The Definitive Guide: Agent Reyna

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The Definitive Guide: Agent Reyna


Are you new to Valorant of Riot Games?

Luckily, our Valorant Reyna Guide will help you become an expert player. With this, you will be able to COMPLETELY master Reyna in no time.

Who’s Agent Reyna?

Reyna may not be one of the first agents who were available at Valorant’s initial launch. But she’s the FIRST duelist class who appeared after the first patch.

It’s been a year, but Reyna is still a big-time. She has a pick rate of 25.5%, SECOND to Jett — and continuously topping despite all these latest, powerful Valorant agents being present in the game now.

She’s that type of character who can SINGLEHANDEDLY kill all enemies in her sight. Securing an ace in one round is basically no sweat for Reyna.

Reyna’s Abilities

Basic Ability (C): Leer

  • Cost: 250 creds
  • Duration: 2 seconds
  • Charges: 2


Reyna’s first ability is to cast a horrifying floating eye that blinds any enemy who sights it.

Note that blind won’t work if the eye’s behind or beside rivaling players. Or even if they’re facing front, but they’re not actually looking at it.

Also, you can only completely blind an opposing player if the eye is NOT too near or too far. It should be in just the RIGHT position.

There’s NO limit to how many enemies Reyna can blind. You can basically call it out in front of everyone’s faces and ruthlessly kill two or more enemies at the same time.

Don’t worry about flashing your own team. Unlike Phoenix’s Q, Leer DOESN’T have an effect on your teammates.

And that’s not just the thing that makes Reyna overpowered…



The eye also goes THROUGH a wall. You can actually cast Leer while you’re covered, allowing you to confuse (and surprise) your enemy.

Although, the ability only lasts for 2 seconds. Unless you have godly hands, it’ll be difficult to clear out the entire enemy team by yourself only with that kind of time.

But there’s a DRAWBACK to Leer — the eye has its own health. This means that Leer can be canceled. And this is just by raining bullets on it.

Signature Ability (Q): Devour

  • Cost: 200 creds
  • Soul orbs disappear in 3 seconds
  • Heal decays in 30 seconds


Devour is one of Reyna’s abilities that has a bit more complicated context. And it’s all because of a passive skill.


Basically, a soul orb gets dropped once Valorant Reyna kills or damages an enemy within 3 seconds. And it stays at the site for 3 seconds too.

What we mean by damage is actually an assisted kill. So technically, you will be able to encounter a soul orb even if you don’t kill enemies.

As long as you leave a bullet on their bodies and they get eliminated by your teammates.

And what can you get from these soul orbs?


You get to have an overhealing status.

This is not included in the passive skill, by the way. You’ll have to manually press Q to devour each soul orb so you’ll be able to heal yourself rapidly.

It heals Reyna up to a maximum of 100. And if you’ve already got FULL HEALTH, it’ll be put aside as armor if you are not wearing one. But keep in mind that it DECAYS over time.

It only protects you for about 30 seconds.

Signature Ability (E): Dismiss

  • Cost: Free
  • Duration: 2 seconds

This particular ability of Valorant Reyna is LITERALLY overpowered. It lets you become invincible for 2 seconds. And this is by consuming a soul orb.


Yes, orbs are still involved even in the E skill because the Q and E abilities are interconnected (which you can see in the image).

With this ability, anything that enemies do will NOT have an effect on Reyna. And that includes single damage of bullets. And not even skills can have an effect on you.

But remember, Reyna can’t fire at anything while she’s wearing this ability.

Ultimate Ability (X): Empress

  • Ult points needed for activation: 6 points
  • Duration: 30 seconds


The Empress ult is still the SUPERIOR one among all.


What Empress mainly does to Reyna is…

  • Increase her firing rate
  • Increase reload speed
  • Experience endless absorption of soul orbs


That’s not all, folks!

Reyna will also automatically heal if you’re using the Empress. And that’s WITHOUT consuming the actual orb coming from the one you’ve killed or assisted in the killing.

See the image above? It shows no Q button. This means you only get to use it for another purpose.

Instead, you can use it to be COMPLETELY invincible and invisible at the same time as you harvest an orb using E.

Yes, you heard that right. NO ONE except your teammates will be able to see you on the field.

This only lasts for 2 seconds, so get yourself in a nice position while you sneak behind your enemy’s back. This will DEFINITELY surprise and confuse them, given you’re not in the same location anymore.

But keep in mind it still does the same thing to you even if you’re in Empress mode. Reyna WON’T be able to hold a weapon while E is in use.

