How to Make a Nether Portal

Nether Portal

Minecraft, as we believe, is the epitome of creativity.

With vast resources and unlimited time (this is, when you’re bored), you can create just about anything! [R]

A few worth mentioning are your own mansion, a town of your own, Gotham city (we’ve seen it), an underground city or Atlantis even, an auto smelter, and so much more!

However, we wanted to focus on a particular “cool thing” to build: A Nether Portal.

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What Is a Nether Portal?

Before we take you through this step-by-step guide on how to make a Minecraft Nether portal, let’s dive a bit into what this portal is and what you can do inside one.

A Nether portal is a supernatural gateway or another portal that separates the overworld (Minecraft world) from the Nether.

Now, the Nether is a place full of hostile mobs, so if you’re planning to make a Nether portal without first crafting weapons and armor, we strongly recommend you stack up and start crafting. [R]

Once you’ve successfully built the Nether portal, traveling between worlds is easy, and it happens within just 4 seconds!

Basic definitions aside, let’s get to the fun part: building the portal. First, let’s discuss the dimensions and materials needed to make a Minecraft Nether portal.

Minecraft Nether Portal Pre-Requisites


The dimensions of the Nether portal have minimum dimensions of 4 x 5 and 23 x 23 maximum. This will also follow a rectangular shape.

Materials Required

You’ll need the following to make a Minecraft Nether portal:

  1. 10 to 14 blocks of Obsidian
  2. Flint & Steel
  3. Fire Charge

If you don’t have any Obsidian, the next section will teach you how to craft Obsidian.

How to Make a Minecraft Nether Portal

We mentioned earlier you would need the materials flint and steel, obsidian, and a fire charge. Among the three materials required, obsidian can be a tough resource to have at all times or craft, especially if you’re new to Minecraft.

Before we can begin to build your Minecraft Nether portal, without the obsidian blocks, building one is futile.

Pre-Step: Getting Obsidian

To make obsidian, you’ll need the following:

  • A lava source
  • Water source
  • Iron buckets
  • Diamond pickaxe

Finding a lava source is challenging; however, we’ll share 4 tips on how to find a lava source easily:

  1. It’s easier to find a lava source at night. Since lava glows brightly in the dark, this makes one stand out easily in the dark.
  2. Try heading to the desert. The desert is usually full of lava sources and is one way you’ll be able to find one easily.
  3. Look for any exposed stones around. Most lava pools spawn underneath exposed stone in Minecraft, so this could be a great way to find a lava source if the first 2 tips didn’t help.
  4. Finally, check underground caves. Most lava pools will spawn in Minecraft or overworld about 12 levels below the surface.

You’ll need the water source and iron bucket to transport water you collect from the water source into the lava and make obsidian. Obsidian in Minecraft is made when lava comes in contact with water.

Once you’ve achieved this, grab your diamond pickaxe and collect your obsidian!

Step 1: Build the Frame of Your Nether Portal

With all the materials at your disposal, building Nether portals is quite simple to do. If you have extra obsidian blocks, you can even make multiple Nether portals!

First, let’s go over the frame of Nether portals. We mentioned earlier the minimum dimensions for making Nether portals are 4 x 5.

This translates to 4 blocks of obsidian as the base, 5 blocks of obsidian as the height on each side, and 4 blocks of obsidian for the top.

All in all, you’ll use 14 obsidian blocks to make your Nether portal. Take note that if you don’t follow the exact dimensions, you won’t be able to make your Nether portal.

Step 2: Activate Your Nether Portal

Once you have the frame ready, you’ll notice a hollow opening. This will be where you’ll activate the portal using either flint and steel or a fire charge.

Grab your flint and steel, position your pointer on the bottom obsidian block, and use the flint and steel. If you build the frame successfully, you should notice the center of the portal glow purple, also known as a portal block.

This indicates your Nether portal is now active, and you can transport to the Nether whenever you like!

Step 3: Transporting to Your Nether Portal

Simply jump and walk through your Nether portal, and after 4 seconds, you’ll find yourself in the Nether world.

Step 4: Protect Your Nether Portal

Before you get all excited and start exploring the portal in the Nether, you’ll have to protect your portal first. Take note that TNT, exploding creeper, or a ghast’s fireball explosion can destroy the portal.

With the portal in the Nether destroyed, getting back to the overworld is a real struggle. To protect your Nether portal, you can use cobblestone, or if you have stronger stone or materials you want to use, that works too. [R]

However, it’s not the obsidian you should be worried about. It’s the portal block or the purple glow you see in your Nether portal.

Portal blocks can’t be destroyed, but they can disappear, making it critical to protect your Nether portal.

What you want to do is surround your Nether portal with the cobblestone and design it in a way you’ll be able to remember your way back once you’ve gone deep into the Nether.

You can also protect your Nether portal in many different, creative ways, such as building a house to store your Nether portal or anything crafty you can think of.

Once you’ve successfully protected your Nether portal, it’s time to go exploring! You might be wondering what the Nether holds for you and what this brand new portal in the overworld contains.

