The Definitive Guide: The Fastest Way to Level in League 2022

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How to Hand Level Your Smurf Account in League of Legends

Leveling a League of Legends account has been a topic of discussions ever since the game first came out. Players are always looking for the quickest way to jump straight into Ranked games to show the competition they have what it takes.

In this article, we will break down the fastest ways to level 30 on League of Legends.

How long does it take to level up?

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When it comes to leveling up on League of legends, the average time it will take to get your account level 30 is around 210 games without experience boosts or roughly 7 games per day for one full MONTH. You also have the option to buy cheap lol smurfs that save you hundreds of hours!

You need around 40,500 experience to finally reach level 30, one game will give you around 230 exp for a win or 150 for a loss. If the average game time is around 27 minutes with around 4-minute queue times, you’re looking at over 6,700 minutes or right about 112 HOURS to finally reach level 30. This is not the fastest way to level up an account, to level up fast you will need XP boosts.

The numbers above are without double x boosts. If we factor in double XP Boosts, which will cost you around $30 to get enough( 40-win + a 10-win XP boost AND a 3-day XP boost is needed for this method), you can speed up this process. If you can spam 14-18 games a DAY of ARAM or blind pick normal games, and ensure you win at least 80% of these games, you could reach level 30 in just three days, this is the fastest way to level 30 by hand leveling the account.

Tips to Reach Level 30 the Fastest Way

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Win as many League games as you can

To make sure you get the most experience per game you will want to try your hardest every match, make good call-outs, push your lead when you obtain it, always keep the pressure on the enemy and close out the games when the opportunity arises. Winning will cut your Leveling speed allowing you to get the fastest XP.

Play beginner bots mode

Our personal favorite way of leveling is to get a group of friends together and tackle some beginner bot games. The trick to finishing these games quickly is by taking Tristana, Jinx, Caitlyn, or any other champions that have fast attack speed and a lot of auto-attack damage. One mastery you will need to bring is Lethal Tempo and the second one is the Demolish mastery to allow you to push through those towers with ease. Go straight to mid and start to push the wave, and hit the tower every chance you get!

Don’t end games too fast

The longer the games go on, the more XP you will gain. The general rule of thumb is: 14-minutes per bot game. If you’re in a normal game, you usually won’t be able to end the game before 15-minutes, but if you can then you should attempt to stall the game out to 25-minutes.

Enjoy different game modes

Spamming bot games or summoner rift games over and over again can become tedious extremely quickly. Spread out your play between multiple game modes. Give ARAM a try, go into a normal blind pick game, hop into a bot game. Whatever you do, keep your morale up and have a good time.

Use your XP boosts efficiently

When you have the Daily XP boost you want to be sure you’re using it efficiently. Don’t buy a Daily XP boost when you can only play 3-4 League of Legends games in a day. Wait until the weekend or whichever day you will have the most amount of time to play. To make good use of the Daily XP boost you should look to play at least 12 games in one day or else you will end up spending even more money on RP.

Wave clearing champions

If you’re looking to end bot games quickly ensure you pick champions with wave clear. Xerath, Ziggs, Morgana – These are all examples of champions that push the wave efficiently. Ziggs also has one of the best abilities in League of Legends which allows him to destroy towers below a certain health threshold, as you level his W ability up it will increase that threshold. This makes Ziggs an exceptional choice for ending games expediently.

Buy a League of Legends account that is already level 30

After seeing how long it REALLY takes to reach level 30 in league of legends you may be thinking, “Wow this seems like a lot of time and effort JUST to get level 30.” Even if you’re using a double XP boost to level up fast, it will still take you a minimum of 3 days.

If you’re like most people, the time it takes to get level 30 is grueling and requires a minimum of $30 in RP to do it in a timely manner. Instead of spending this time playing bot, ARAM, or normal games you could be climbing the ranks on an unranked level 30 account. Your skill may start to deteriorate during those bot games as it will make you change your playstyle. Instead of playing well and outplaying opponents, you will be strictly focused on pushing the lane and getting tower as fast as possible.

Your time is worth more than spending 112 hours on bot games and the main reason why people buy smurf accounts in the first place. It’s also nice to not have to spend your hard-earned money (which we all have spent too much on this game, amirite?) on XP boost and finding the time and the ways to level fast.

Pros of Hand-Leveling Your Account vs. Purchasing a Smurf account

Hand-Leveled Accounts Smurf Accounts
Pros Cons Pros Cons
See the benefits of each rune as you level It takes a long time to get level 30 Great for experienced summoners looking to show off their skills Low ban rate but there is still a chance
Try out summoners one at a time on your favorite champions Your skills will deteriorate in normal games No time wasted jump straight into ranked games Have to purchase a name change with BE if you want one
Utilize your entire champion pool in easier games There will be a LOT of trolls in low level games Great for getting to a certain rank and selling Having to explain to your friends where you got the account
Can create a custom name without spending BE on a name change Time spent leveling could be used to rank up Test out new roles on an account that you have no sentimental value to People will complain about you smurfing on them

How to keep your account safe

Change your password to something that is 16+ characters with symbols involved, this will ensure your account stays safe and no one will be able to hack your account.

Change the e-mail and use one that you haven’t used before, this will make sure Riot won’t get suspicious about multiple accounts being hooked to one e-mail. Also it keeps your accounts safe if your e-mail ever gets compromised.

Do not RUSH to Diamond+ make it take multiple days, if you climb too quickly this will flag Riot and they may manually look into your account. If you’re doing DECENTLY in normal/bot games, and then you immediately pop off in ranked 30-0 Riot will look into how this is happening. People may report your account for possible MMR boosting which can lead to a 14-day suspension in rare cases.

What is the best choice?

So now you know how long it really takes to get a league of legends account to level 30. This should help you make a decision on how you want to level up, or if you decide to make the process quicker by purchasing an account.

Whichever you decide make sure you’re having fun! Try out fun summoner spells, see if you can end the game as quickly as possible, and upon reaching level 30 you can play ranked as soon as possible. If getting to level 30 yourself doesn’t seem like the best way to level for you, you can always come to the professionals at Goosesmurfs.