Here’s the good thing, though. The charges of both Q and E abilities don’t get taken away as your Ult’s active. You can use it as many times as you want while you’re in Empress mode.

The full Empress mode holds out for 30 seconds which is MORE THAN ENOUGH to annihilate all your enemies. Just be sure to employ the right playstyle to effective kills.

But that 30 seconds gets RENEWED as you kill or assist in a kill too! So you can basically wear it the entire game as long as you use Reyna’s full potential.

Reyna’s Traits

Let’s question something first before we dive into tactical Reyna tips…

In what part is Reyna actually strong aside from being a one-man team? Does she contribute a lot to team play? Or is she a complete washout at that? Let’s see what she gives in the game.



One of Reyna’s strengths is her kit can be easy to grasp even among the newcomers to Valorant.

You throw Leer, get kills, and either heal or get yourself invulnerable depending on the situation you are in. On top of that, you DON’T even have to plan out a perfect strategy when you’re ulting.

Just be aggressive and get kills as much as possible. You have infinite healing anyway. All you need to do is press E so you’ll be invisible when enemies are in front of you.

She can literally play ALONE for the entire team.

And that’s not everything she can do. She’s one great stealth killer too. And by that, we mean she is top-notch in using Operator. It’s not just Jett that’s good at this, you know?

Your location will be open to the enemy team once you take kills with OP. And this leaves you exposed.

So as a counter to this… Reyna players plan one thing: playing tricks on their opponents.

They Dismiss to relocate to another site. Take another kill at a different place. And do it again.

She can be fairly simple to use as a Duelist. FOCUS on perfecting the aim to get faster kills and 24/7 active abilities.



Reyna’s play style is NOT actually effective in promoting team play.

The ONLY thing she can contribute to games is blinding the eyesight of enemies, which is a great thing to use for entry. But sadly, there’s nothing else she can give.

Her two other abilities don’t even help when it comes to killing or assisting — it does nothing like that. You can ONLY use Devour and Dismiss once you’ve secured a kill.

So technically, it’s only the Leer that has the potential to help you in gaining kills. You have to be good ALREADY in aiming and taking shots to make the best out of Reyna.

And let’s add more salt to the wound. You can’t heal without getting yourself vulnerable too. Once orbs are out on the ground, you have to be closer to them to devour them.

This means you have to go to the open area and potentially get killed by hiding enemies.

Ultimate Valorant Reyna Guide: Tips and Tricks for Effective Kills

We now know who Reyna is and how she plays inside. Now, it’s time to talk about the strategic Ultimate Valorant Reyna Guide that’ll help you become an MVP in every match.

Using the Abilities

As a new player, one thing that you should practice early is casting Leer in a much HIGHER position (and in the right distance) than just head level. It’s because this distracts the aim of your enemies.

They’ll have to look for where you set it up as they try to put down the eye. And this is all as you straightly damage them while they fall to your flashing tricks.

You can also freely utilize it even WITHOUT knowing the whereabouts of the enemy team. It’s to safely check whether they’re in an ambush position or not.

Or it could be a cautious guide to familiarize yourself with the opposing players.

And as for the Two Abilities…

The tips and tricks to them will be dependent on your playstyle. If you’re playing aggressively AGAINST multiple players, it’s best to use Dismiss after eliminating a player.

Opt for Devour if your health is down. Or if you need armor which you’ll have to make use of before 30 second passes. Try to slay a player as fast as you can.

Devour’s also safe if you’re killing in isolation. Just be careful as it’ll serve as your location guide for your rivals.

And about ult… As much as Empress impresses you with super buff, you can still get killed with it. The best tips you’ll get for it is to…

  • Cautiously transform into demonic form when you’re NOT out in the open
  • Take advantage of the increased fire rate to clutch games
  • And it’s PREFERABLE to be in Empress mode if you know where your foes are

Best Gun For Reyna

It’s honestly up to what gun you want to equip. Or what role you’re playing for. The important thing is where you’re MOST COMFORTABLE anyway.

But if you have zero knowledge of Valorant and have completely mediocre aiming… Then it’s time we tell you our Reyna tips and tricks to using weapons.

Ares is a great early-game choice as it has a fast fire rate.


But you should use Odin when you’re ulting, so its speed will be x2.

Though their spray is much WAVIER than typical weapon choices such as Phantom and Spectre, so remember to CONTROL it as you fire.

Is Agent Reyna for You?

Reyna’s certainly for you if you’re NOT afraid to guide your team to the opposing base. And you’ll see her maximum potential if you’re good enough to land a headshot on a competing player.

But with our Valorant Reyna Guide, each newbie won’t have a problem with her anymore too.