How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Smooth Stone and Gold

Smooth stone is one of the many building blocks found in Minecraft.  

Unlike stone, smooth stone has limited applications outside of decorative purposes.  

If you wish to move a smooth stone block, you will need to use a pickaxe.  

Platform Information

Smooth stone is not supported on all platforms.

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Before starting your search, check which platforms and versions include smooth stone.  

PlatformVersion AddedSupported?
Java (PC/Mac)1.Yes
Pocket Edition1.Yes
Xbox 360N/ANo
Xbox One1.Yes
Wii UN/ANo
Nintendo Switch1.Yes
Windows 101.Yes
Education Edition1.Yes

Finding Smooth Stone in Creative Mode

To get smooth stone in creative mode, you simply need to look under the right menu.  

Check the table below to find out where smooth stone can be found in creative mode. 


Java (PC/Mac)1.Building blocks
Pocket Edition1.Construction
Xbox 360N/AN/A
Xbox One1.Construction


Building blocks


Nintendo Switch1.Construction
Windows 101.Construction
Education Edition1.Construction


Making Smooth Stone in Survival Mode

Required Materials

To make smooth stone you need one ingredient: stone. 1 stone block produces 1 smooth stone block. 

It seems simple, but there’s a catch.  

Now to get stone, you will need to smelt cobblestone.  

Cobblestone is obtained by mining stone with a pickaxe.

With a furnace, you can smelt cobblestone back into stone and stone into smooth stone.  

When you’re looking for a fuel source, you have lots of options!

Wooden planks are probably the easiest to find but they only smelt 1.

Lava is pretty hard to come by early in the game, so wood or coal are the easiest choices. 

How to Craft Smooth Stone

  • Open the furnace

Walk up to your furnace and press the appropriate button to open the furnace menu. 

Before you do this make sure you have stone and fuel in your inventory. 

Java (PC/Mac)Right-click
Pocket EditionTap
Xbox 360N/A
Xbox OneLT
Wii UN/A
Nintendo SwitchZL
Windows 10Right-click
Education EditionRight-click

  • Add fuel

When you open the furnace menu, you will see two boxes, one above the other.

Select your fuel source and place it in the bottom of the two boxes.  

  • Add stone

Select the amount of stone you want to turn into smooth stone.  

If you want to add blocks one by one for an exact amount, you can do this by pressing the corresponding button while holding a stack of stone over the top box in the furnace. 

Java (PC/Mac)Left-click
Pocket EditionN/A
Xbox 360N/A
Xbox OneX
Wii UN/A
Nintendo SwitchY
Windows 10Left-click
Education EditionLeft-click

  • Collect the smooth stone

When you place the stone in the top box, you’ll see the flames turn red and the arrow begins to fill white. 

Once the arrow fills white, a block of smooth stone will appear in the right-hand box.  

If you are smelting multiple smooth stones, you can wait for all of the smooth stones to stack in the right-hand box if you want. 

Unlike the crafting menu, if you exit without taking the new item, the materials won’t drop to the ground. 

The furnace will continue to smelt whatever is in it until it runs out of fuel, materials, or space in the right-hand box.  

Item ID and Name

PlatformID NameMinecraft IDData ValueVersion
Java (PC/Mac)minecraft:smooth_stone01.
Pocket Editionminecraft:smooth_stone01.
Xbox 360N/AN/AN/A
Xbox Oneminecraft:smooth_stone01.
Nintendo Switchminecraft:smooth_stone01.
Windows 10minecraft:smooth_stone01.
Education Editionminecraft:smooth_stone01.


Give Command 

PlatformGive command
Java (PC/Mac)/give @p smooth_stone 1
Pocket Edition/give @p smooth_stone 1 0
Xbox 360N/A
Xbox One/give @p smooth_stone 1 0
PS4/give @p smooth_stone 1 0
Wii UN/A
Nintendo Switch/give @p smooth_stone 1 0
Windows 10/give @p smooth_stone 1 0
Education Edition/give @p smooth_stone 1 0


Using Smooth Stone

Smooth stone can be used to build structures and has a different skin to stone or cobblestone.  

Smooth stone can also be used to create a blast furnace and a smooth stone slab.