How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

How to make a Lead Minecraft

Platform Information

The Lead is found on all platforms and versions.  

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Platform Version Added Supported?
Java (PC/Mac) Yes
Pocket Edition Yes
Xbox 360 Yes
Xbox One Yes
PS3 Yes
PS4 Yes
Wii U Yes
Nintendo Switch Yes
Windows 10 Yes
Education Edition Yes

Finding a Lead in Creative Mode

To get a lead in creative mode, you simply need to look under the right menu. The menus have different names depending on the platform and the version. 

Check the table below to find out where paper can be found in creative mode. 

Platform Version Menu
Java (PC/Mac) 1.8-1.16.2 Tools
Pocket Edition 0.15.0 – 1.1.3


1.2.5 – 1.16.20




Xbox 360 TU35 – TU69 Tools, Weapons, and Armor
Xbox One CU23 – CU43


Tools, Weapons, and Armor


PS3 1.26 – 1.76 Tools, Weapons, and Armor
PS4 1.26 – 1.91

1.14.0 – 1.16.20

Tools, Weapons, and Armor


Wii U Patch 3 – Patch 38 Tools, Weapons, and Armor
Nintendo Switch 1.04 – 1.11

1.5.0 – 1.16.20

Tools, Weapons, and Armor


Windows 10 0.15.0 – 1.1.3


1.2.5 – 1.16.20




Education Edition 1.0 – 1.0.18


1.0.27 – 1.14.31




Making a Lead in Survival Mode

Required Materials

To make a lead you need two ingredients: string and a slimeball.

String can be obtained by killing spiders, or crafted from a spider web in the Bedrock and educational editions of the game.

If you are having trouble finding a spider, you should change the time to night as they are much  more common once the sun goes down. 

Once you have killed the spider it will drop the string, and occasionally a spider eye.

Alternatively, you can summon a spider by using a spawn egg.

Slimeballs can be obtained by killing slimes.

You can find slimes in the darker parts of a swampland biome, usually at night.

Slimes come in several different sizes. The bigger the slime, the more dangerous it is, and the more damage it will do to you.

Large slimes, break into medium slimes, and then small slimes. These then drop slimeballs when killed.

How to Craft a Lead

1. Open the crafting menu

Walk up to your crafting table and press the appropriate button to open the crafting menu.

Platform Control
Java (PC/Mac) Right-click
Pocket Edition Tap 
Xbox 360 LT button
Xbox One LT button
PS3 L2 button
PS4 L2 button
Wii U ZL
Nintendo Switch ZL button
Windows 10 Right-click
Education Edition Right-click

2. Place the materials

When you open the crafting menu, you will see a 3×3 grid, a solitary box, and your inventory. 

To craft a lead, you will need to place the materials in the correct pattern into the crafting grid.

The top row should have a string in the left and middle boxes, the right box remains empty.. The second row should have a string in the left box, a slimeball in the middle box, and nothing in the right box.. The bottom row should have a string in the right hand box. 

If should look like this: 




S = string  B = slimeball  X = empty slot

3. Collect your lead

When the ingredients are placed in the correct pattern, two leads will appear in the box to the right of the grid. 

You need to pick up the lead and place it in your crafting inventory to complete the crafting process. If you don’t do this and simply exit the crafting menu, all the materials will drop to the ground around the crafting table. 

Item ID and Name

Platform ID Name Minecraft ID Data Value Version
Java (PC/Mac) minecraft:lead




0 1.8 – 1.12

1.13 – 1.16.3

Pocket Edition minecraft:lead 420 0 1.16.0 – 1.16.50
Xbox 360 N/A N/A N/A
Xbox One minecraft:lead 420 0 1.6.0 – 1.16.40
PS4 minecraft:lead 420 0 1.14.0 – 1.16.40
Wii U N/A N/A N/A
Nintendo Switch minecraft:lead 420 0 1.6.0 – 1.16.40
Windows 10 minecraft:lead 420 0 0.16.0 – 1.16.40
Education Edition minecraft:lead 420 0 1.0. – 1.14.31

Give Command 

Platform Give command
Java (PC/Mac) /give @p lead 1 0
Pocket Edition /give @p lead 1 0
Xbox 360 N/A
Xbox One /give @p lead 1 0
PS4 /give @p lead 1 0
Wii U N/A
Nintendo Switch /give @p lead 1 0
Windows 10 /give @p lead 1 0
Education Edition /give @p lead 1 0