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The Definitive Guide: Agent Breach So what does the bionic Swede have up his sleeve? Well, apparently, almost everything you would need to win a game of Valorant! In fact, we’ve heard comments of whether Breach should be nerfed. Crazy, right?! Before you even start playing Breach, read this guide to learn about how to use Breach’s abilities, his […]

The Definitive Guide: Agent Brimstone

In the HIGHLY ACCLAIMED Riot Games tactical shooter, Valorant, everyone respects the Sarge! Brimstone is a Valorant agent with plenty of tricks up his arsenal and a real knack for MAYHEM. Known best for his strategic smokes, gut-busting Molotov grenade launcher, and the dreaded Orbital Strike, this character can shatter enemies and cover teammates for […]

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the Best Sensitivity for Valorant

Sensitivity is CRUCIAL when playing First Person Shooter games (FPS), especially in Valorant. Without the correct settings, your gameplay will be frustrating… We’re here to help you WIN. We want to help you choose and fine-tune the right Valorant sensitivity settings that fit YOUR style of play. So if you’re new to Riot Games and […]

Buy Valorant Account: Is It Worth It to Buy One?

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Buying Valorant accounts has been a practice nowadays amongst the community. But is it worth the splurge? When you buy Valorant accounts, it immediately gives you the equipment and ranking of a professional Valorant gamer, making you much more efficient in the game. But here’s the catch: When you buy Valorant accounts, can you compete […]

A Definitive Guide: Agent Yoru

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Source: Released by Riot Games just earlier this year, Agent Yoru has quickly become one of the most popular Valorant characters— he really is just as cool as he sounds. The character is a Japanese native, and like a lot of the other Valorant agents, his name perfectly encompasses his amazing abilities. Yoru means […]

The Ultimate Valorant Breakdown For New Players

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The Definitive Valorant Guide Image Source Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games. It’s extremely popular and has a thriving community and Esports scene. If you’re a new player just starting to immerse yourself in the game, we made this beginner’s guide just for you! We’ll help you get on your feet […]

The Definitive Guide: How To Play Cypher

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The Definitive Guide: Agent Cypher So maybe you’re the type of player who likes calling the shots, and figured using Cypher is the best Sentinel to use for VALORANT, huh? In this VALORANT: Cypher guide, we’ll be teaching you not only how to MAXIMIZE utility potential, from camera placements, Trapwire positions, and Cyber cage plays. […]