The Definitive Guide: How To Play Cypher

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The Definitive Guide: Agent Cypher

So maybe you’re the type of player who likes calling the shots, and figured using Cypher is the best Sentinel to use for VALORANT, huh?

In this VALORANT: Cypher guide, we’ll be teaching you not only how to MAXIMIZE utility potential, from camera placements, Trapwire positions, and Cyber cage plays.

After reading this agent guide, you’ll surely be the one-man lurking information network that your team needs and your enemies will DESPISE!

Who Is VALORANT Cypher, the Moroccan Information Broker?

If gathering intel is your main jive in a team-based shooter like Valorant, Cypher is your TOP PICK!

Just imagine…

This Moroccan surveillance connoisseur is an entire spying network rolled into one convenient agent to play.

He can track enemy players in real-time through spy gadgets, and trap your enemies in sticky situations to lead your team to SUCCESS in the field.

No secrets will be left in the field, once you have a Cypher in the team, your enemies aren’t SAFE. Cypher’s always watching!

In this VALORANT: Cypher guide, we’ll be giving you all the tips and tricks you need to know to take advantage!


The Trap Wire

Cypher placing an "Indestructable" tripwire on Ascent

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Your enemies better watch their steps, especially if they know Cypher’s around!

As Cypher, you can have trapwires placed around unexpected corners and alleyways. Rest assured that it’s almost a FREE KILL!

Think of the tripwires this way: if an enemy agent walks into them, you’ll be instantly alerted of their location, giving you VALUABLE INTELLIGENCE as to where they are on the map.

These traps are basically destructible, too! So once your enemies step in front of one, it will alert the trap. If they don’t shoot the tripwire in time, they’ll be dazed, giving you time to execute.

It’s also good to know that these traps can be redeployed within the round, in case you need to do some minor adjustments in the bomb site!

Trap Wire Tips and Tricks

  • Experienced Valorant players know common spots for Cypher traps, so it’s best to mix up the placement of the tripwire around every round.
  • Since Valorant is a tactical shooter game, placing these tripwires around key entry areas in bomb sites and congested entrances is a good way to gather info.
  • You can pick up and redeploy the wires, especially if you’re defending a bomb site.
  • Since enemies can jump over common spots, placing these at weird angles around a bomb site can give your enemy UNEXPECTED HEADACHES!
  • Tripwires are HIGHLY essential to use defensively. You can use a tripwire to your advantage as you lurk around the map to secure an enemy kill, and ruin their plans.


The Cyber Cage

Cypher using a trick called a, "One-way smokescreen" on Haven, allowing the allies to see the enemy without being seen

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The Cyber Cage is an interesting double utility from Cypher’s arsenal. Basically, it works both as a tactical smoke to cover your position, and can also alert your team if an enemy is inside!

With a Cyber Cage in Valorant, Cypher can make you see what he wants you to see, and play mind games with an enemy, too!

Talk about a tactical win-win, am I right?

These cyber cages can be pre-placed before the round starts, and it’s ideal to place them in a choke point to get your enemies confused as they enter and lose their line of sight of the bomb site.

You can use the Cyber Cage as both an offensive and defensive tool, too! You can use it as cover when you make a hasty retreat or use it as a vision blocker as you attack forward. It’s good to have these ready!

Cyber Cage Tips and Tricks

  • Cyber cages work best when used together with a trapwire in a chokepoint. As soon as your trapwire alerts, activate the cyber cage to put your enemy in a disadvantaged position!
  • Since a cyber cage is hollow inside, you can take advantage of it by placing yourself in an elevated position to get an easy enemy kill!

The SpyCam

Cypher placing his camera to protect A site on Bind

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If you’re gonna ask about the quintessential and signature ability that makes Cypher stand out, it’s definitely the SpyCam.

This ability is basically a remote activated camera that camouflages itself when not being used and can track and tag enemies with a tracking dart to see where their bodies are specifically.

The SpyCam ability is basically the most self-explanatory Cypher ability but is EXTREMELY fundamental to take advantage of. It’s what makes Cypher who he is!

Learning the right spots to put the SpyCam can put you at a significant advantage to tag enemies and see where they’re headed around the map, so it’s best to put them at unexpected high places!

Spy Cam Tips and Tricks

  • A tip to playing Cypher in Valorant is simple: well-placed cameras give advantages and win you games! Coordinating with your team about enemy positions is ESSENTIAL.
  • An unexpected play you can do is to place the camera in the wall opposite to you, and as soon as an enemy steps in, shoot a tracking dart to them and fire away if the wall is thin enough to penetrate!
  • Since Cypher and his abilities merge well together seamlessly, you can activate a Cyber Cage with your camera as soon as you hear a trapwire alert on a choke point.
  • You can use the camera on the attack, too! Place it on walls as you enter a bomb site to get a quick view of the site and check if it’s safe and clear of enemies to plant.

Cypher’s Ultimate: Neural Theft

Cypher using his ultimate ability to help his allies track down enemy agents

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Cypher’s ULTIMATE ABILITY is definitely the bane of the enemy team, especially the lurkers hiding around the map waiting for a good flank.

Why? Well once Cypher has his Neural Theft activated on an enemy corpse, the entire enemy team will be revealed, as well as their locations on the map in a SNAP!

Neural Theft is EXTREMELY USEFUL both on offense and defense, especially in a tactical shooter game like Valorant. NO ONE IS SAFE in the enemy team from this ability.

