How Many League of Legends Skins Are There In LoL (2022)

League of Legends Skins

How Many League of Legends Skins Are There In LoL (2022)

If you’re familiar with League of Legends, you know that apart from the hundreds of champions available, you can purchase a whole bunch of skins to improve the look of your champions during gameplay. But how many League of Legends skins are available in 2022?

Before we jump into that, we just want to remind you that League of Legends is a free-to-play game, and buying skins won’t make you any better… BUT buying skins can transform your champion to give it a completely different look. Along with changing their base look and the look of all their abilities, depending on the rarity of the skin, voice lines, animations and sound effects can be changed as well. 

Super Galaxy Rumble Skin

Let’s take Rumble, for example, he has 5 skins that change his look drastically, from Rumble in the Jungle to Space groove Rumble. 

One of his skins, however, Super Galaxy Rumble, is a legendary skin, and aside from a new look, it has a completely different set of voice lines and animations that reference an anime titled Gurren Lagann. It is definitely one of the best league of legends skins to date in our opinion. 


There is plenty of league of Legends skins to choose from, from holiday-inspired skins to pool party-themed or Dinosaur-themed skins there is bound to be a skin that catches your eye. 

How many League of Legends Skins Are Available?

The total number of skins in the game can be really overwhelming, there are a total of 1469 skins with 53 being unavailable at the moment. Riot usually releases new skins along with their game patches, which occur every two weeks. For example, Riot released a new patch this November 17, 2022, and with that new patch, they included 9 new skins with the main skin line being the space groove theme.  

Types of Skins

When it comes to the different types of skins there are 7 categories of skins, 8 including Chromas. These are all the types of skin categories available in League of Legends.

Chroma Skins – 215 RP Chroma skins

A texture change for the champion, usually a change in the color palette for the champion while maintaining the original skin. 

Classic Skins – 520 RP

A texture change and new splash art. Can include model changes and a new champion name.

An example of a classic skin is Boom Boom Blitzcrank.

Budget Skins – 750 RP

These skins change a champion’s model by adding new textures, splash art, animations, and visual effects. The last budget-tier skin released was Unbound Thresh. 

An example of a budget skin is Braum Lionheart

Standard Skins – 975 RP

Standard skins include a new model, new textures, and splash art. They sometimes include new animations, visual effects, and sound effects. 

An example of a standard skin is Arcane Jinx

Epic Skins – 1350 RP Epic Skin Icon

 This is where the skins start to change drastically. Epic skins include a new model, textures, splash art, animations, visual effects, sound effects, and sometimes new voice lines for the champion. 

An example of an epic skin is Nunu & Beelump

Legendary Skins – 1820 RP Legendary Skin Icon

This is where the champion skin is completely re-imagined with a new model, textures, splash art, animations, visuals, voiceovers, and sound effects. 

An example of legendary skin is Dark Cosmic Jhin.

Mythic Skins – 100 Mythic Essence Mythic Skin icon

Mythic skins are available in the mythic shop or obtained from a mythical skin token. They can also be obtained from loot box drops. 

An example of a Legendary Skin is Ashen Slayer Sylas.

Ultimate Skins – 2775/3250 RP Ultimate Skin Icon 

The rarest category of skins available are Ultimate skins, there are only 6 ultimate skins available currently. What makes the Ultimate skins worth it is during gameplay, the skins are transformed into completely stunning works of art. This includes a new model that will transform or evolve into different forms, new textures, splash art, animations, visual effect, voiceover, sound effects, and even more bonus features depending on the champion.

An example of an ultimate skin is Elementalist Lux, what is unique about this skin lets you transform into 10 different forms.

Skin Lines

With nearly 1500 skins many of these skins fit within a certain theme, these are called skin lines/sets. In total there are 183 total skin lines that all have specifically different themes, based on completely different worlds. The most recent set of skins from patch 12.22 adds more skins to the Space Groove skin line. This includes Space Groove Nami, Space Groove Ornn, Space Groove Gragas, Space Groove Lissandra, and Space Groove Teemo.  

Space Groove NamiSpirit Blossom Yasuo

Explore the many different skin lines and see which ones catch your attention. In our opinion, our favorite skin lines include the Bees! Skinline, Darkstar Skinline, and the Spirit Blossom Skinline feature some amazingly designed skins. 

Chroma Skins

Unlike regular skins that completely change a champion’s base skin theme, chroma skins are a great way to personalize a skin even further. By offering a variety of color palettes for a specific skin you can change the color of that skin for a completely new look. 

