The Definitive Guide: Agent Killjoy

Killjoy on a gradient background

Killjoy posing with her Turret on a black and white background

So you’re looking to be the next best Killjoy in the Valorant stadium?

Well, you’re in luck, you’ve found the right place!

In this Valorant Killjoy guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to use her for a SOLO HARD CARRY.

We’ve got the basics, tips, and tricks, and even her limitations to see where enemy players might hit you back.

If you’re ready to deep dive into Riot Games’ Valorant Agent Killjoy, keep reading!

Valorant Agent Guide: Introducing Agent Killjoy

Imagine a highly intelligent, tech-savvy, and tactically brilliant final girl – meet Killjoy.

Killjoy is a German Sentinel Agent with an incredibly UNIQUE role and abilities geared towards map control. Allow us to share with you some key points:

  • You’ll find that she’s highly versatile and synergizes well in many team compositions.
  • She can watch flank when pushing a site and play post plan, which works well on the offensive. Her gadgets and tech abilities make her a great defensive player to have on the team too.
  • Killjoy’s abilities, especially her ultimate, make her scary dangerous to the enemy team. She can easily lock down a choke point WITHOUT even batting an eye – your enemies won’t know what hit them.


Let’s get into all of the abilities of the character and see which other agents she can work with!

Agent Killjoy: Abilities

First up on our KIlljoy guide, we’ll introduce all of Killjoy’s abilities in her kit here first before giving you the tricks you need to know on how to best use her.

1) Alarmbot

Meet Alarm Bot! Alarmbot is a small robot that needs to be deployed ON THE GROUND. We’re making this clear so you don’t think Alarmbot can climb on walls – it can’t.

Killjoy placing her Alarm bot on A site to let her know if any enemies push into site

Here’s how it works:

  1. The moment Alarmbot is stationed, it goes into stealth mode and waits for any enemies to come/appear nearby.
  2. Once an enemy has stepped into its range, it activates and explodes.
  3. It DAMAGES any enemy within the vicinity and APPLIES a vulnerable or debuff effect.
  4. When an ENEMY IS VULNERABLE, it lowers their defense, and you can apply twice the damage to them for about 2 to 4 seconds.


Killjoy must EQUIP Alarmbot and then FIRE to set it off to hunt down any enemies within its range. HOLD EQUIP to call it back.

Alarmbot Tips

Think of Alarmbot as a handy, explosive sidekick.

It’s great for scouting out enemy players and any other agent or weapon that might be waiting in a hiding spot.

Before you deploy it, check where you’re going to position it. You can see the range of the robot as a BLUE CIRCLE on your map when you launch it out.

Since we know now that Alarmbot applies a debuff to enemy players – use this to your advantage. Release the bot into a choke point where you’re sure enemies will make their way through.

Let the rest of your team know. Hopefully, you’re all already working together and know the play, but make sure you have someone there to help you out when the enemies are in debuff.

Additional tips include:

  1. Another way to use Alarmbot is in conjunction WITH NANOSTORM. This could give you an explosive powerful attack if done properly.
  2. Alarmbot will detect the enemy player and blow up if enemies decide to push in, thus applying the vulnerable effect.
  3. While the enemy team is vulnerable, Killjoy can apply the Nanoswarm grenade to snuff out everyone else. This is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and will cause MORE DAMAGE to the enemy team because they are vulnerable.


2) Turret

Killjoy’s Turret is one of the most controversial abilities she has. At the onset, the Turret may sound like the least useful of all Killjoy’s abilities, but, trust us, it could be the ace up her sleeve.

It’s a free ability that Killjoy can use 45 seconds AFTER it has been destroyed or 20 seconds after she calls it back.

Killjoy placing her turret to protect B site on Ascent

If you strategize this well and call it back at the right time, a lowered cooldown can provide a tremendous advantage.

She has to EQUIP the Turret and FIRE to deploy it. Unlike her other deployable abilities, Turret does not go stealth once on the ground. HOLD EQUIP to call back.

The Turret, once fired, will immediately shoot in bursts of three at any enemies in a 180-degree cone range.

Turret Damage Information

Remember that the Turret has 125 HP in total.

Now, we separated an entire section for damage because it’s important. So, listen up – here’s the damage that the Turret can do at certain ranges of distance.

The device fires in 3 bursts with less than a second delay in between firing.

  • At 20 meters or less, the Turret deals 8 damage per bullet. This means a total of 24 damage in a burst.
  • At 20 to 35 meters, it deals 6 damage per bullet. This means a total of 18 damage per burst.
  • At 35 meters and beyond, the Turret deal 4 damage per bullet. This gives it a total of 12 damage per burst.


Keep this in mind to better strategize where you place your Turret once you start playing as Killjoy.

Turret Tips

Because Turret doesn’t do too much damage at the beginning, and the further away it is from the enemy, the less damage it executes – it’s less a main attack play and more a tagging device.