Outplaying your enemy through precise tactics is key, and having this kind of advantage in a Valorant agent can be your key to success.

Neural Theft Tips and Tricks

  • Since Neural Theft only gives you a QUICK PING of the enemies around the map, TIMING IS KEY! Avoid activating it ahead of time, and reserve it for key situations like the post-plant scenario.
  • We all know that Valorant is a game of information and tactics, so using this offensively to rush to an unoccupied plant site can get you a WIN!

Cypher’s Role and Playstyle in Game

In this VALORANT: Cypher guide, we’ll be showing you the basic tactics to play as Cypher, the information juggernaut of the field.

The most essential thing to remember is your MINDSET while you’re in-match. You can’t really play hyper aggressively like an entry fragger! Leave that to the Duelists of your team.

Your role is to stay alive and gather as much info in the field as you can while snagging those sneaky kills from lurks as you set up for offense or defense!

BELIEVE ME: Staying alive as Cypher for the HIGHLY NEEDED LOCATION INFO from the cameras, trapwires and cyber cage can make a HUGE EFFECT to drive your team to victory!

To help you out, just remember these CYPHER TIPS!

  • Place a trapwire in common flank areas as an attacker, or in common bombsite entrances as a defender!
  • Using a tripwire together with the cages, especially on defense can block your enemy’s line of sight.
  • While on the attacking side, you can lurk with him to maximize snagging kills during site rotations.
  • Put your trapwire in off angles! BE UNPREDICTABLE.
  • Don’t place your trapwire in the same area twice as the match goes! Players can predict and pre-fire on your common spots as the match progresses.
  • Maximize your camera while you’re ATTACKING! Place them in your team flank to prevent unexpected ambushes, or use them to quickly recon a bombsite. It’s a battle of information, after all!
  • Pushing your cages while it’s up on defence with a shotgun is a RISKY PLAY, but can guarantee that you will catch ENEMIES by SURPRISE if you time it right!
  • You can place the trapwires on unwatched lanes during defense, just in case you need to rotate and help out on another site!
  • ALWAYS coordinate with your team if you’re going to use your Neural Theft! As soon as you find out the location of the enemy players, talk to your allies to make a STATEGICAL GAMEPLAN to win the round.
  • Make sure you STAY ALIVE. His utility is something that’s highly essential to ally players. While he’s not the best fragger out there, the location and enemy information he can provide through his abilities is a GIFT of ADVANTAGE.

Best Maps To Play

When it comes to tactical shooters like Valorant, team composition matters! Choosing the right agents for the job can definitely guarantee round wins.

In this part of the Valorant: Cypher guide, we’ll be telling you all about Cypher’s best maps and WHY!


Especially in B site, Cypher can set up an amazing tripwire for the Hookah and Garden areas, as well as placing a SpyCam on-site while you comfortable watch and lurk for openings!

Darting players in these locations can give you a significant defensive advantage, and enemy agents are definitely forced to rotate to A.


Cypher is also EXTREMELY strong in all lanes of SPLIT, especially in the B site! Placing your trapwires on the garage entrance and around the B site can send players into a frenzy of confusion.

A well-placed SpyCam in mid can also work wonders to cut off rotations in between sites, too!

On A site, he best plays on-site with traps on the ramps to secure the site, too. You can stay on your SpyCam to check the corners, and shoot a dart to track the entering enemy fragger.


The map Haven is another map where Cypher stands out REALLY well. Since it’s a 5v5 match with 3 lanes, Cypher takes advantage as a defender, especially on the A site.

He can solo hold the area and place a trapwire on each narrow entrance, and easily spot enemy locations in all entrances through a well-placed camera.

You as a player also have an option to rotate from one bombsite to another because you can comfortably leave it well guarded with traps to assist your allies!

When to Pick

For this Valorant: Cypher guide, we’ll be fully transparent and say that Cypher isn’t the most ideal for all player types and situations, too!

It’s best to pick if your team priority is controlling the area through your trapwires and slow info gathering.

If you like playing SLOW, STEADY, and SURGICAL, then Cypher and his abilities are right for you!

When Not to Pick

Of course, there are certain scenarios where Cypher isn’t the best and most ideal pick.

If your team priority is an anti-rush and anchor style play, you’re better off with Killjoy. If you need constant utility and emergency heals, you’re better of with Sage.

Also, if you’re someone who doesn’t do hyperaggressive plays and doesn’t like slow, anchor-like utility characters, then Cypher isn’t the most ideal.

Who Is the Best Cypher Main in Valorant?

Valorant pros are ALWAYS the most amazing to watch! Someone to watch is 100 Thieves’ IGL, Joshua “steel” Nissan.

He maximizes this agent’s abilities through coordinated info gathering and precise gunplay for a DEADLY COMBINATION, and a bane of the opposing team.

He’s always watching, with a trusty rifle in hand for a sneaky kill. Audiences always find themselves thrilled through his plays!

Check out his streams to see how he plays here.


We hope this Valorant: Cypher Guide helped you in figuring out how to best play this character.

One thing’s for sure, Riot Games designed this information broker to be one of the most deceptive and highly rewarding agents, but comes with a bit of a skill curve.

BUT OF COURSE, that’s what this guide is for! With enough practice, you’ll see EVERYTHING, and can even comfortably say…

“Where is everyone hiding?”