What Are The Main Reasons People Buy Accounts for League of Legends?

League of Legends smurf accounts

Why Buy League of Legends Accounts

At GooseSmurfs, we have one goal—to provide the highest quality League of Legends smurfs. We put quality over quantity and keep our rates low to ensure you can get the accounts you want without breaking the bank.

Unlike other smurf account sellers, who are just out to make a buck, we’re gamers just like you, and we love LoL. When you buy a smurf from GooseSmurfs, you can count on reliable customer support and full-account ownership—guaranteed. If your new account is banned via no fault of your own within 3 to 30 days of your purchase, we’ll replace it.

Get instant access to any region with tons of Blue Essence to buy all the champions you need and the skins you want.

Level 30 League of Legends Accounts for Sale

·         Europe Nordic East – 40K + Blue Essence LoL Accounts

·         Europe Nordic East – 50K+ Blue Essence LoL Accounts

·         Europe West – 40K+ Blue Essence LoL Accounts

·         Europe West – 50K+ Blue Essence LoL Accounts

·         North America – 40K+ & 50k+ Blue Essence LoL Accounts

·         Turkey – 40K+ Blue Essence LoL Accounts

Our Guarantee:

·         Quality Level 30 LoL accounts with lots of Blue Essence – Our accounts come with a minimum of 40,000 Blue Essence, use it to try out new champions, and buy skins or chromas.

·         Instant Delivery 24/7 – We have developed a process to make sure you get your League of Legends account details as soon as your payment goes through.

·         Full access to your account

·         Changeable emails and passwords – Worried that the “original player” will suddenly take back the account after you’ve paid for it? Not with GooseSmurfs. Our Level 30 accounts have unverified emails, so you can easily stake your claim. Just edit the settings, use your own email, and generate a strong password as soon as you get your account.

·         Never ranked – Continue playing League of Legends with your friends who have lower-level accounts.

·         Warranty for botting ban codes – Choose between 3 days or 30 days from the day you buy your League of Legends account from us. 

You may be wondering why many players—even pros—use smurfs, and what cute little blue cartoon creatures have to do with League of Legends. The best way to understand that is to look at what a smurf account is and how it came to be.

What is a Smurf?

A Smurf is a term for a high-level player playing on a secondary account. Smurfing allows you to experiment with new regions, champions, or roles without messing around with your primary account. You’ll also be able to play with friends that are a lower rank and just enjoy the game without the stress of playing at a high tier-rank.

The First Smurfs

The term “smurf” was first used in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. Two players built such a notorious reputation that very few players would accept their match requests. They got tired of playing the same users over and over and created new accounts with different names to start over. Those accounts were Papa Smurf and Smurfette.

For whatever reason, from then on, in many multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) like League of Legends, a high-level player who played a secondary, lower-powered account was known a smurf.

Why Experienced Players Use Smurfs

Like most things that start innocently in the gaming world, smurfing eventually gained a bad rep. Some skilled players abused the practice to crush newbie players, and many more used their new-found aliases to troll.

Despite these more nefarious smurfs—minions of Gargamel, you might say—many pro players don’t use their smurfing for an easy win. They use it as a way to enjoy the game more and improve their skill. Here are just a few reasons a smurf account might be right for you:

1. Play with friends with lower-level accounts

Many experienced players create or buy smurf accounts to help friends who have just started learning the game. By starting at the same level as them, you can fight on the same teams and face the same level foes. It’s the most effective way to teach a new player the ropes.

In fact, in League of Legends, it’s also the only way unless you want to go to their house and sit beside them explaining things. You can only match with those of the same rank or one rank above or below you, so if you want to play with a friend who just started, your only option is a smurf account.

2. Risk-free experiments

It’s hard to test strategies and new champions when you know that losing or making mistakes can affect your ratings. That’s why experienced players switch to their smurf account to explore other tactics and abilities without affecting anything on their primary account.

3. Protecting main accounts

League of Legends is a time-consuming game. Chances are you’ve spent hours working on your main account champions and possibly spent a considerable sum on boosts, skins, and accessories too. You want to protect that investment. Maintaining different accounts to play ranked matches versus gaming with friends allows you to stay competitive and improve your rank without worrying about making mistakes or stressing over losing.

4. Stress-free games

Speaking of stress—stress-free gaming is another benefit of having a level 30 smurf account. Worrying about rank can take some of the fun out of playing MOBAs. By taking advantage of ready-made smurf accounts for sale, you can relax and just enjoy the game.

