The Definitive Guide: Agent Jett

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If you’re a fan of Riot Games’ Valorant, then you’ve probably heard of Jett. She’s got an impressive set of abilities to check out, and a ton of tips and tricks to learn to maximize her character.

In this Valorant Jett guide, we’ll give you all that you need to know about assassin Jett, and how to unlock her full potential.

Are you ready for some serious gaming? Keep reading and let’s get started with this agent guide.

Agent Guide: Jett – Not Your Typical South Korean Assassinator

There’s a lot of questions on who Jett is, beginning with whether this assassination expert is a girl or a boy.

Well, you’d be happy to know that Jett is the assassination queen in the Riot Games universe. Here are some starter points:

  • As it stands, Jett is one of the four female Valorant characters you can play. She is dubbed as an outstanding assassin, thanks to her impressive mobility abilities and high jumps.
  • If you’re looking for a character that can help you make a quick escape from a challenging and tough situation, best believe that Jett can get the job done.
  • Her opponents are always left confused with what just happened because they never saw Jett’s explosive abilities coming!

Let’s break that down in further detail below.

Agent Jett’s Four Awesome Abilities and How to Use Them

One of the reasons why many players are so excited and drawn to Valorant is the different abilities and skills each Valorant character possesses.

It’s always so exciting to play a character and get to know all their abilities, and how they fare well during the game.

Rest assured, regardless of the Valorant character you choose, you’ll always have a unique experience with them. Players always have this sense of excitement and yearning when using different Valorant agents, like Jett.

Jett, like the other Valorant agents, has a set of abilities worth checking out, and we’re detailing in this Valorant Jett guide how to use them.

Tailwind: Signature Ability

Jett’s signature ability is tailwind. It’s pretty straightforward to understand.

Essentially, Tailwind can send Agent Jett propelling towards the way she’s moving! This adds a lot of speed and dashes to her character, especially when she’s trying to escape an opponent.

Do note, however, that you can’t use tailwind to propel Jett up or down. Tailwind only allows for horizontal movement and NOT vertical movements.

You can use tailwind in combination with other Jett’s abilities, and create awesome combos! And when you do, you’ll earn some really impressive points in the game.

Notes to Remember

1: Use tailwind when Jett is inches away from death. A few extra seconds spent for that escape will mean a lot later on.

2: Be mindful there is a few seconds delay before you can use your weapons after you’ve landed using tailwind. If the area is clear, you should be good. But if there’s a ton of enemies around you, a few extra seconds could make or break things.

3: Tailwind propels you forward, back, left, and right. Plus, it can even propel you diagonally and in every way you desire but up and down. Very convenient!

3: Hold the jump button to activate Jett’s passive glide ability, and also reduce fall damage.

Blade Storm: Ultimate Ability

If you want to cause some serious damage to your enemy, blade storm is the ultimate ability you need.

You’ll be throwing knives at your opponent, and cause some serious damage. Jett’s ultimate ability packs a serious punch!

And here’s why:

  1. Jett can throw knives towards the direction of the opponent one at a time, or all at the same time. That’s up to you.
  2. One dagger hit scores a 50 damage, while headshots score a 150 damage which is pretty much an instant kill. No wonder it’s called Jett’s ultimate ability!

Notes to Remember

1: Blade Storm is comparably better in terms of accuracy as compared to guns. Plus, there’s visibly less recoil when you use blade storm.

2: It’s vital you learn how to deal an instant kill for every knife thrown. Your knives get replenished each time you get an instant kill.

3: You don’t have to be in a rush to use blade storm since there’s no timer counting down to when the ability expires. Choose your timing wisely!

4: You’ll have no problem using blade storm together with other abilities! Be ready to make that power move for your win.

Cloudburst: Purchase Ability

Cloudburst, as its name suggests, is essentially a highly effective smoke grenade, which expands to a vision cloud upon impact. 

It releases a burst of smoke Jett can use to escape or distract enemies. It BLOCKS the line of sight of the enemies, giving you that sweet quick escape.

It’s probably one of the cheapest abilities you can buy, costing you only 100 credits.

However, some players aren’t too fond of cloudburst considering how it has to be purchased, and you get only about 5 seconds of use over this smoke grenade.

But for some, those extra credits are worth it to give you a few extra seconds to make a quick escape or a strategy.

Notes to Remember

1: Cloudbursts are visible on your mini maps, which comes in handy if you don’t want to travel to their location in the game.

2: Cloudburst is one of the best tactics to use to make your opponents think you’re nearby. Deploy cloudburst as far from Jett as possible, and enemies would think Jett is close to the cloud of smoke!

