The Definitive Guide: Agent Phoenix

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The Definitive Guide: Agent Phoenix

Phoenix wields the explosive power of flames to reshape the battlefield and deal serious damage to enemy teams. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this stylish, fiery, and aggressive dualist.

In this Valorant Phoenix guide, we’ll be breaking down his entire play kit plus sharing with you some Phoenix tips and tricks to get the most kills in the game.

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Agent Overview

Phoneix holding a pistol

Agent Phoenix is a one-man army, great at taking down enemy flanks and appearing where other teams least expect the most.

With his Blaze and Curveball abilities, it buys the entire team time and adds pressure to your enemies. On the other hand, Hot Hands damages and heals. Phoenix’s ultimate ability, Run It Back, brings him back to life.

There’s NOTHING that this Valorant agent can’t do.

The combination of Phoenix’s abilities altogether makes him a great attacker and defender, depending on the strategy you employ.

Codename: Apollo- Character Design

Phoneix holding his flashbang ability against a Valorant background

One of the first Valorant agents you’ll have an opportunity to play with is Phoenix or codename, Apollo.

Designed with flair and style that’s beyond cool, the British agent is a well-known playmaker, shifting the tides for the team.

In the game, Phoenix’s main role is to run in and die. While this may sound like it’s a bad thing, it’s actually not. Having him in a team is a BIG advantage.

Thanks to his abilities, Valorant Phoenix takes enemies by surprise, blocks their vision, and takes the kill. Phoenix players often do the dirty job of running around and dealing damage before dying.

Or you can think of him as an escort who buys time for the team.

Valorant Phoenix is the epitome of an entry-fragger, the first to enter an area, take information as quickly as possible, and in most cases, the first to die.

  • NOTE: Entry-fraggers are not the strongest members of the team, BUT they’re the ones putting the strategy into action by providing the information, a crucial role for a successful play.

What makes Phoenix an effective entry-fragger is his Run-It-Back ability that easily allows him back in the game even AFTER dying.

In the same way, his self-healing capabilities and his flash temporarily block the enemies’ vision for an element of surprise.

Because playing Phoenix requires enough strategy and method, he’s easily one of the best Valorant agents for beginners, making it simpler for newbies to understand how the game works.

Phoenix’s Kit & Abilities

Phoenix comes packed with abilities for both offense and defense. As a dualist, Valorant Phoenix has a unique set of play styles suitable for making calculated aggressive moves.

In this section of our Valorant agent guide, we’ll be looking at Phoenix’s abilities and how you can effectively use them to damage enemies.

Blaze (C-Ability)

Phoenix’s C ability creates flames that move forward and create a wall that blocks vision and damages players passing through the wall of flames.

Phoneix holding a knife looking at short A and his fire wall

The blaze wall can be curved by holding the mouse button in the direction of your crosshair. The effect lasts for 8 seconds and requires 200 credits each time you use the ability.

Strategy Guide:

A Phoenix player can take advantage of Blaze by aiming it towards the wall and the site entrance. In turn, this creates a flash that blinds the enemy and your surroundings, the ideal scenario for a surprise attack.

The bomb site can be taken down, all without your enemies knowing what hit them. Because the entrance is split apart, it’ll be difficult for them to exactly guess where you’ll be coming out from.

Use this to your advantage. You can push through the smoke to pick up your kills.

And the best part about Blaze? The flame wall will also heal Phoenix himself for a total of 50 health as long as he stands inside the wall while it’s up.

  • Healing Effectiveness: 1 HP for every 0.16 seconds

Curveball (Q-Ability)

To boost his offensive power, Phoenix is equipped with a Curveball, or a flare orb that curves left or right on a set path and detonates shortly after you throw it in the direction you’re aiming for.

He can carry a total of 2 curve balls, costing 200 credits per piece.

Phoneix holding his flashbang looking at heaven

The duration of the flash depends on how close the enemies are to the flash once it’s thrown in the air. The curveball’s flash can blind enemies for a maximum of 1.1 seconds.

A valorant agent being flashbanged by Phoneix's ability

Strategy Guide:

This ability is especially handy for entry-fragging missions as it allows him to push past enemy territories.

HOWEVER, while it’s incredibly useful, it’s weak against random sprays from the enemy team holding the angle where you’re about to come out from. Phoenix can easily get killed.

SO, always remember to check your map and surroundings when using Q.

Hot Hands (E-Ability)

Hot Hands is simple and straightforward: you throw a fire ball to the enemy and it explodes once it hits the ground. This creates a fire zone and deals AoE damage to the other team.

