How To Get Incredible Minecraft Skins

Minecraft Skin

Whether you’re playing Minecraft by Mojang on your PC, console, or phone, you can build whatever you fancy or go on adventures to slay monsters.

Individual Mojang servers even let you roleplay or go on quests and play in unique modes.

Even better, if you want to make your game extra fun, try using a cool new skin. This list of 8 Incredible Minecraft skins will help you find just that.

8 Incredible Minecraft Skins You Should Definitely Try Out

Iron Man Minecraft Skin

Nearly every single person on this planet, more or less, knows who Iron Man is. Based on Stan Lee’s comics [R], This metal man/machine is billionaire Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark’s superhero persona.

He is known for his high-tech and flashy robot suit that can fly and shoot beams out of his palms and chest. Among other super cool abilities, Iron Man from the Marvel Multiverse [R] is known to have gone through several versions of his suit.

However, the most popular is probably the red and gold armor with a triangle chest piece Ironman character model. The great news is that you can sport this skin in your Minecraft games if you are his fan.

You can certainly look the part as you zip around in creative mode.

NOTE: if you are into other heroes from the Marvel franchise, there are also some downloadable skins not particularly mentioned on this list that will make you look like Captain America, Deadpool, and more!

Among Us Minecraft Skins

If you have been paying attention to anything that has been going on in the past year, you will know what Among Us [R] is. But if you have been hiding under a rock, let us explain.

Among Us is a public multiplayer game that requires strategy, great acting, and detective skills in this intense social deduction game [R].

Each round has 1 – 3 impostors and up to a maximum of 10 total crew members. The crew members spend their time trying to survive and figure out who the impostor “among us” is.

The game’s characters come in several colors, such as purple, brown, cyan, and lime green. They all wear what looks like space suits with glass covering their faces, and players can choose among various hats and outfits.

The great thing is you can now play a Minecraft version of Among Us [R] by using any of the crew members’ skins! Or, if you want to rock the crew look while playing a typical Minecraft game, you can do that, too!

Batman Minecraft Skin

For those who are more of DC [R] fans, this Batman skin is right up your alley. (Get it? Because he was orphaned in an alley?) [R]

Batman is one of the most iconic DC superheroes, along with Superman. Bruce Wayne [R], a billionaire living in Gotham City, was orphaned after his parents were shot in front of him.

He then vowed to rid his city of all crime and protect everyone he could so that what happened to him and his parents will not happen to anyone else again.

Now, you can build and run your very own Gotham City and live out your dreams of being Batman!

Billie Eilish Minecraft Skin

Devoted Billie fans can now hold their concert in Minecraft with this skin that takes inspiration from her music video for Bad Guy. [R]

Billie Eilish is an American-singer-songwriter who first gained the world’s attention in 2015 when she uploaded her song “Ocean Eyes” [R] online. Her debut album became the best-performing album in the US in 2019 and reached the UK’s number one spot.

At a very young age of 18, she has already won 5 Grammy Awards [R], 2 American Music Awards, 2 Guinness World Records, 3 MTV Video Music Awards, and one Brit Award. [R]

She is also the youngest person ever to win the 3 main Grammy categories within the same year. [R]

We all know most people are not as talented as Billie, but that does not mean you cannot live in your Minecraft world, pretending to be her.

Ash Ketchum Minecraft Skin

We know how close Pokemon[R] is to all our hearts. It has successfully remained relevant and well-loved by multiple generations.

So whether you are an adult who collects Pokemon cards, watched the original anime series, and loves playing Minecraft, or a kid introduced to Pokemon when Pokemon Go [R] became famous, we know how cool having an Ash Ketchum [R] outfit would be.

The great part about it is that you do not just have to look like a Pokemon catcher, but you can even catch Pokemon yourself through the many Pokemon servers available to play and join in Minecraft. [R]

In fact, this type of gameplay is so popular that it even has its own name: Pixelmon. [R]

Star Wars Minecraft Skins

Young or old, we know you know of Star Wars. But some people out there are real diehard fans. It’s a good thing there are multiple Minecraft skins out there that let you choose from a variety of Star Wars characters.

You can be a Chewbacca, a.k.a. Chewie [R], the Wookie we all know and love. He is a half-man half bear-like creature who speaks in grunts and noises and helps Han Solo [R] run around the universe in the Millennium Falcon [R].

If you feel way more sinister, you can be Darth Maul [R] or Darth Vader [R].

They are examples of some of the Sith Lords [R] in the Star Wars franchise who have given up on the light side of the Force and harness their rage to acquire extraordinary powers.