3: You cannot use your weapons while navigating your cloudbursts. Choose only one and be strategic with when to use the ability.

4: You can curve cloudbursts where you want to launch your attack for better control. You can do this by holding the ability key/ability button.

5: If you’re playing with a team, always ask them where to drop the cloudburst. You don’t want to end up blocking their field of view and risking your win.

Updraft: Purchase Ability

Another impressive Jett ability is updraft. As if Jett isn’t mobile enough, updraft can certainly leave your enemy wondering where you’ve gone.

Using this ability, Jett gets instantly propelled to high-up places.

You can land yourself in a strategic position, such as a corner where opponents can’t spot you instantly. This ability costs 200 credits, which isn’t that bad!

And the best part of this skill is you’ll make it hard for your enemy to reach you and even spot you! However, do note you can only hold two charges of updrafts at a time.

Notes to Remember

1: Keep Jett up in the air longer using updraft and her passive ability to float. This comes in very handy for scouting upcoming opponents.

2: Combine updraft with a jump, to reach high places and angles like on top of crates and even buildings! High spots are the prime spots for Jett to kill opponents. This action allows you to scout the general location of your opponents and the direction where they’re coming from.

3: Use your weapons sparingly when you’re up in the air. There’s too much movement going on, your chances of landing an accurate shot are slim. Reserve your efforts for later when you’re in a better position.

4: You can combine two updrafts to make the ultimate high jump.

Tips and Tricks to Using Jett for Your Advantage

Now that you know Jett’s different abilities, it’s time to dive into the different tips and tricks to get the most out of this character and complete this Valorant Jett guide.

Tip 1: Don’t Be All Over the Place

Jett is a fun character to play thanks to her impressive mobility and dashes.

She can dash from one direction to another thanks to her impressive jump boost skills, every player using her as a character will have a ton of fun.

However, don’t get carried away. Sure she’s a lot of fun to use, but don’t draw all the attention to her by trying to dash and blast yourself from one way to another.

Jett’s movement tends to be a bit loud, and would eventually grab the attention of nearby enemies.

Tip 2: Don’t Panic and Keep Your Calm

At the height of an intense duel between you and your opponent, you might accidentally use an ability out of panic. And sometimes, when you do, it ends up as a waste because of the poor use of the ability.

Don’t panic and keep your calm.

When you’re stuck in the middle of a duel, don’t just hit the first ability available for you. Wait for the right time, to deal the most damage effectively!

Tip 3: Go for SMGs and Shotguns

SMGs and shotguns make the perfect weapons for Jett. It complements her impressive mobility skills, making sure you remain fast in combat.

Your attackers will need to be one to two steps ahead of you just to keep up.

Tip 4: Use Your Mobility to Your Advantage

The beauty of using Jett’s abilities is you get to reach areas that give you a clear line of sight of your enemies. Well, that’s as if you use her mobility to your advantage.

Always remember you can always find the perfect spot for yourself when you’re in a duel. You don’t have to be in a corner nor should you find yourself surrounded by enemies!

Instead, take the higher position where your enemies can’t get to you.

Should You Play Jett?

Jett isn’t necessarily the first agent you’d choose in Valorant. Undeniably, she’s one of the toughest agents in Valorant to play and comes with a high skill ceiling.

Beginners better watch out!

If you’re new to Valorant, you’re better off trying out other agents in Valorant like Brimstone, Sova, and Sage. Now, they’re really easy to play with and make good agents to introduce you to the game.

Jett, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.

You’ll need to get acquainted with the game, as well as other agents. Only then will you be able to appreciate her full potential. But does that mean beginners can’t choose her? Well, not necessarily.

Beginners can still opt to choose Jett, but they have to be ready to play her character.

In general, Agent Jett is a strong character with powerful abilities. And with such abilities, there’s no question that it’ll take quite some time to master them all.

Riot Games even revealed that long-time Valorant players are still getting the hang of using Agent Jett. But if you’re up for the challenge, the reward of mastering Agent Jett is worth it.

She may be the hardest and toughest to play, but you’ll soon find that she’s also the most versatile and unique agent in the game.

Final Words

Are you excited to finally play Agent Jett? We hope you are! Riot Games upped its notch with Jett.

With all her impressive abilities to check out, every player will have a feast getting to know this one-of-a-kind Valorant agent, Riot Games has to offer.

Although she isn’t necessarily the easiest Valorant agent to use, we’re still sure you’ll have a blast getting to know her character, and even become your next favorite agent.

We hope you enjoyed this Valorant Jett guide! If you enjoyed this article, feel free to give it a like and even share it with your teammates. For now, happy gaming!