5. Going back to earlier parts of the game

Aside from leisurely play, for whatever reason, you might want to go back to earlier parts of the game. Using a lower-level smurf allows you to do exactly that.

6. Anonymity

If you’ve built quite a reputation for yourself in LoL, you might want to switch to a smurf to ease the pressure and expectations of being known as a pro. After all, that was what motivated the original smurfs. By using another account, you can quietly practice, test other champions, and even skins, explore other metas without dealing with your name notoriety.

7. Get Better at the Game

Knowing you’re using a smurf instead of your main account frees you up to improve your skills with new tactics and roles and test out other champions. Use your smurf account to get into ranked games and practice without ruining your ranking. You can then bring in those skills to improve your strategies on your main account. 

8. Try New Regions

League of Legends has several regions, with some servers run by Riot’s partners.

·         Europe Nordic & East (EUNE)

·         Europe West (EUW)

·         Latin America North (LAN)

·         Latin America South (LAS

·         North America (NA)

·         Brazil (BR)

·         Oceana (OCE)

·         Russia (RU)

·         Turkey (TR)

·         Japan (JP)

·         Republic of Korea (KR)

·         Garena Southeast Asia (SEA)

·         People’s Republic of China (CN)

Curious to know what the League of Legends game looks like in other regions? You can use a level 30 smurf account to find out. Shifting regions gives you the opportunity to pick up new metas and learn new strategies, especially if you choose one of the harder regions.

You can also find out how gamers from other regions play, then test and hone your skills by competing against some of their experienced players.

9. Have Shorter Queue Times

Consider this latest ranking distribution for solo play:

·         Iron (6.6%)

·         Bronze (22%)

·         Silver (35%)

·         Gold (24%)

·         Platinum (8.4%)

·         Diamond (2.5%)

·         Master (0.034%)

·         GrandMaster (0.036%)

·         Challenger (0.015%)

As you move to higher divisions like Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, GrandMaster, and Challenger, the number of players available for matches also drops. In effect, queues get longer, sometimes taking over half an hour. That’s a long wait, especially if you just want to keep enjoying the game.

When you want to enjoy ranked matches without the long queues, you can switch to your smurf account and play at a lower tier.

Why Buy Smurf Accounts?

Alright, if you’re still with us, you’re likely sold on having a smurf account. Your next question might be—why buy a smurf account? Why not just make your own?

1. Save time

To reach level 30, you have to put in over a hundred hours in-game just to reach over 37,000 experience points. You’d be playing more than 150 games or matches, and each would last around 20 to 30 minutes.

You can level up fast and cut the number of hours by half with boosts, but you’d still be spending a lot of time and effort before you even reach level 30. If you still play your main from time to time and have school, work, or both, it may take you weeks or even months to get there.

On the other hand, buying a Level 30 LoL smurf account lets you skip the grind. You don’t need to waste hours starting from scratch, playing game after game. Your smurf account is delivered instantly.

2. Hit the ground running

When you create your own smurf account, you’ll have to start at level one. That route might be ideal for beginners hoping to master the game, but if you’re a skilled player, it’s a waste of your time. Aside from having limited access to champions, Blue Essence, skins, and summoner spells, you can’t improve your strategies by competing with lower-level players.

With a Level 30 LoL smurf account, you can jump right into the game modes and champions you prefer. You can dive right into the main reason you wanted a smurf account in the first place. At level 30, you can access summoner spells and use Blue Essence from the account to buy champions you need to participate in the ranked games.

Especially if you’re juggling schoolwork or work, buying an LoL account is a smarter use of your limited free time.

3. Enjoy the game with friends at the same level

Another reason you might want to buy an LoL smurf account is to get a party of friends together at the same level without spending too much time. Instead of waiting for your pals to slowly gather the required experience and helping them finish over a hundred games, you can just buy a few level 30 LoL smurf accounts, and everyone can get started at the same level without starting from scratch.

On the flip side, if you’re a beginner and want to start playing ranked LoL games with your friends, buying rare skins, and trying new champions, buying an LoL account gets you there instantly—no grinding required. You can even pick a Level 30 account with rare skins for your champions.

4. Get instant Blue Essence

Grinding isn’t just for leveling. It’s also necessary to get Blue Essence—but not when you buy an LoL account. You don’t have to play non-stop for hours to get the Blue Essence you need for the skins and champions you want. Simply find a League of Legends smurf account that comes with high Blue Essence. Use it to increase your champions pool and to buy unique skins and other items.

