GTA RP: An Adored Multiplayer GTA Mod

Grand Theft Auto viewership has resurged on Twitch. If you’re wondering why, it’s because of dozens of prominent streamers like Sykkuno and Summit1g playing entertaining GTA RP sessions.

If it has sparked your curiosity, that’s exactly what I’m writing about today. I’ll tell you all about GTA RP and how you can play it too!

What Is Roleplaying in Video Games?

Before I get into anything about GTA roleplay (RP), let me answer this question first.

In the video game world, the main concept of RP is to act, talk, and go about your game as the character you wish to play. What this entails is taking any in-game action on your character’s behalf.

What’s the point of the roleplay element though?

Think of it as adding a sort of realism or credibility to the virtual world you’re playing in. In essence, it is another universe!

The main purpose is to produce an experience that is immersive for both players and viewers. Through roleplaying, they can experience stories, interactions, and situations that feel somewhat real!

How Does Roleplaying Work in Grand Theft Auto?

Imagine making your jump into the city of Los Santos not as any of the main characters, but as a regular NPC.

This RP aspect results in a more relaxed experience compared to the usual playthrough of the main game.

You don’t have to bear the weight of the story’s outcome and live out a “normal life” by playing as the character you want to be. All of that thanks to the installation of a mod!

You pretty much play as a person with a clean slate. You also spawn into a Los Santos populated by many other players taking on the roles of cops, lawyers, criminals, businessmen, and so much more!

GTA RP Servers: A Brief Introduction

Now that you know how roleplaying works in GTA, let’s get to the heart of it all. A GTA RP server is a dedicated server made specifically for roleplaying in GTA V.

Roleplaying in GTA requires a mod, so these servers run on a separate client than the main game. They’re independent from Rockstar Games, but of course, require you to own a copy of GTA for PC to play.

Each server normally has its own website containing everything you need to know about them. They specify aspects to proper roleplaying like requirements, which mods to download, rules, etc.

They even have their own forums where players can talk to each other outside GTA and you might even meet people who have chosen a similar profession as your character!

Before You Join: What You Can Expect

Different roleplay servers provide numerous options and don’t follow a specific theme. Meanwhile, other servers are more committed to the immersion aspect and expect you to provide a certain standard of roleplay.

What you can expect though is no matter what server you join, you’ll likely be asked to stay in character and not engage in mindless roughhousing.

If you do, depending on the server, you’ll either get heat from any player who roleplays as a cop or be banned.

How to Join a GTA RP Server

This is what you’ve probably been waiting for the most. I’ll give you a breakdown of how you can join a GTA RP server.

Honestly, joining and maintaining your status on most servers may prove to require effort. You normally have to undergo an application process, wait for approval, and then get whitelisted.

Not only that, they have a set of rules (available on each server’s website) you have to abide by. Some of them entail you to meet some requirements before even joining.

Pro Tip: Familiarize yourself with the rules before sending an application! To give you an example, here are NoPixel’s general rules.

Once you pass, you can join the queue and improve the priority they give you based on how well you follow the rules.

It may seem like a bit much just for an opportunity to roleplay in GTA, but it’s necessary for running a proper server and filtering out shady players looking to do something stupid.

To Get Started: Download the Required Mod

The mod you’ll be required to download actually depends on the servers, but the most common one is FiveM. It’s a third-party multiplayer server system.

You can find the installation instructions here! A quick note, they instruct you to switch off your antivirus to install it properly on Windows, but they’re working on a fix.

An alternative to FiveM is the RageMP client. It’s used by the popular Eclipse RP server which I’ll be speaking about briefly in the next section.

Some of the Best GTA RP Servers

To help you make your next choice, I listed a couple of servers that are good choices to start your RP journey.


Nopixel with logo on a transparent background

NoPixel is arguably the most popular server, yet also the most exclusive.

Its main whitelist server can only host 32 players at once, but it’s frequented by the most popular streamers like Summit1G and Sykkuno!

They closed their standard process and only “Donator” whitelisting is open, but NoPixel has a secondary public server!

Mafia City

Mafia City Roleplay on a red background

Image Source

Mafia City is one of the impressive GTA RP servers. It allows you to play with tons of customization.

It has a legal and illegal group system, you can customize your business or corporation, and every property is available for sale!

Characters come in options too! You can be a cop, gangster, or CEO. They even cover groups like the Department of Corrections and the San Andreas Sheriff’s Department!

You can learn more from their forums!


I’ll be answering some questions you may still have here.

Can I Play GTA RP on Console?

Yes! There are a few console RP servers, but try researching on Reddit, GTAForums, and console RP Discord channels to find a worthwhile server.

It’s also a bit of a gamble because modded servers are not permitted on console (unlike PC). You might get yourself banned if you join any server with modded content.

Pro Tip: Due diligence is key! Some who provide you information about servers might be scammers!

What is “Donator” Whitelisting?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Along with your application, you have to make a donation to get whitelisted!