The Definitive Guide: Agent Brimstone

In the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED Riot Games tactical shooter, Valorant, everyone respects the Sarge! Brimstone is a Valorant agent with plenty of tricks up his arsenal and a real knack for MAYHEM.

Known best for his strategic smokes, gut-busting Molotov grenade launcher, and the dreaded Orbital Strike, this character can shatter enemies and cover teammates for a secure win!

In this Valorant: Brimstone guide, we’ll be tackling all of Brimstone’s abilities, playstyle, and neat little tips and tricks to make you the bane of all enemies in the match!

One thing’s for sure: You’ll be a CAUSE OF MAJOR HEADACHES for the enemies once you master the Sarge!

Ready for it? Let’s get started!

Who Is Brimstone, The Orbital Commander?

Brimstone is a Valorant Controller agent who always makes sure his team always gets an advantage.

Like a true commander, he supports an entire squad of allies with strategic smokes, weapon buffs, and a DEADLY AIRSTRIKE from the SKY!

With precision and timing in mind, he makes sure the team reaches their maximum damage potential and secures the bomb site for a SURE VICTORY.

With Brimstone in the area, enemies will surely be found RUNNING FOR COVER!

The Valorant: Brimstone Guide to Abilities

Stim Beacon

Brimstone using his stim beacon ability to boost his teams fire rate

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Brimstone’s first skill, the Stim Beacon, is a weapon buff he can provide for the team to rally the troops with MAX DAMAGE OUTPUT.

Wondering why? Well, it’s quite simple!

Once he deploys the stim beacons on the ground, allies around the AOE are guaranteed a fire rate buff for their weapons for a total of 4 seconds for those CRUCIAL MOMENTS when you need the extra firepower.

Basically, this buff makes it easier to bring home the beacon!

All jokes aside, one amazing thing about the Stim Beacon is it’s perfect for site entries and those needed seconds to secure kills, making a round win EASIER!

Stim Beacon Tips and Tricks

  • The Stim Beacon will last for 12 seconds on the ground, as soon as Brimstone deploys it! It’s best to alert your team BEFORE you draw the ability to maximize it.
  • While the fire rate buff from the Stim Beacon will last for only 4 seconds, you can always come back to the beacon to refresh it!
  • Essentially, the Stim Beacon gives a 10% fire rate buff to all players affected by the ability. Assault rifles are basically BEEFED UP MACHINE GUNS with a STIM so it’s best to take advantage of the AOE.
  • You get two stim beacons, so maximize them as the round goes!
  • Be careful though, enemies can also take advantage of this beacon buff so it’s best to keep that in mind!


Brimstone getting a kill on Phoenix with his Incendiary ability

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If there’s a quip that’s most feared in the game, it’s definitely made of 5 simple letters…


Once you hear this, enemies will surely be found RUNNING! And it’s for a GOOD REASON, too! Brimstone’s Incendiary is an ability that can control or deny an area with a BLAZING FIRE.

One can maximize the Incendiary grenade to delay enemy pushes, deny spike plants, or just PLAINLY DEAL MAYHEM!

Incendiary Tips and Tricks

  • The incendiary grenade is basically like the Molotov in Counter-Strike. But with the Sarge, it’s extra beefed up and it’s launched with a GRENADE LAUNCHER so you can throw it crazy far!
  • It has a projectile drop so it’s best to practice your Incendiary throws like your CS:GO Molotov lineups.
  • Experienced players can be more precise with their incendiary canisters! Coordinating with your team on specific places to plant the spike can be maximized with a defuse denial through a good MOLLY. Learn more about Incendiary trajectories here!
  • PRO TIP: Since the Incendiary has a low travel velocity but EXTREMELY LONG RANGE, you can surprise enemies with coordinated incendiaries to narrow allies, delaying pushes!
  • IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: Incendiary canisters bounce before they set ablaze to the area, so it’s best to keep in mind the trajectories and bounce times, too!
  • While the incendiaries DO DEAL DAMAGE, don’t expect to always snag kills with it, because it has a relatively low damage per second rate, compared to Phoenix’s Hot Hands.

Sky Smoke

Brimstone using his Sky Smoke ability to allow his team to push into C siteBrimstone's sky smoke after landing on site

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Of course, Brimstone wouldn’t be what he’s known for with his QUINTESSENTIAL SKILL, the Sky Smokes!

As the big Sarge, he can command his Orbital Cannon to deploy smoke grenades to an area on the map. As soon as you press E, he’ll prop out his tactical map on his wrist so you can place them around an area.

Good smoke placement is ESSENTIAL in a game like VALORANT, where proper information and strategy is the WAY TO SUCCESS IN EVERY ROUND.

With good smoke blocking, you can maximize push delays, area denial, and line of sight control.

This signature ability is one of the most beloved in the game just by how easy it is to use and the IMPACT that it can provide to the result of the round.