What to Consider When Buying LOL Smurfs

Since you’re buying LoL smurfs to enjoy the game, you want to buy from a reliable seller who can provide you with a high-quality account. Here are some things to look for if you’re looking to buy a Level 30 League of Legends account.

·         Quality accounts – Look for products with sufficient Blue Essence and unverified emails.

·         Delivery time – Find smurf account sellers who offer instant delivery so you can start using the account immediately.

·         Warranty – You want a seller with low ban rates and sufficient ban protection. That way, you can get another account if your account suddenly gets banned through no fault of your own.

·         Reliable customer service – Look for responsive sellers that you can easily reach if you run into issues. No customer contact info is a massive red flag!

·         Payment methods – Make sure they have safe and secure payment gateways.

·         Customer reviews – Lookup a seller’s reviews online before you buy smurf accounts from them. If you have friends who have bought accounts in the past, ask them which sellers they would recommend.

That said—that’s exactly what we offer at GooseSmurfs! You’re guaranteed a quality account, a specified amount of Blue Essence, full access to the account, ban protection, and more! We stand by the smurf accounts we sell. Here’s a bit more about what you can expect when you choose us as your smurf account seller.

Why Buy League of Legends Account Smurfs from Us

We value our reputation and take pride in the quality of our services. We’ve set up systems to ensure our clients get their level 30 League of Legend accounts without delay and get full control.

High-Quality Smurf Accounts

Our hand-leveled level 30 smurf accounts have impressive win rates. Plus, you can choose accounts with up to 50,000 Blue Essence to unlock more champions at once. Aside from purchasing your favorite champions, you can use it to buy rune pages, skins, and get a new summoner name.

International Accounts

We have smurf accounts in the following major regions:

·         America

·         Europe West

·         Europe Nordic East

·         Turkey

Aside from choosing your region, you can also pick accounts with 40,000+ to 50,000+ Blue Essence to buy the champions you need to qualify to play ranked matches.

Rare Skins

If you’ve been eyeing specific skins for your main champions, you can check out our LoL accounts with rare or unobtainable skins. Even better, our accounts come with high Blue Essence, allowing you to buy cool-looking skins for your new champions. Riot has released about 1,000 skins so far. Take your pick from skins with colorful designs, impressive splash art, and cool sound effects.

Unranked LoL Accounts

Our Level 30 LoL smurfs are completely unranked in all seasons, so you can still enjoy games with your friends who use lower-level accounts. Otherwise, if you’ve reached gold, platinum, diamond, or higher tiers in your main account and your friends are still in Bronze, you can’t play ranked games with them.

With unranked Level 30 league of legends accounts, you can focus on having fun instead of just winning. You won’t have to stress it when your friends keep making mistakes. You can practice with new champions without fearing you’ll lose, embarrass yourself, or get demoted. While you’re testing new roles and champions, you can also use your BEs to pick unique skins for your characters.

Hand-Leveled LoL Accounts Only

We’re all about quality over quantity. We have real-life players leveling up all our accounts. Thanks to this strategy, the accounts we sell rarely get banned for botting. In addition, we can offer you a safer, quality level 30 account and high Blue Essence to boot.

Other LoL smurf sellers use bots to level up their accounts. Since developers can easily detect botting, these accounts eventually get banned. In the unlikely event that the account you bought from us gets flagged or banned, we’ve got you covered.


We know how frustrating it can be to look forward to getting your new LoL account and buying champions and skins, only to get banned shortly after you start using it.

That’s why we extend a warranty on all the accounts we sell. Should you get banned, we will provide you a replacement, with the same amount of Blue Essence free of charge. 

When ordering from us, you can choose between a 3-day or, for added peace of mind, a 30-day extended replacement warranty. Note that the warranty only covers situations outside your control, such as botting codes. It excludes scripting, toxicity, griefing, and AFKing (away from keyboard).

Instant Delivery 24/7

With GooseSmurfs, you can fully access your Level 30 League of Legends account with Blue Essence right after the transaction goes through. Our delivery system is automated, so your account details are instantly delivered to your email day or night.

If you don’t see our email with your account information, please check your spam folders. 

Complete Control of Level 30 LoL Accounts

You get full access to the accounts you buy from us. You can change the email and passwordof these unranked Level 30 accounts so that you’ll never have to worry about the “original owner” trying to take over the account.

