Guide: Use Emojis in League of Legends’ Chat

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League of Legends (LoL) is an action-packed game that has been entertaining gamers for over a decade. With its deep gameplay mechanics, rich lore, and dedicated community, it’s no wonder that players are still hooked to the game. But hey, did you know that LoL also has a fun side to it? That’s right, the game supports emojis and emotes that can add a splash of humor and fun to your in-game conversations.

So, let’s dive into the world of LoL emojis and emotes and find out how you can use them to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Guide: Use Emojis in League of Legends’ Chat

Emojis are small digital images or icons used to convey emotions or ideas. They have become increasingly popular in online conversations, and now they have made their way into the world of LoL. The game allows players to use emojis and emotes in various in-game chat windows, such as champion select and private messages.

How To Use Emojis in League of Legends?

To use emojis in LoL, simply press the Windows key and the colon key on your keyboard while in the chat window. This will open up an emoji keyboard, and you can type in the emoji you want and send it directly into the chat. This feature was introduced in late 2019 and has been a hit among players ever since. However, it is important to note that this feature cannot be used in-game or in clan tags.

If you are unable to open the emoji keyboard, you can simply copy an emoji from the internet and paste it into the game’s chatbox. Taking into account that the excessive use of emojis in chat can be bothersome to other players.

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How To Use Emotes in League of Legends?

Apart from emojis, the game also supports emotes, which are animated images that players can use to express themselves, communicate with others, or convey emotions and ideas.

League of Legends features three types of emotes: global emotes, champion emotes, and event emotes. Global emotes are available to all players and can be used in any game mode, while champion emotes are unique to each champion and can be unlocked by completing certain achievements or by purchasing them from the store. Event emotes are available for a limited time during special in-game events and can be earned by completing event-related missions or by purchasing them from the store.

League of Legends (LoL) Emotes

To use an emote in the game, players can either bind them to a hotkey or open the emote menu and select the desired emote. The emote menu can be accessed by pressing and holding the “T” key or by clicking on the emote icon on the HUD. Players can also use special emotes that are only available during certain events or promotions, which can be earned by completing specific tasks or by purchasing them from the store.

FAQs About League of Legends Emotes

Here are some frequently asked questions about League of Legends emotes:

  1. Are any old emotes coming back?
    Not right away, but the LoL team will be on the lookout for ways to bring back emotes from past events (like Arcade or Versus). The LoL team doesn’t plan to bring back any Esports emotes. If the LoL team brings back an emote that you’ve already earned, they’ll gift it to you.

  1. Can I gift emotes?
    Not right now, but hopefully in the future.

  1. Will emotes be added to loot?
    Emotes are not available in loot at the moment, but they will be added eventually. You can get random emotes you don’t own from Hextech and Masterwork Chests.

  1. How do I mute emotes?
    You can mute all enemy emotes in the in-game settings menu or mute individual player emotes through the scoreboard.

  2. Will muting emotes also mute the champion mastery emote?
    Yes, since champion mastery emotes are part of the emotes system, they follow the same rules.

  3. Why do my emotes stop working after I use a few?
    Emotes have cooldown periods if overused or interrupted by taking damage. The length of these cooldowns may be adjusted in the future and emotes cannot be used in custom matches or the Practice Tool.

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How to Use Rank Icons in Chat?

To use rank/division icons in League of Legends chats, type in the chat %!:rankGRANDMASTER% – This will show up the grandmaster rank in the chat.

To show up the other ranks, simply write the above command but with the desired rank you want to show, all in capital or copy and paste from the list below.

  • %!:rankIRON%
  • %!:rankBRONZE%
  • %!:rankSILVER%
  • %!:rankGOLD%
  • %!:rankPLATINUM%
  • %!:rankDIAMOND%
  • %!:rankMASTER%
  • %!:rankGRANDMASTER%
  • %!:rankCHALLENGER%

Why Do Players Use Emojis in League of Legends?

Players use emojis in League of Legends for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is to express emotions during gameplay. The game can be intense and stressful, and emojis offer a quick and easy way to convey feelings such as frustration, excitement, or disappointment.

Another reason why players use emojis is to communicate with their teammates. In a team-based game like League of Legends, effective communication is crucial for success. Emojis can be used to quickly convey important information, such as a player’s current location or their intentions for the next move.

In addition, emojis can also be used for fun and to add a bit of personality to the game. Some players enjoy using emojis to taunt or tease their opponents, while others use them to celebrate their victories.

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The world of League of Legends emojis and emotes is a fun and dynamic addition to the game. With the ability to express emotions, communicate with teammates, and add a touch of humor, emojis and emotes have become an integral part of the gaming experience. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, using emojis and emotes can enhance your gameplay and help you connect with other players in the community. So go ahead and explore the various emojis and emotes available in League of Legends, and don’t forget to have fun while doing it!

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