NoPixel: A Guide to the Exclusive GTA RP Server

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Grand Theft Auto role-playing has taken Twitch by storm and rakes in tons of fans and viewers.

The participation of famous streamers skyrocketed its popularity, but one huge factor is NoPixel and its servers.

If you want to know how to join these NoPixel servers, read on. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about them!

What Are NoPixel Servers?

NoPixel servers are exclusive roleplay servers for Grand Theft Auto V. They were created by its community of developers and contributors and contain custom scripts they made!

Its owner and lead developer is Koil, also a role-player that streams on Twitch. Each server is run on a third-party multiplayer server system, FiveM.

Trivia: Koil plays both cop and criminal characters!

What Makes NoPixel So Exclusive?

To play in a GTA RP server, applicants have to undergo an application process. Players only gain access upon the owners’ approval and having their login information whitelisted!

Not only that, the main server can only host 32 players which means you’ll endure long queues!

Server Fact: A new slot is only made available when someone leaves.

How Is NoPixel’s Application Process?

It’s quite simple to apply. To gain access to the platform, just fill out there form.

After submitting the form, just wait for the results. Getting whitelisted means you pass.

What makes the form challenging is the series of questions you’re asked. You’ll be required to provide insight about your roleplay experience and answer other GTA RP related questions.

Here are some questions all applicants must answer:

  • “What is your definition of roleplay?”
  • “When do you feel it is a good time to break character?”


In the second section, you’ll be giving answers in character. You’ll be asked questions involving in-game situations (like you found drugs in a car) and your plans for your first day in Los Santos!

Before You Proceed: A Disclaimer

Due to its popularity boom, NoPixel closed its standard whitelisting practice. What’s left open is “Donator” whitelisting.

You can still apply using the same procedure, but you also have to donate money to gain entry! Having a decent following on Twitch helps too!

You’re probably having second thoughts because of the application process and donation requirement. I’ll alleviate your worries in the next section.

An Alternative: Joining the Public NoPixel Server

Are you feeling a bit relieved? NoPixel has a public server other players can join and I’ll walk you through how to do just that!

First, have these two requirements in your possession: GTA V for desktop and FiveM.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Create your NoPixel account
  2. Connect to the public server
  3. Wait in the queue
  4. Play!


Do note that playing GTA RP on the public server has upsides and drawbacks. The biggest advantage is those unable to join the whitelisted server can play!

Lots of players just enjoy the roleplay element and new users can enjoy GTA RP by being in character on the public server!

As for disadvantages, there are multiple:

  • Sketchy players can enter the server since anyone can join
  • Odds are live streamers can get stream sniped
  • You have to endure long queues (Numbers can reach up to more than 1000 users in line)


However, mods made reporting shady players in-game possible, and getting them banned is easy! There’s also a way around those long queues.

Circumventing the Long Queue

NoPixel has Priority Boosts which come in different tiers. Each tier corresponds to the priority you’re given in the queue.

If you want to avoid long wait times and play sooner, purchase a Priority Boost! Take note that these are monthly subscription-based fees:

  • Tier 1 – $30
  • Tier 2 – $100
  • Tier 3 – $250
  • Tier 4 – $500
  • Tier 5 – $1,000

NoPixel Server FAQs

I’ll be answering questions you may still have here.

Why Is Playing on a Nopixel Server So Special?

Famous streamers have joined and played GTA RP on both the main and public servers. Numerous players attempt to join NoPixel to have a lucky day and play GTA with these streamers!

Trivia: XQC is making the public server his own after mods gave him a permanent ban from the main server. Other streamers who play the game have joined the public server at some point though.

Does No Pixel Have Rules?

Like any public platform, there’s an order to things. Here are the general rules you should know before you join:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a working, quality mic
  • Your character should have a somewhat realistic name, doesn’t break Terms of Service (TOS)
  • Players must follow TOS at all times
  • Toxicity in NoPixel GTA RP platforms (like Twitch, Reddit, Discord, etc.) can result in a ban


Other rules cover interactions in any server and even topics like crimes. Keep track of the rules by visiting their website.

Is the NoPixel Server Available Only for Grand Theft Auto V?

Nope! But only one other game has an available NoPixel roleplay server.

That game is DayZ! The server is quite new and NoPixel is still gathering whitelist interest on their official public forum.

It works the same way though. You have to go through screening, get whitelisted, etc.

If you want to know more, you can watch Summit1g talk about it! It’s not yet ready to host lots of players, so only time will tell how it pans out.