Sky Smoke Tips and Tricks

  • Placing Sky Smoke to key areas as you enter a plant site is a GOOD PRACTICE as a controller. A thing you need to memorize and master is the tactical map.
  • With enough practice, all of this will be MUSCLE MEMORY and you’d be deploying Sky Smoke like CRAZY.
  • Since Brimstone is a Controller Valorant agent, the best thing to do is to try to stay alive and support the rest of the team throughout the round. Your team needs your Sky Smoke!
  • Don’t use multiple Sky Smokes when only a single sky smoke can suffice. A mistake that a player makes is deploying everything at the start of the round. Having map awareness is key to knowing!
  • It’s also important to note that Brimstone has a limited range with the tactical map for smokes.
  • One tip is you can also use these smokes to SURPRISE AN ENEMY! Lurking inside of one to bait an enemy is a high-risk, high-reward tactic that you can maximize, especially with a narrow corner of the map.
  • These smokes last for 14 seconds so best use these for site entries, site denials, and lurking! Enemies will surely end up with headaches as these smokes keep coming.

Ultimate: Orbital Strike

Brimstone using his Orbital Strike ability to stop the enemy Phoenix from defusing the spike

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Alas, the Orbital Stike. One of the most frustrating, annoying, and NERVE WRECKING ultimates in the GAME! (Well, for the enemy team, at least!)

Think of it as something like an artillery strike that DESTROYS EVERYTHING IT LANDS ON. Yes, Brimstone really does love his big guns.

It can deal a VERY HIGH amount of damage in such a short amount of time, so be wise with the Orbital Strike, sending your ally squad cheering and the enemy team CRYING.

To activate it, Brimstone just needs to activate his tactical map and send an entire array of PAIN towards an area for 4 seconds.

CAUTION: This can wipe an entire team in a SNAP if you’re lucky enough in placing this at the right time, so use it with discretion!

Orbital Strike Tips and Tricks

  • Try to get the most out of the Orbital Strike by using it in the middle of a firefight where the opposing squad is in CONFLICT. This will send them running away from the site.
  • Like the Sky Smoke, the Orbital Stroke is one of the abilities that the Sarge can control with his tactical map. Timing this right and with precision can cause REAL TWO TIME TERROR, along with a good smoke!
  • Enemies will see a prompt and rays from the sky once they see they’re in the radius of the Orbital Strike. They’re given two seconds until they get deep-fried inside of it so time it well!
  • If you’re a hyper-aggressive Brimstone player, try to farm more ultimate orbs to keep the Orbital Strikes coming.
  • A good way to maximize the Orbital Strike is to deny a spike defuse from a distance. Talk about a real headache for anyone, am I right?
  • Targeting these at high and narrow corners like Haven in the maps is a good way to make more out of this ability.
  • Not only does Orbital Stike deal a TON of damage, but it also blinds the enemy inside of it. Be careful though, as this can affect your teammates, too!
  • A good combination of a Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike during a firefight is a good ability combination to send anyone in the enemy squad to a state of frenzy.

Brimstone’s Role and Playstyle in Game

In this Valorant: Brimstone guide, we’ll also be discussing Brimstone’s role to maximize your abilities with the team composition.

With more players getting into this tactical shooter by Riot Games, it’s only right that we introduce the Sarge the right way, through an agent guide that details how to use him, and his abilities to VICTORY!

Best Maps to Play

Generally, Brimstone can do WONDERS on any map in the game, but he really does STAND OUT in the following battle arenas!


Brimstone can surely maximize his Sky Smokes on a small map like Bind, with all the small nooks and crannies that he can block. He can also maximize lurking in a corner of the map to deny enemy rotations!

His Stim Beacon ability can work wonders in Bind as well, especially with all the close-quarters-combat. Opposing agents are in for a REAL HEADACHE.


A good highlight that Brimstone has with Split is that he can deploy a smoke to key areas in the B site, especially during entry at the Garage where you can maximize your Stim Beacon as well.

With well-placed smokes in corners and high areas, spike plants and denials are the least of your team’s worries!


Being the largest map in the game with THREE BOMB SITES, Brimstone can set up sky smokes to make Attacker entry easier and narrower!

He can also maximize his incendiaries with INSANE projectile lineups for key areas of the map.

When to Pick

As one of the few agents that have a welcoming skill curve, a LOT of new players start to try mastering the game mechanics with Brimstone!

He has a full kit that can support your ally squad without being too intimidating to use, too.

When Not to Pick

While Brimstone can be picked for a LOT of maps in the game, it’s best not to pick him if you already have another Controller character in your squad.

Another instance is when Omen can be maximized more, due to his global smoke abilities. Arenas where Omen stands out better than the Sarge are Ascent, Icebox, and Breeze.

Who Are the Brimstone Mains to Watch?

If you’re looking for inspiration for INSANE playstyles with this character, you should definitely check out Fnatic’s IGL, Boaster.

He maximizes all abilities and pushes the envelope to timings, making this approachable and easy-to-use Sarge a MANIACAL NIGHTMARE with a dash of gunpowder!

Check out Boaster’s Brimstone plays here!


Riot Games designed Brimstone to be an approachable smoker and utility provider for beginners and can make a HUGE IMPACT to the team.

We hope this guide gave you the CONFIDENCE, GRIT, and TENACITY to start using Brimstone! You’ll definitely enjoy the company of the Sarge, especially when he screams…

“Deep Fried!”