You can spend your time trying to chase and kill your friends and build your own Star Destroyer [R] with all these skin options.

Animal Minecraft Skins (Doge)

Let’s face it; some animals are just way too cute to pass up. The great thing about the versatility of Minecraft skins is that there are options for almost any design, including a wide variety of animal skins.

From generic animals, like a simple bear or lion, to iconic animal roles, like Kermit the frog [R] or even memes!

For example, Doge, the famous Shiba Inu to have ever graced our online social media, is also available as a skin. Doge, or Kabosu in real life, became famous in 2013 when his owner started sharing pictures of his beloved four-legged friend.

One picture, in particular, with Kabosu glancing sidelong at his owner’s camera with tan eyebrows raised, paws suspiciously crossed and mouth pulled back in a dog version of a smirk or smile, made the rounds.

With some tweaking from Photoshop, Doge had gone viral. To this day, Doge is still iconic. So if you have a particular fondness for this one canine friend or love any dog in general, consider trying out this skin.

Scary Minecraft Skins (Slenderman)

We know Halloween just ended, and it will be a long time before it’s time for costumes and scare tactics again.

But who says that means you cannot have fun chasing and scaring your friends around in your virtual Mojang world?

There are plenty of scary skins on the internet, from some generic skeleton to well-known horror personas, like Slenderman. Slenderman was first born in 2009 but exploded when shared on one famous fictional horror site: creepypasta [R].

Slenderman is a horrific persona created by Eric Knudsen, an 8-foot tall man with very long and sharp appendages and a black face. The story goes that he stalks humans, especially children, and abducts or murders them.

This mythical figure became even more well-known with the release of one game [R] where Slenderman stalks you in a forest while you try to escape without looking at him. In 2018, a movie about this myth even premiered. [R]

If you want to play your own Minecraft version of this nerve-racking run through a haunted forest, you better check out the various Slenderman Minecraft skins available online.

How to Change Your Minecraft Skin

This guide will help you figure out how you can use your newest outfits or characters by giving you all the information you need to know how to change them in your Mojang Minecraft app.

How to Change Your Skin on Minecraft Pocket Edition by Mojang

  1. Download the skins you like from an alternative website from your phone’s browser.
  2. Save the file to your file folders. Make sure to place it in one location that you can quickly go back to later on.
  3. Once saved, load your Mojang Minecraft PE app.
  4. Click the settings icon on the lower right corner of the screen.
  5. Press “choose a new skin.”
  6. Go to the saved Minecraft skin’s file location, select the right one, and upload it.
  7. Now your new outfit should be on your avatar!

How to Change Your Skin on Minecraft PC by Mojang

  1. Find the character that you like online and download the file to your computer. Make sure to place it in one location that you can quickly go back to later on.
  2. Load your Mojang Minecraft game.
  3. At the top, choose the “skin” tab. This should show you all the skins you already have in the skin editor, along with an option to select a new one.
  4. Click the “plus” icon. This will open a tab that will let you upload the pack you downloaded.
  5. Your new outfit should now show up as one of your options under the previously mentioned “skin” tab. Just choose your new outfit and have fun playing with it!

Note: Once you upload your new skin, you can choose between the classic or slim option. Feel free to choose what you like more.

How to Change Your Skin on Your Minecraft Console App by Mojang

The difference between playing Minecraft on a console and everywhere else is that you can only use and purchase the skins available on Mojang’s official Minecraft website for console games.

  1. Open the Minecraft application.
  2. Go to “Help and Options.”
  3. Click “Change Skin.” A variety of bundled skin packs that you can buy will pop up.
  4. Select the particular skin pack you want to buy.
  5. Select the specific skin you want to use now for your avatar.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The Mojang Minecraft Bedrock Edition lets you customize your avatar model with numerous free and premium Minecraft skins through its character creator.[R]

If you are familiar with how the Sims and many other games let you customize your appearance, this is much like that.

This recently-added feature by Mojang enables you to customize attributes of your avatar, like their body size, eyes, beards, and more, by letting you choose from a list of premade parts.

With this, you get quite a lot of control as to your appearance. But if you don’t want to go through that hassle or enjoy specialized looks, getting Mojang Minecraft skins online is the way to go.


With Minecraft, Mojang created a new class of video games that gives its players endless fun and all the freedom in the world to let their creativity run wild.

We do not think they understood how much Minecraft would change one’s life and enjoyment until they saw what their players could do with it.

Now, you can apply that same level of creativity to your avatar’s looks. You can even change your outfit every day to suit your game mode, server, or mood without any hassle.

If you want to have multiple accounts with different skins, we have plenty of accounts to choose from here at GooseSmurfs