The Definitive Guide: Agent KAY/O

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There’s A LOT of hype going around about Riot Games’ newest agent, KAY/O.

We’re so excited to share our take on it and how you can use him to your advantage. This is the Valorant KAY/O guide you don’t want to miss!


Introducing New Agent KAY/O to Valorant

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KAY/O is an initiator agent although most agree he has similarities to duelists. This makes him a very multi-faceted agent.

Allow Us to Explain Further

KAY/O is a WAR MACHINE that can suppress and neutralize his enemies.

Suppression is Riot Games’ and newest mechanic. When used effectively, KAY/O has the power to remove the abilities of its opponents.

With this, enemies are then forced to rely on weapons during the time that they are suppressed.

What a power move, right?

This also addresses players’ concerns that there is just an overwhelming number of abilities during gameplay.

You’ll also be happy to hear that KAY/O has unique abilities and an overall versatile kit. This agent has:

  • A grenade
  • A powerful blade
  • Flash
  • Buff (more on all these later)


But here’s a warning to all beginner Valorant players: KAY/O may not be right for you if you’ve just started playing.

Obviously, his suppression abilities are very powerful…

BUT you actually need the knowledge to know which agents you should go after and the experience to time it well. Sorry, newbies.


KAY/O Abilities

KAY/O’s has some pretty interesting abilities that are sure to bring a different level of gameplay to Valorant.

Let’s take it one by one.

FRAG/MENT (C Ability)

Kay/o using his Frag/ment ability on AscentFRAG/MENT in action

How Does It Work?

Using FRAG/MENT, this grenade bounces on walls and detonates once it hits the floor.

What makes this explosive different is it explodes multiple times (in four pulses). These pulses last for a total of four seconds.

Take note: ONLY THREE pulses are needed to kill an enemy. The closer you are to the center of the circle, the more damage you can expect to incur.

This fragment ability costs 200 credits and you only have one charge per round.


When Should You Use KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT?

The explosive fragment fire is clearly useful against enemies, but it’s not the main highlight of KAY/O’s capabilities.

So if you don’t have the credits to match, it might be better to prioritize his other abilities.

Due to their radius, frag grenades can be used in chokepoints for better area control or denial. It can be used to flush someone from a certain corner and delay an enemy push.



Kay/o using his flashbang to allow his team to advance into middle of Ascent

FLASH/DRIVE in action

Next up is KAY/O’s flash grenade!

How Does It Work?

FLASH/DRIVE is a throwable flash that blinds players in the line of sight (this can also include KAY/O and his teammates).

KAY/O can throw the flash grenade in two different ways: overhand and underhand. For overhand throws, it explodes in around 1.6 seconds. For underhand throws, it would take around 1 second for it to detonate.

Quickly turning away will lessen the effects of this ability, but it still cannot be fully escaped.

FLASH/DRIVE costs 250 credits and it can be used two times per round.


When Should You Use It?

Do an overhand throw if you want to do some damage from a far distance. KAY/O can throw it OVER walls and windows or bounce it from a wall.

Just remember that it takes 1.6 seconds for an overhand to explode. So if you plan on peeking after the throw, make sure you time it right.

Opt for the underhand throw if you want to blind an opponent who is closer to you or in front of you. This can be used to quickly retreat or rush.


ZERO/POINT (E Ability)

Kay/o using his ability to detect enemy presence on A site

ZERO/POINT in action

How Does It Work?

ZERO/POINT is KAY/O’s main or signature ability.

It can be used for two purposes: suppressing and gathering information.

The first is suppression:

Once the blade is thrown onto a surface, it detonates and suppresses anyone who is within its radius (and it’s a massive radius, too).

Enemy agents won’t be able to use their abilities for eight seconds, which is a LONG time. Good thing the suppression blade doesn’t work on your own teammates.

(Spoiler alert: this isn’t the only suppression ability that Valorant has introduced. Make sure to read on for the next one!)

The second is information-gathering:

KAY/O will be informed which agents have been hit by the suppression blade.

This is incredibly useful as a scouting tool so you know which spaces are crowded or free.

You can use the suppression blade once the round starts. It would automatically recharge in 40 seconds so you can use it numerous times in one round.


When Should You Use It?

Here are a few tips and strategies so you can damage the opposing team:

One of the COOL things about it is ZERO/POINT can suppress through surfaces (like doors and walls). It’s an easy way for KAY/O to hit an unsuspecting opponent.

Since it recharges quickly, it can be used to gain information on the location of the enemy team early on in the round.

Since other players can still use their guns while they’re suppressed, it is better to use this with other abilities as well. For example, KAY/O can use ZERO/POINT with FRAG/MENT to help with an enemy push.

It’s also important to know that enemy agents can shoot the suppression blade before it goes off.

Our last tip is to be extra strategic about how you can use the limited time wisely (remember this ability can only suppress for eight seconds).


NULL/CMD (Ultimate Ability)

Kay/o using his ultimate to protect A site on Ascent

NULL/CMD in action

How Does It Work?

There are three parts to KAY/O’s ultimate ability in Valorant.

First: Once NULL/CMD is activated, KAY/O is overloaded.

This allows the character to emit polarized radianite energy in four pulses. Each pulse suppresses enemies for four seconds.

Yup, Riot Games really is giving KAY/O a lot of suppression abilities.

Second: KAY/O also gains combat stim with his ultimate, which gives him a better fire rate.

Third: If KAY/O is killed while using NULL/CMD ultimate, he will enter a destabilized state.

Once the agent is downed and in a destabilized state, if he is not revived within 15 seconds, he will be eliminated.


A Few Warnings on KAY/O’s Ultimate…

Once the energy pulses start, take note that opponents can now better determine the location of KAY/O because of the large radius it covers.

It’s also better if you surround yourself with your team since you’ll need them to revive you in case you are killed.


Our Final Words in This Valorant KAY/O Guide

Overall, KAY/O is definitely here to change up how the game is played. As you can tell, the initiator agent has A LOT of potential with its revolutionary abilities.

As with any new agent from Riot Games, it may take a while to get a hang of his unique kit. This is especially true since KAY/O is the ONLY Valorant agent with suppression so far.

But with the tips and tricks from this Valorant KAY/O Agent Guide, we hope you’re now more ready to dominate the game!