Former RANK 1 Draven Guide

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First off, welcome to the Kryzlx Draven guide. If you are currently a Draven main or an adc main aspiring to be a Draven main, then you are in the right place. If you haven’t even touched adc, then the journey to maining Draven will be hard, but hopefully you learn a lot from this […]

League of Legends history of Victorious Skins

Victorious skins Victorious skins take us back to the old days – days where players from all over the world would grind ranked games to reach the Gold League and acquire them. Ever since then, this legendary skin is a prized rarity for players to have. Riot Games selectively choose which champions will receive the […]

Mastering Lillia: The Ultimate Challenger Guide

Lillia league of legends runes Being the newest champion released in League of Legends, players are eager to try her out. Before you do, use this Lillia guide to learn more about her best runes, abilities, and how to build her. Best Runes to Set If you’re still trying out Lillia for the first time, […]

How Long Does It Take To Get Level 30 In League in 2022?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a fresh start in League of Legends!  The game itself is complicated and can make it difficult for players to try new things without being punished severely in-game. On the flipside, players can feel burnt out on their main accounts because of they’re pressured to maintain their reputation as a […]

The Definitive Guide: The Fastest Way to Level in League 2022

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How to Hand Level Your Smurf Account in League of Legends Leveling a League of Legends account has been a topic of discussions ever since the game first came out. Players are always looking for the quickest way to jump straight into Ranked games to show the competition they have what it takes. In this […]

What Are The Main Reasons People Buy Accounts for League of Legends?

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Why Buy League of Legends Accounts At GooseSmurfs, we have one goal—to provide the highest quality League of Legends smurfs. We put quality over quantity and keep our rates low to ensure you can get the accounts you want without breaking the bank. Unlike other smurf account sellers, who are just out to make a […]

How to ensure you keep your Account safe…

How to secure your account. If you haven’t already, be sure to change your password to a strong 16+ Character password. is a great site to create a strong, unique and randomized password. Just be sure not to lose it! Next, you want to make sure you change the e-mail to the account to your own. […]