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Process of buying a lol account

1. Pick Your Server

North America, EU West, EU NE, OCE, or Brazil, we have it all. If you want to play on a server we don’t currently support, message us through Discord and we will try to get you an account.

2. Choose An Account

We strive to stock every type of account in each server. We have level 30 unranked LoL accounts for sale, with large amounts of blue essence, Iron 4 accounts with extremely low MMR, ARAM/Normal accounts with high MMR, and ranked accounts ranging from Bronze to Challenger.

3. Payment & Delivery

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive the credentials in your inbox. All accounts come with full email access, meaning you get complete control over the account!

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WHY CHOOSE GOOSESMURFS as your lol smurf provider


You’ve come to the right place. Here at GooseSmurfs we provide High Quality LoL Smurfs, while maintaining a low price to ensure the customer stays happy. If you’ve tried other competitors and noticed their lack of support, we’ll be a breath of fresh air for you – We are here for YOU!


Our League of Legends accounts are made with a private method to ensure the ban rate stays EXTREMELY low. This is to keep our customers happy, even at the extra cost we spend for it.


When you purchase a League of Legends account from us, it will be 100% your own. No one else will ever have access to it, you never have to worry about an “Original owner” taking it back like you do with other sites.


We don’t waste time! Once you’ve made your purchase, the account details are immediately sent to you via e-mail


We offer a 30-day replacement warranty should something happen to your account. We do not honor this if your account gets banned by your actions, not limited to and including griefing, poor attitude, leaving matches, etc.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our LoL Smurfs. All accounts have quality games played and come with a high amount of BE.

it’s not a small, blue, humanoid creature

What is a LOL smurf

A League of Legends Smurf account is something players use for a multitude of different reasons:

  • Playing with friends who may be lower skilled than you. A LoL Smurf allows you to play with them without them being forced to play against higher ranked players and possibly not allowing them to have a good time.
  • SMASHING lower elo players. This is a reason mainly used by already high ranked players, it allows them to jump into a game without waiting 15-30 minutes in queue and then they can DOMINATE the game(20+ kills) without the stress of high elo weighing down on them.
  • Learning new champions and skills. Having a LoL Smurf allows the player to learn a new role/champions. For example: A Jungle main wants to learn how to play AD Carry without tanking their main accounts Rank or MMR. A smurf allows them to comfortably learn the new role without any risk.
  • Account selling. This is our favorite reason to own a LoL Smurf, it allows the player to not only have a great time in low ranked games but also earn a profit. A high ranked player can take a fresh account and get it to Gold or above in under one day. They can then turn around and sell that Gold account for far more than they paid for the Unranked Smurf.
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The cost of buying a League of Legends account can vary widely depending on several factors. On average, the price range for a League of Legends account can be anywhere from $5 to $500 or more depending on the region, the level, the rank, the number of champions and skins, and other factors. At Goosesmurfs, we strive on providing the best LoL Smurfs for the cheapest prices.

Smurfing refers to the practice of a skilled player creating a new account with the purpose of playing against less experienced opponents. This is done to gain a competitive advantage and to have an easier time climbing the ranks in the game’s ranking system.

Smurfing is not explicitly forbidden in League of Legends, and Riot Games has not officially prohibited it. So the short answer is: Yes, smurfing is allowed in League of Legends.

The delivery of our LoL Smurfs is INSTANT, as soon as your payment goes through you will be sent an E-mail containing the account information in this format – Username:Password

If you do not see the E-mail, please check your junk and spam folders.

Our accounts are of very high quality, but this does not allow us to control what Riot does with them. 

Our Warranty covers any bans that are not in your control as long as it is within the Warranty time. (We do NOT cover – Scripting, Griefing, Toxicity, or anything in YOUR control.)

Purchasing LoL accounts is against Riot’s Terms of Service and can lead to a suspension of the account. This is a rare occurrence and is mostly caused by the user not taking precautions. When you purchase an account, do not brag about it in-game. Don’t do anything you would not do on your main account. In the case that you do encounter any issues feel free to contact our support.

When you purchase an account – it will go directly to your email, Be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder. – also it will show up on your “orders” if you create an account on GooseSmurfs website. The info in your e-mail will be in the section that is called, “License Keys” – The “License Key” is the Username:Password for you to Login with.


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