unless you were a Gold League contender during season 6. If you played after season 6 started, this would be unavailable for purchase.

The good news is since it’s a more recent skin released compared to the previous skins, you’ll be able to find more accounts who have this skin.

Goalkeeper Skin Maokai series

Victorious Graves

Victorious Skin Graves Series

League of Legends season 7 kicks off with Graves clothed with gold and shiny armor. An exception to this season 7 skin is that Victorious Graves comes in different colors for different ranked queues.

How Do I Get a Victorious Graves

Unfortunately, there’s no way to acquire Graves Vic skin unless you played during season 7 or, at the very least, purchase accounts that have this champion skin.

Praetorian Skin Graves Series

Victorious Orianna

Victorious Skin Orianna Series

The Victorious skin 2018 end-of-season award belongs to Orianna, where Orianna is clad in silver armor with gold accents.

Just like the season 7 skin, the Victorious Orianna skin also has varying colors for different rank lineups. These colors come in either blue, red, or green.

How Do I Get a Victorious Orianna

To get this season 8 skin, you’ll have to purchase accounts that have Orianna’s Vic skin. If you played during season 8 and didn’t get her skin, that’s okay!

Season 9 and season 10 are just right around the corner, and who knows, you might even get more Victorious skins later on!

Pool Party Skin Orianna Series

Victorious Aatrox

Last on our list of season skin enders, the Victorious Aatrox is the most recent end-of-season reward given to players who performed well and honorably in League of Legends ranked queues.

Compared to the previous Victorious skins, we have to say the Victorious Aaatrox fits the champion perfectly. It even looks similar to his Justicar skin!

How Do I Get a Victorious Aatrox

Victorious Aatrox is the latest skin in League of Legends to be released. Still, getting Victorious skins for all champions follows the same qualification for Aatrox.

Final Thoughts

If you weren’t able to get any of the Victorious skins during the previous League of Legends seasons, don’t lose hope!

As a long-standing League of Legends tradition, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to acquire one! But first, start climbing to Gold League! And remember, play honorably.