How to Make a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

Fermented Spider Eye

Fermented spider eyes are useful brewing ingredients in Minecraft.

They can be used in several different potions to give a range of effects. Most of these potions have negative effects, as you’d expect from a potion containing spider eyes!

Fermented spider eyes have been in the game since 2011 when they first debuted in the Java version of the game. 

Platform Information

Fermented spider eyes are supported on all platforms. 

PlatformVersion AddedSupported?
Java (PC/Mac)1.0Yes
Pocket Edition0.12.1Yes
Xbox 3601.0Yes
Xbox One1.0Yes
Wii U0.1.0Yes
Nintendo Switch0.1.0Yes
Windows 101.0Yes
Education Edition1.0Yes

Finding a Fermented Spider Eye in Creative Mode

In creative mode, finding a fermented spider eye is simply a case of going to the correct menu. 

Different platforms and versions have different menus. Make sure you check the table below for the correct menu. 

Java (PC/Mac)1.8 – 1.16.2Brewing
Pocket Edition0.14.1 – 1.1.3

1.2 – 1.16.20



Xbox 360TU39- TU69Brewing
Xbox OneCU23 – CU43

1.2.5 – 1.16.20



PS31.26 – 1.76Brewing
PS41.26 – 1.91

1.14.0 – 1.16.20



Wii UPatch 3 – Patch 38Brewing
Nintendo Switch1.04 -1.11

1.5.0 – 1.16.20



Windows 100.14.1 – 1.1.3

1.2 – 1.16.20



Education Edition0.14.2 -1.0.18

1.0.21 – 1.14.31



Crafting a Fermented Spider Eye in Survival Mode

Required Materials

To make a fermented spider eye you will need 1 x sugar, 1 x brown mushroom, and 1 x spider eye

Spider eyes are dropped by spiders when they are killed by players or tamed wolves. They are not dropped if a spider dies due to environmental damage. 

Brown mushrooms can be harvested from shady areas such as forests or caves.

Sugar can be crafted from sugar canes or honey bottles. 

How to Craft a Fermented Spider Eye

1. Open the crafting menu

You will need to use a crafting table to create a fermented spider eye. From the crafting table, you can access the crafting menu. 

To open the crafting menu, walk up to your crafting table, and press the appropriate button from the list below. 

Java (PC/Mac)Right-click
Pocket EditionTap 
Xbox 360LT button
Xbox OneLT button
PS3R2 button
PS4R2 button
Wii UZL button
Nintendo SwitchZL button
Windows 10Right-click
Education EditionRight-click

2. Place the materials

Once you have opened the crafting menu, you will see the crafting grid and your inventory. 

The materials mentioned above should be in your inventory. If you can’t see them, it probably means you forgot to pick them up! Head back to your chest and collect them before continuing.

The crafting grid is a 3×3 grid with a single box off to the right. Your crafted item will appear in this box when you’ve placed the correct materials in the correct position. 

To create a fermented spider eye, place the mushroom in the first box of the first row. The sugar goes next to the mushroom in the second box of the first row. The spider eye is placed directly below the sugar in the center box. 

You must place them in exactly this positioning. If you prefer a visual representation, check out the diagram below.




M= mushroom, S= sugar, and E= spider eye. 

3. Collect your fermented spider eye

Once the materials are in the correct position, the fermented spider eye will appear in the box to the right of the grid. 

You need to select the fermented spider eye and move it to your inventory to finish the crafting process.

If you exit the crafting menu without taking the crafted item, your materials will appear on the ground around the table. 

Item ID and Name

PlatformID NameMinecraft IDData ValueVersion
Java (PC/Mac)minecraft:fermented_spider_eye376


01.8 – 1.12

1.13 – 1.16.3

Pocket Editionminecraft:fermented_spider_eye37600.16.0 – 1.16.50 
Xbox 360N/AN/AN/AN/A
Xbox Oneminecraft:fermented_spider_eye37601.6.0 – 1.16.40
PS4minecraft:fermented_spider_eye37601.14.0 – 1.16.40
Nintendo Switchminecraft:fermented_spider_eye37601.6.0 – 1.16.40
Windows 10minecraft:fermented_spider_eye37600.16.0 – 1.16.40
Education Editionminecraft:fermented_spider_eye37601.0 -1.14.31

Give Command 

PlatformGive command
Java (PC/Mac)

Java (versions 1.8 onwards)

/give @p fermented_spider_eye 1

/give @p fermented_spider_eye 1 0

Pocket Edition/give @p fermented_spider_eye 1 0
Xbox 360N/A
Xbox One/give @p fermented_spider_eye 1 0
PS4/give @p fermented_spider_eye 1 0
Wii UN/A
Nintendo Switch/give @p fermented_spider_eye 1 0
Windows 10/give @p fermented_spider_eye 1 0
Education Edition/give @p fermented_spider_eye 1 0

Using Fermented Spider Eyes

Fermented spider eyes can be combined with other items to make different potions. 

Check the table below for the potions, their effects, and ingredients. 

Potion of HarmingInstantly causes 6 points of damage to the drinker.Fermented spider eye and a potion of poison. 
Potion of SlownessReduces the drinker’s speed by 15%.Fermented spider eye and a potion of swiftness.
Potion of WeaknessReduces the drinker’s attack damage by 0.5.Fermented spider eye and a potion and a water bottle. 
Potion of Invisibility Makes the drinker invisible. Fermented spider eye and a potion of night vision. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed that most of these potions have negative effects. You definitely don’t want to drink the potions of harming, weakness, or slowness yourself! 

You can weaponize the potions by turning them into splash potions that can be thrown at enemies. 

So there you have it! You now know all you need to know about fermented spider eyes!