Exploring the Nether

Traveling to the Nether via a portal in the overworld is a world full of mystery, uncertainty, and hostile mobs. If this is your first time traveling to the Nether, you best be prepared for the challenges you’ll face up ahead.

In this section, we’ll go over what you need to bring before traveling to the Nether, the enemies you’ll encounter, sights to see, and how to explore the Nether.

What to Bring in the Nether

First-timers will find the Nether difficult and even a little disturbing considering the screamy sounds you hear upon entering. That’s not even including the waterfall of fire and oceans of lava.

To fully appreciate the wonders the Nether has to offer and all the effort made into creating your Nether portal, we recommend dressing in layers when traveling to the Nether.

Layers of iron should be fine; however, the best layer you could wear to the Nether would be Diamond armor.

With a diamond armor, this should give you resistance or protection from some of the deadly foes you’ll inevitably encounter.

Additionally, here are other items and tools worth bringing along:

  • Bow & arrows and a sword. Some of the locals in the Nether aren’t exactly anywhere near friendly.
  • Flint and steel. In case your portal blocks disappear, you need a ticker to ensure you get home. To make a nether portal from scratch would be time-consuming and difficult, so don’t forget to bring at least one along with you.
  • Never forget your pickaxe. You’re venturing into a foreign land, and you don’t want to collect souvenirs? That’s preposterous.
  • Bring some food and a bowl. Just in case you miss the outerworld, bring the essentials that remind you of home.
  • Take some cobblestone along for the ride. You never know when you need to build something.

Foes You’ll Encounter

Zombie Pigman

The first creatures of the Nether you’ll encounter are zombie pigman or zombified piglins. The scary part of zombified piglins is that attacking one will most likely attract other pigmen!

Make sure to think twice before attacking one, and if you do, better be prepared!

Magma Cubes

Magma cubes aren’t as aggressive as you would expect after seeing one considering the flaming body. However, they are extremely hot if you touch them.

Although they don’t pose as big of a threat, be careful when you attack them and when chopping them in half!


Don’t be fooled by a ghast’s appearance. These fluffy clouds have tendencies to be aggressive and carry a temper you do not want to mess with head-on.

Ghasts also spit fireballs, which are strong enough to damage your Nether portal. The best way to handle a ghast is to hide behind a rock or something until they mellow down and wander off.

Withering Skeletons

Withering skeletons are the most dangerous foes you’ll find in the Nether. Not only are these foes strong, but their sword carries a toxic substance that works like poison after each strike.


Ahhh Blazes. Seriously, if you see one, ready your guard. Blazes are sentient foes in the Nether made of pure lava that hurl fireballs at tourists like yourself.

It’s rumored that Blazes were the original guards of those who inhabited the Nether. Sad to say, these sentient beings eventually became too difficult to control, resulting in the destruction of their own creator.

Sights You Should See

The main attraction of traveling into the Nether is the ancient fortress. Its stunning architecture is worth all the foes you may encounter, and it’s also filled with some dead ends and unexpected traps & drops.

Be sure to leave some breadcrumbs as you go deeper into this world. To make a Nether portal while having to worry about deadly foes is suicide.


Can You Sleep in the Nether?

A lot of things about this world are still in its infant stages. Minecraft has slowly been releasing constant updates, but as far as we’re concerned and tried many times, it’s impossible to sleep here.

Beds in the Nether explode for some odd reason. Also, an exploding bed can damage your Nether portal, so we strongly advise against trying this experiment yourself.

Is There Anything Edible in the Nether?

The only edible source we found were mushrooms. You have to harvest the mushrooms first then turn it into mushroom soup.

This is why we mentioned that after creating your portal, you would have to stock up on food and a bowl as well for the hearty soup, in case you go hungry.

Is It Possible to Create a 3 x 3 Nether Portal?

This wouldn’t be possible in Minecraft at all. The developers are as precise as the measurements say: 4 x 5 or the portal doesn’t work.

Although 14 blocks are the minimum number to make a portal, some have tried to use 10 blocks to make a Nether portal.

To our surprise, this portal worked! It’s also called a partial Nether portal. Instead of adding obsidian in the corners, you’d essentially have two blocks on the base and top and 3 on each side.

Do You Need a Diamond Pickaxe to Make a Nether Portal?

Here’s the thing about diamond pickaxes in Minecraft: they collect blocks faster. [R] You could use an iron pickaxe to collect Obsidian, but that would take quite a while.

Even with a diamond pickaxe, collection obsidian takes nearly 7 seconds for just 1 block in Minecraft! Not to mention, diamond pickaxes have the highest grade and quality in Minecraft too.

So is it really necessary when making a portal in Minecraft? That depends. If you have the patience to make a portal using an iron pickaxe, we won’t stop you.

However, if you can’t wait to travel to another world and make the portal as quickly as possible, go grab some diamonds.


We hope this tutorial on how to make a Nether portal in Minecraft could help you!

We’d love to hear your stories and experiences building the portal and traveling into the Nether! Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!