The Definitive Guide: Agent Omen

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The Definitive Guide: Agent Omen

He’ll leave his opponents blind. Teleport across the field as paranoia takes hold of all his enemies. Where will he materialize next?

This phantom nightmare, hunting in the shadows, is Omen.

Omen holding a guardian on a white and black background

His abilities, when used correctly, can singularly OUTWIT every other player.

Omen is a highly adaptable character and can be used as a successful initiator or a dependable defender.

If you want to know how to dominate your enemies with Omen in a single match, then keep on reading our definitive guide to Riot Games’ Valorant Omen!

Valorant: Omen Guide

Omen: Character Introduction

Before we deep dive, let’s first understand Omen’s role because, of course, how can you play a character you know nothing about?

In Valorant, each agent is assigned to one of four main roles. We won’t get into that here but just know that agents can be Sentinels, Controllers, Initiators, or Duelists.

Omen is classified as a Controller, meaning you NEED him on your team.

So How Should You Play Omen as a Controller?

Essentially, controllers scour and clear out any dangerous enemy territory to set their team up for success.

Omen, in particular, is a great support player because of his advanced ability to limit the opponent’s field of view.

Omen using his Paranoia to blind advancing enemies

But if you think that Omen can only be useful as a support player, you’d be horribly mistaken.

Along with his ability to use smokes, he also has other tricks to get some INSANE KILLS you can use if you prefer to play him as an individual.

Omen is HIGHLY VERSATILE, and whether you enjoy solo or high-level team play, you’ll find it’s a good idea to have him on your side.

If you’re ready to get to know Omen’s abilities and all the little tips and tricks to get the most out of this agent, keep reading!

Omen: Special Abilities

Let’s go over all of Omen’s abilities – the basics, his signature, and his ultimate ability so you can master Omen and annihilate your enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All of Omen’s abilities are centered around shadows, smokes, and teleports, which are in line with the character design.

With Omen, you can get a lot of CONTROL and MOVEMENT.

Omen even has map-wide teleportation, which can seriously tip the round to your team’s favor if you know how and when to use it.

Shrouded Step

This is the first and most basic ability we’ll introduce in our Valorant Omen guide. When used properly, it has a lot of potentials, especially if you’re looking to outwit your enemy.

This is a unique shadow-walk ability that offers A LOT of utility.

How It Works

It allows Omen to perform short-distance teleportation after a little delay. This ability costs ONLY 100 credits, and for every round, you can buy two.

Shrouded Step is Omen’s default Q.

Omen preparing to use his teleport to confuse the enemy

At its most BASIC capacity, Shrouded Step can get Omen to switch angles quickly, get on top of boxes, move past other small obstacles, and reach high ledges.

Want a Tip?

One of the best things you can do with this teleport is to find UNEXPECTED LOCATIONS in the area that will give you vantage points.

Look for opportunities to get him to new heights or angles to catch your enemies off guard.

For example, an excellent way to use Shrouded Step is to peek at your enemy from one side to get their attention. Then once you’ve done that, teleport immediately to the OPPOSITE SIDE and get your kill.

Bonus Strategies to Use

If you’re looking for ANOTHER WAY to surprise the other players, try fake teleports.

Omen using his teleport within his smoke screen to hide from the enemies

Yup, a good old fake out might just help you and your teammates to win.

Here’s how you’ll do it:

  1. First, get your teleport ability ready, and jump into the teleporter
  2. RIGHT BEFORE you go through, use Shrouded Step while still on the original side
  3. This will leave you at the start location of your jump


It is a rather complicated move, and it will take quite a bit of timing practice, but it is entirely worth it.

The enemy team will think you’ve teleported while you’re the only one who still knows you’re exactly where you started.

You can also use Shrouded Step in conjunction with Dark Cover, but we’ll get into that later.


The second basic ability on our Valorant Omen guide is Paranoia. It costs 200 credits and has 1 charge.

Paranoia instantly fires a shadow projectile that briefly reduces the vision range of all the ones who TOUCH it.

How It Works

Omen CAN use it through objects and walls.

Omen using his Paranoia to clear the mid connector on Haven

You have to make sure you’re using this ability correctly to properly instill some mind games into your plays.

Here’s a Tip

If you aren’t sure about the location of your Paranoia, again, CHECK THE MAP. When you use your Paranoia key, you’ll see where the smoke will land, and you can plan your plays from there.

Bonus Strategies to Use

  1. Remember that this ability has a distance range of 33 meters, so it’s best used in more close combat situations.
  2. Once you’ve done that, make sure to check any other location NOT covered by Paranoia. Clear those first while your enemy is in Paranoia.
  3. Then teleport back into the Paranoia shadows where more enemies should be waiting and kill them there.

Dark Cover – Signature Ability

Now, on our Valorant Omen guide, we have Omen’s signature ability, Dark Cover. This is a large purple smoke that Omen can place ANYWHERE within 80 meters of Omen.

It allows him to move through choke points undetected.

In every round, you spawn with 2 smokes. After you use one, you’ll get a 35-second countdown to get another smoke charge FOR FREE.

How It Works

Brimstone may also have a smoke ability, but Omen is special because not only does he get to use these smokes for free, but you can see EXACTLY where you want the smokes placed.

Omen preparing to use his Smoke screen to allow his teammates to push into site

While in the smoke menu, you won’t be able to see walls, but you can still see the floor. This is why we suggest, while using Dark Cover, look at your minimap.