League of Legends, like any other popular online games, is prone to hackers. To ensure your account’s security, we recommend using unique passwords with 16 or more characters. You can try a password generator to help you come up with more secure combinations.

Competitive Prices

One other thing that makes us the best place to get a high-quality account is our competitive prices—we even offer discount codes!

We deliver League of Legends smurfs at low rates by keeping our overhead costs down. We also prioritize building trust with our clients. We aim to have long-term customers, not one-time buyers.

Visit our product page to find out more about our pricing and taxes for each regional account, as well as the minimal fees we have if you’re getting a 30-day replacement warranty.

Buy League of Legends Accounts (Unranked Smurfs)

With GooseSmurfs, you can choose from a variety of unranked level 30  account packages in each server region. Each of the options below includes full access with a changeable email and password, has never ranked, includes a nice summoner name, and a 3-day warranty from the date of purchase. For a small fee, you can upgrade to a 30-day warranty if you wish.

Note that all warranties only apply in the event of botting ban codes. They exclude scripting, toxicity, griefing, and AFKing. You’ll also get the specified amount of Blue Essence to purchase champions, skins or chromas, rune pages, or change your summoner name.

Europe Nordic East

Also known as EUNE, the Europe Nordic East server launched in 2010 and covers Denmark, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. Ironically, as Germany is not included in that list, the server itself is located in Frankfurt. EUNE players typically speak Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, or Romanian. However, there are some English-speaking players.

·         Europe Nordic East – 40K + Blue Essence LoL Account

·         Europe Nordic East – 50K+ Blue Essence LoL Account

Europe West

Europe West, or EUW, launched in 2010 alongside EUNE and includes a long list of countries in, as the name suggests, Western Europe. That includes Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, among others. The server itself is in the Netherlands—Amsterdam to be exact. The majority of EUW players are multilingual, with German, Spanish, French, and Italian frequently used in chat. Being one of the more popular servers, English is also surprisingly common.

·         Europe West – 40K+ Blue Essence LoL Account

·         Europe West – 50K+Blue Essence LoL Account

North America

“NA” was one of the first servers to launch back in 2009 when League of Legends was released. Again, as the name suggests, it covers the entire continent, including the US, Canada, and Mexico, among others. The server is in the US (Chicago, Illinois). Similar to EUW, NA sees a broad range of chat languages, but English is naturally most common. NA smurf accounts are a common choice for EUW players and vice versa due to their similar popularity and userbase.

·         N. America – 40K+ Blue Essence LoL Account

·         America (North) – 50K+ Blue Essence LoL Account


The Turkish server, also known as TR, launched in 2012. Unlike most other LoL servers, TR features predominantly regional-specific—Turkish—speaking players. The server is in Istanbul, Turkey.

·         Turkey – 40K+ Blue Essence LoL Account

While there are numerous other LoL servers, including Brazil (BR), Latin America North (LAN), Latin America South (LAS), Oceania (OCE), Russia (RU), Japan (JP), and Republic of Korea (KR), we don’t currently have any smurf accounts for these regions. However, we may in the future—so check back soon!

Tips to Keep Your League Legends Account Secure

Some players hesitate to buy LoL account smurfs because they or their friends have been scammed by other sellers. For example, the former account owner takes control of the smurf soon after they send their payment.

At GooseSmurfs, we give you full access and control of your new accounts instantly. Nonetheless, we recommend the following tips to help secure your account information:

·         Use a unique password with at least 16 characters

·         Avoid having the same password for multiple accounts

·         Change the email as soon as you receive your LoL account by logging into the League of Legends website for your region, going to settings, changing the email, and verifying it.

·         Never share your LoL account information

How to Avoid Getting Banned on LoL

As it’s against Riot’s ToS, when you buy LoL account smurfs, you always run the risk of being banned. Here are our top tips to help you avoid getting your new smurfs banned or suspended:

·         Don’t tell people you bought your account

·         Don’t reach out to LoL for support

·         Don’t type in insults in the chat or harass other players

·         Don’t use third-party programs like bots and cheats

Where Is The Best Place to Buy an LoL Account

If you’ve been looking for a legitimate and reliable seller of high-quality but affordable League of Legends smurfs, you’ve come at the right place. We might be biased, but we’re confident GooseSmurfs is the best place to buy a level 30 smurf account. If you have questions or want to get feedback from our repeat clients, join us at Discord and ask away!