Phoneix using his Run It Back ability

The move is Phoenix’s signature ability, available at every round or whenever he gets 2 kills.

Like Blaze, Hot Hands is lethal to enemies, but god-sent to Phoenix players. It damages enemies that walk through the puddle of fire, while it heals Phoenix himself for 50 health.

Strategy Guide:

One of our favorite Phoenix tips and tricks when using Hot Hands is to throw the fire ball at a doorway where you don’t want the enemy team to push through.

Phoneix using his Hot Hands ability

The lingering fire zone creates space and will keep them at bay. And, we guarantee you, most enemies will let their guards down, not expecting you to push past it. It’s a great way to catch them off-guard.

  • Here’s a Tip: You can easily molly bomb sites difficult to clear by standing a long distance away from the target area.
    Phoneix throwing hot hands at just the right angle to hit the enemy team

Run It Back (Ultimate Ability)

Phoenix’s ultimate ability is the entry-fragger’s dream.

If you’ve been reading this Valorant Phoenix guide closely, then you already have an idea of how Run It Back works. Basically, Phoenix can revive himself and join his team on the battlefield for the second time.

Phoneix looking at his Run It Back respawn point

By dropping a marker, he gets teleported back to the game once more with full health.

Strategy Guide:

  • Here’s a Tip: Make sure to pin the location of Hot Hands where enemies are not around. The downside when it comes to this ability is it re-spawns Phoenix to the exact current location or the initial position of the marker.

Run It Back is really neat, especially among Phoenix’s other abilities, because it allows him to push spike sites without any fear. It makes him nearly unstoppable!

HOWEVER, don’t let this get into your head and run in with guns blazing. An ulted Phoenix is still a target for enemies and by charging in loudly, he loses his ultimate ability’s advantage.

Using Agent Phoenix for Offense

Phoenix’s fiery kit packs a mean punch when it comes to offensive strategies.

You can combine his C and Q abilities to isolate angles for better aim. The curve blaze is a lethal combination as it puts a TON of pressure on enemies.

The corners of the blaze wall will not only give Valorant Phoenix more flexibility, but the flashes from the orbs also block off a sightline or a different angle where enemies can take a peek. While adding to his kills, he can heal himself in the process.

For difficult maps like Haven, Phoenix can run down into the B-site and act as a decoy. By causing problems for enemy defenders, you smartly force rotations from the garage or area A.

Using Agent Phoenix for Defense

As a defender, Phoenix excels by making aggressive and unpredictable plays.

One method you can try is the jiggle peek strategy where you can hold a safe angle from a distance, which is harder than it sounds. Since Phoenix is an agent that you DON’T want to cross, you can go for the kill while buying your team time.

You can also make calculated moves by locking down and delaying the enemy’s push using Curve and Blaze.

Tips & Tricks: How to Get More Easy Kills & Double Kills

This Valorant Phoenix guide wouldn’t be complete without tips and tricks to win. Here’s how you can score more points while playing this fan-favorite agent.

1. Best Weapons

Gamers would often argue that the best weapon is all in your preference.

This is 100% TRUE.

And this applies to Phoenix as well.

For faster kills and closer range aggression, Phantom synergizes better; for long-distance shots, Vandal is more suitable.

Take your pick!

2. Communicate with Team

Just because Phoenix is a one-man team, it doesn’t mean his solo the whole mission to a finish. You’ll still need to cooperate and strategize with the rest of the team, ESPECIALLY if you’re running on a newly resurrected Phoenix.

You will still need someone to watch over your back and capitalize on Phoenix’s entry-fragging abilities.

As Phoenix users, there’s nothing as frustrating as having to entry-frag your way in, while your teammates just sit back and relax.

3. Check the Map

Because his abilities thrive on being unpredictable, most enemies will want to keep an eye out for Phoenix. This takes away his unpredictability, making his abilities useless.

To avoid this, always check the map. If you don’t see the enemy fighting for control, chances are you’ve already been marked and they’re keeping tabs on your flank. So, better watch your back!

4. Don’t Overcommit to Aggressive Plays

While Phoenix is essentially built for aggressive plays with his fiery attacks, it’s always wise to keep a level head.

The best time to be aggressive is when the other team is defaulting and you’re confident that you can finish them off in a close 1 vs 1 fight. OR when the other team is ignoring your site, you can get a huge flank on them.


And there you have it! The full Valorant guide to our favorite entry-fragger agent, Phoenix, or codename: Apollo.

Phoenix is the complete set. He’s a regen, does serious damage, can heal, and is capable of a flame wall and a flash.

Comment down below who’s your favorite Valorant agent, and why it’s Phoenix!