Zac Chromas

Chroma skins are available in the Riot store for 215 RP each. 

Which Champs have the Most Skins in League of Legends

Now that we know all that we can about league of legends skins, did you ever wonder which champion had the most skins in the game? These are some of the most popular champs and also some of the earliest released champs in the game giving them a lot of time to accumulate a ton of skins. The 5 champions with the most skins in League of Legends currently are:

Caitlyn – 15 Skins

Caitlyn is an attack damage carry that has 15 skins at the moment. This means Here is a Caitlyn Skin tier list to help you see which skins we think are the best for Caitlyn. 

Miss Fortune Skin Tier List

Some of the top-tier skins we believe Caitlyn has are Arcade Caitlyn, Prestige Arcade Caitlyn, Pulsefire Caitlyn, and Pool Party Caitlyn.  

Ahri – 16 Skins

Ahri is one of the most popular League of Legends champions since her design is really beautiful and her skins only enhance her amazing design. With 16 total skins currently, Ahri has the third most skins in all of League of Legends. Here is an Ahri skin tier list to help you see which skins are the best in our opinion. 

Ahri Skin Tier List

The top-tier Ahri skins in our opinion are Spirit Blossom Ahri, Star Guardian Ahri, KDA All Out Ahri, and Elderwood Ahri. 

Ezreal – 16 Skins

Ezreal is another attack damage carry that is really popular among League of Legends players, and we can see that since he is tied with Ahri for the third most skins in the entire game. Here is an Ezreal tier list so you can see the best Ezreal skins to date.

Ezreal Skin Tier List

The best Ezreal skins in our opinion are Star Guardian Ezreal, Ezreal, Battle Academia Ezreal, and Prestige PsyOps Ezreal 

Miss Fortune – 17 Skins

With the second most skins in the game, Miss Fortune comes in with a total of 17 different skins. Miss Fortune is another attack damage carry that is incredibly popular among League of Legends players, both for her strong gameplay and beautiful design. Here is the tier list for the best Miss Fortune skins out currently. 

Miss Fortune Skin Tier List

The best Miss Fortune skins in our opinion include Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune, Arcade Miss Fortune, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, and Battle Bunny Miss Fortune. 

Lux – 18 Skins

Finally, the champion with the most skins in the game is Lux, with over 18 total skins in the game. Whether played as a midlaner or support, Lux has become one of the most iconic original League of Legends champions. Everyone loves Lux and it’s apparent since she has so many skins that she can choose from. Here is a tier list for the best Lux skins available right now. 

Lux Skin Tier List

The best Lux skins in our opinion are

The 10 Best Skins in League of Legends

When it comes to picking your favorite skin it can come down to many personal preferences. This includes the splash art of the new skin, the new look, any new special effects that are added, new animations, voice lines, and features. We’re going to share what we think are the 10 best League of Legends skins. Many of these are legendary skins but we’ll include some great epic, ultimate and mythic skins as well. 

Super Galaxy Rumble – Legendary – 1820 RP

Super Galaxy Rumble Skin

Nunu & Beelump – Epic Skin – 1350 RP

Nunu & Beelump

Ashen Pyke – Mythic – 100 Mythic Essence 

Elementalist Lux – Ultimate – 3250 RP

Elementalist Lux

Dunkmaster Darius – Legendary – 1820 RP

Darius Dunkmaster Skin

Final Boss Veigar – Legendary – 1820 RP

Final Boss Veigar

Dark Cosmic Jhin – Legendary – 1820 RP

Dark Cosmic Jhin

Dream Dragon Yasuo – Legendary – 1820 RP

Dream Dragon Yasuo

Pulsefire Ezreal – Ultimate – 3250 RP

Pulsefire Ezreal

Spirit Blossom Ahri – Legendary 

Spirit Blossom Ahri

How Much RP to buy all the League of Legends skins? 

With a total of 1461 Skins available, how much would it cost to buy all the skins available at this moment? The total price of all the skins would equal 1,522,335 RP. For that many Riot points, the total cost for all the skins would be $15,223. Unless you are totally financially free or love League that much there really isn’t any reason to buy them all. 

How to get skins in League of Legends?

So how do you typically get new skins in League? Usually, you just buy a set of RP and then go into the Riot shop to buy the skin you want. 

There are other alternatives to getting the skin you want as well. If you’re looking for a specific champion skin you can buy a league of legends account that contains that skin at We have a full list of League of Legends accounts with a ton of different skin shards available for you so you can play with the skin of your favorite champion.