Here’s a Tip

Your smoke shows up on the minimap during and after you use them. Use the map to see if your smokes landed in the PRECISE AREA you wanted them.

If you want even MORE PERFECT smokes, use the alternate smoke mode. To do this, you’ll need to use your default R key to change the mode you use to place your alternate smokes.

Omen hiding within his Smoke screen waiting for an enemy to enter

In this mode, you can still stay in Omen’s body while maintaining the opacity of any walls. This is a great trick if you’re looking to do a quick smoke.

Bonus Strategies to Use

Although Dark Cover is done mainly to obscure the other team’s vision range when used with Shrouded Step, you can actually use it to make AGRESSIVE KILLS.

  1. You’ll need to create a smoke close to you, step into it, then create another one right ahead of you. Make sure to CHECK YOUR MAP, so you know you’re placing the smokes in the right area.
  2. You then teleport from the first smoke to the second. You can be more forceful as you move through the map, knowing that other attackers WON’T be able to see you.


Dark Cover is one of the best tricks you can keep up your sleeve, and you just need to keep practicing to get the hang of it.

From The Shadows – Ultimate Ability

Finally, on our Valorant Omen guide, we have Omen’s ultimate ability from The Shadows, which requires 7 ultimate points.

How It Works

From The Shadows allows Omen to teleport ANYWHERE on the map. He will teleport into the target area in a dematerialized shade form.

Omen preparing to use his ultimate to teleport to another site

He stays in this form for 3 SECONDS. Keep this in mind because, in the heat of battle, every second counts.

You may not be able to move or use weapons, but you can still see your enemies and STRATEGIZE while in this shadow form. Know also that while you’re in this shade form, your enemy team cannot harm you.

Here’s a Tip

Taking advantage of your ultimate ability is all about choosing an UNEXPECTED location.

Plenty of people already use the ultimate ability to teleport into the enemy team spawn to get a few more kills, BUT your enemies will expect it and be ready for you.

So the moment you teleport into their area, they kill you, rendering your flank useless and exposing your teammates.

Omen using Paranoia from within his Smoke Screen to blind the enemies

So, what is an unexpected location?

For example, when you’re on Haven, instead of teleporting right into the enemy team spawn, teleport to the bottom of a mid or to the back of a bomb site.

We’re sure that your enemy won’t expect you there.

Bonus Strategies to Use

Another good play would be to SHOW YOUR TEAM closing in on a bomb site. This will catch the enemy’s attention, making them all shift their focus.

From here, you can make your way to the opposite bombsite, which should be left unattended.

Valorant Omen Play: What You Need to Know

Beyond having these tips and knowing the ins and outs of Omen’s abilities, there’s also a couple of things you should know if you decide to main Omen.

Omen killing an enemy within his smoke screen

Game Sense

Okay, game sense sounds like some magical talent only reserved for elite esports players, but we SWEAR it’s not.

Game sense can be learned and practiced.

It’s your capacity to understand the main gameplay mechanics while seeing how to make tactical approaches.

It’s being creative enough with Omen’s abilities to maximize his entire skillset, given all of the factors that might hinder the character in the game.

Once you get comfortable with Omen and are able to practice enough in all kinds of situations, we don’t doubt you’ll develop a more heightened game sense!

Map Awareness

One of, if not, THE MOST IMPORTANT things to have if you choose to main Omen is map awareness.

Having a complete understanding of the map is going to help you, especially because you’re going to be teleporting around.

You need to know where you’re going to teleport and what you’re going to do from there.

It takes a lot of practice to ALWAYS BE AWARE of your surroundings, but it becomes second nature when you get used to constantly checking your map.

Valorant Omen: Tips for Countering

The best players remain the best because they know how to play the characters and their abilities creatively and skillfully and because they know where their characters are flawed.

Knowing what attacks will counter Omen will make you a better and WELL-ROUNDED player.

You’ll gain a tactical advantage over other players and know which abilities work against your character.

You can then make smarter plays and be more careful going through each location.

Countering Omen Teleports

If you find yourself PLAYING AGAINST Omen, the best way to counter his teleport ability is through sound cues.

You need to listen to your surroundings EXTRA CAREFULLY.

Omen’s teleport ability makes a sound cue from where he teleports. You won’t exactly know where he ends up, but you’ll know that he used it.

When you hear that sound, check your surroundings for any logical areas that Omen might pop up and surprise you.

Keep in mind that this works even when he’s using his ultimate because his ultimate IS A TELEPORT.

How Does This Help Me Playing Omen?

Well, as Omen, it’s good to know that, when made aware, players can know when you’re teleporting.

If you think about how the opponent might use your sound cues against you, then you’ll have to be EXTRA STRATEGIC about where you teleport to.

NEVER choose an obvious spot because you’ll be caught right away.

More experienced players will listen to your teleport sound. In cases like that, using the fake teleport trick we told you about will come in handy.

Valorant Omen Guide: Wrap Up

Now that we’ve taken all of Omen’s skills into account, told you how to use them, and the things you need to know to make Omen your main, it’s time for you to put that to use!

Hopefully, this guide has given you more insight on how you can be the best Omen for yourself and your team.

Just remember to keep practicing, and we’re sure you’ll figure out even more tips and tricks along the way!