Use Turret to gather information on where the other players might be. Having this insight can help you hold your flanks or distract one or two enemies when your team pushes in.

It’s often the player with the MOST INFORMATION and tactical skill who can turn games around and secure rounds quickest.

3) Nanoswarm

Nanoswarm is Killjoy’s grenade ability. This ability uses 200 credits, and you can have up to 2 charges.

Similar to Cypher’s Cage, Nanoswarm goes STEALTH once deployed and needs to be detonated REMOTELY.

Killjoy placing her Nanoswarm to protect enemy rotations from CT spawn

EQUIP your Nanoswarm grenade, then FIRE to bring it into play. Nanoswarm kills all enemies within its radius in under 3 seconds.


Nanoswarm Tips

It’s a grenade, so timing is key.

Hide your Nanobot in unexpected, natural hiding spots. Corners or drop-down points are great because enemies are often first hiding in these areas.

You can also use your Nanoswarm to draw an enemy out:

  • On the one hand, if there is another player waiting where you deploy Nanoswarm, they will attack it, MAKING THEMSELVES KNOWN.
  • On the other, if there isn’t an enemy at first, there will be one eventually, and you can then BLOW THEM UP when they’re within range.


4) Lockdown

Last up is Killjoy’s ultimate ability!

Killjoy will EQUIP her Lockdown device then FIRE to deploy the device. After about 15 seconds, Lockdown will activate where a massive electrical field appears.

Killjoy placing her Lockdown Ultimate ability to allow her to safely defuse the bomb

Keep these in mind:

  • This electrical field covers a HUGE range limit, nearly a FULL SIGHT’S WIDTH, and it stuns anybody in the vicinity.
  • Enemies who have been stunned are NOT ABLE TO USE any of their weapons or their abilities for 8 seconds.
  • This ability, like all, has its pros and cons. Remember that Lockdown CAN BE DESTROYED by enemies. This makes it extremely vulnerable to attack during its long windup.


Lockdown Tips

Finally, on this Valorant Killjoy guide, here are some tips for Killjoy’s ultimate.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember about Killjoy’s ultimate is PLACEMENT.

Lockdown is an amazing tool for purging out an area. Keep these risks in mind to use this to your advantage:

  • Although, yes, it can be destroyed within that 15-second wind-up, we can almost guarantee that players will more likely be scrambling to hide and find a safe spot.
  • It’s vital for the players NOT to get caught in Lockdown’s MASSIVE range. That complete inability to attack for 8 seconds is huge and can totally cost them a round.
  • Keep in mind that, when using Lockdown, Killjoy does not know where the enemies are on the map, but she can tell how many players have been affected.
  • Use this ability to give your team the upper hand to walk onto a site freely.


Agent Killjoy: Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve gone over ALL of the abilities of the character let’s get into HOW you can actually use these abilities to be the best Killjoy in the game.

Killjoy Tips

Beyond her individual abilities, Killjoy as an agent can be coordinated with some other players.

It’s good to know which agents she works well with so that when you build your team, you know who to choose.

Killjoy and Sage

She and Sage have such complementary abilities that you will often find them together in a team composition.

Have Sage scout to see through windows or find agents in a hiding spot, then have Killjoy deploy a turret to attack for them.

You could also have Sage use her Slow Orb kit on an area and once other players are iced in, bring in Killjoy with a Nanoswarm grenade to finish off the job.

Killjoy and Cypher

These two are your defensive match made in heaven.

If you have Cypher as one of your teammates, watch closely when he uses his abilities because his and Killjoy’s go hand in hand.

More often than not, you’ll find that when a team has both Killjoy and Cypher in their composition, the rest of the team is free to pull out offensive plays off-site.

Killjoy: Weaknesses

Up until now, we’ve been talking all about Killjoy’s strengths and how to use them best.

However, if you really want to be the BEST VALORANT KILLJOY in the history of Valorant Killjoys, you have to know what her weaknesses are, too, right?

More people will say that she is a great main player for DEFENSE.

Assume that all the other players will know this as well and will try to use it against you and your team during a game.

Try not to get drawn out and caught in the open because Killjoy’s best abilities are usually done from a distance.

However, because people know this, you can still get the jump on other players in the game.

For example, using the turret for securing flanks or scouting and information gathering is a great way to have Killjoy working on the offensive.

Also, when Killjoy deploys turrets, she is basically warranted to stay in that area of the map. Yes, this may be able to get Killjoy and the turrets a good lockdown on the site.

Just keep in mind that in exchange for higher kill potential, you may be sacrificing quite a bit of mobility.

Valorant Killjoy Guide: Wrap Up

We’re now at the end of our Valorant Killjoy guide.

We hope that we’ve been able to give you more than a little bit of insight into using Killjoy so that you can main her for your next game and secure more rounds for your team.