The Definitive Guide: Agent Sage

Sage splash art on a transparent background

In the midst of a hellish and chaotic battle, a calming and reliable presence could turn the tide.

And that’s exactly what it’s like when you’ve got Sage on your team.

With new Valorant game patches and the introduction of other agents, it’s often debated whether or not Sage has been nerfed.

However, Sage has proven herself a pivotal character for amazing tactical gameplay, consistently ranking as a top-tier agent across all ranks.

When played right, Agent Sage can carry her teammates to victory!

To get the most out of this character, we’ve collated all the tips and tricks you need in this Valorant Sage Guide.


A Valorant Sage Guide: Playing Sage

Sage is one of the Radiants in Valorant.

They are a group of gifted individuals that gained supernatural abilities during the First Light Event. When using an ability, Sage casts out a radianite orb.

As one of the sentinel agents on Valorant, Sage is a defensive expert. Her ROLE during the game is usually MORE PASSIVE for coordinated team play.

But being passive doesn’t mean being left in the background— you just need to think and stay calm while playing Sage so that you don’t waste any of your abilities.

Sage is able to keep a lookout and pinpoint parts of the map to use for her team’s advantage using her basic abilities.

Moreover, Sage can play a supportive role with her signature abilities that restore her teammates’ health.


Sage’s Abilities

Sage aiming a rifle at her teammate on Bind

Now let’s take a closer look at Sage’s abilities.

As is the case with all Valorant characters, Sage has a mix of basic and signature abilities.

Her basic abilities comprise of the barrier orb and slow orb. These are the perfect abilities for taking advantage of pretty much any map in the game.

Sage’s signature ability is the healing orb. As its name suggests, it restores health to any player that it’s used on.

Finally, we have her ultimate ability: Ressurection.

Besides healing, Sage can revive ANY teammate that’s been killed by enemies at any given round.

With an overview of Sage’s abilities, let’s dive deeper into their characteristics for more tips and tricks on how to effectively use them against the enemy team.


Barrier Orb

The barrier orb creates an ice wall from the ground that can be placed pretty much anywhere you can fire with your crosshairs.

After equipping a barrier orb, you can press C to rotate the orb at 90°, or you can hold right-click and move your mouse to rotate it even more precisely before firing.


How to Use It:

1) Blocking off a choke point.

Sage placing her Ice barrier to safely plant the bomb on Bind

  • The barrier orb is great for placing in the middle of maps to force the enemy team to go around and pass where your teammates are lying in wait.
  • However, you might also want to wait to see where on the map the enemy will actually pass through to not waste a barrier orb wall at a place no one passes by.
  • Some players like to get creative with the barrier orb and set up a wall or two to trap enemies in combination with another ally’s ability.


2) Surprise your enemies.

Sage placing on top of her ice barrier on Bind

  • You can also use the barrier orb to create a better vantage point of the field. Climbing up on a well-placed and semi-hidden wall allows you to observe and surprise an unsuspecting enemy.



  • Like we mentioned before, a barrier orb wall can be placed anywhere and in any position that you’d like to block off certain areas.
  • The wall has both defensive and offensive purposes. It not only serves as a defensive wall, but can also be used for a better line of sight and tactical attacks, surprising enemies.
  • The wall can also be used with different ability combinations to form creative traps.



  • The wall is a more expensive ability, costing 400 credits.
  • It can also be hard to place, especially from an “elevated” place or somewhere with a staircase.
  • It does have 800 HP, meaning it can eventually be shot down.


Slow Orb

Sage using her ice orb to slow enemies when they cross A short on Bind

The slow orb is a throwable projectile that will spread out over a designated area and slow down any enemies that pass through it. It slows speed down to 45-50%.

This ability can turn any enemy into an easy target for you and your allies to take down. Simply equip the slow orb and cast it out on the area of your choosing.


How to Use It:

1) Trap your enemies.

  • A well-placed and well-timed slow orb is perfect for trapping an enemy coming your way. The slowing effect makes for easy headshots and even affects the airspace above.
  • This is one ability that would work incredibly in tandem with others such as a barrier wall to trap and ambush the enemy.


2) Slow down an enemy team push.

  • The most common way to use the slow orb is, of course, to slow down an enemy team push. This makes the best use out of the slow orb’s short time of effect, which is about 6.5 seconds.



  • The Sage slow orb doesn’t have a definite shape, so it can be used on all sorts of terrain.
  • Slows air movement across its designated area.
  • The slow orb can be bounced off a wall for a sneakier attack and to cover certain areas better.



  • The slow orb has a stow speed (after usage) of only 0.1 seconds and a short duration of 6.5 seconds.
  • The uses of the Sage slow orb are greatly diminished by its short duration and a recent patch that allowed a player to pass through WITHOUT sound effects.


Healing Orb

Sage healing a damaged ally on Bind

The healing orb is always handy to have in your team’s utility. While it doesn’t restore full health right away, it will heal over time at a rate of about 6-12 HP per second.

As Sage’s signature ability, it DOESN’T COST you anything to heal an ally. However, it does have a cooldown period of 45 seconds.


How to Use It:

1) Heal your allies.

  • Simply target any companion within your line of sight with the healing orb to restore their health at a rate of 12 HP per second.
  • Any teammate may request you to heal them and check if the cooldown period is over.


2) Heal yourself.

  • The heal orb can be used on anyone on your team, yourself included. However, the rate at which the heal orb restores HP will be slower used on yourself at only 6 HP per second.



  • The healing effect will be paused if the chosen ally is briefly attacked.
  • The ability will also automatically heal the player with the lowest HP if you press E and click the general area your team is in.



  • The healing orb will heal for the duration of only 10 seconds for a teammate and 5 seconds for yourself.



Sage using her Ice barrier to protect her ally while she revives them on bind

Sage’s resurrection is her ultimate ability and has plenty more uses than you might think. The resurrection ability, of course, revives killed players and restores them to full health.

Sage using her revive on a downed ally

Simply cast the orb upon any corpse. It will take a while for them to revive and regain control, but they won’t sustain any damage until the process ends.


How to Use It:

1) Resurrect an ally.

  • The most obvious thing to do with Sage’s ultimate ability is to revive your ally. This can easily turn the tide during a game.
  • Works great with Sage’s barrier wall to protect your reviving teammate before they gain back control.


2) Resurrect an enemy.

  • If kept in your utility up until the final round or a decisive moment in the game, you can resurrect an enemy for the ultimate fraud move.
  • Resurrecting the enemy is one way to distract them and also make them vulnerable to some extent.
  • While the enemy team is busy watching over their ally’s reviving corpse, take this opportunity to peak them and get some kills in.



  • During the revival, the player will not sustain any damage.



  • Revives the player without any armor, thus requiring you to guard your teammate until they gain control of their character.


Sage on Attack

Sage on top of her wall on Icebox

If your team decides to go on the attack during the first round, be sure to play a bit more passively during team pushes.

This means providing support during attacks and saving yourself to make the most out of Sage’s healing and revival capabilities.

In case your team is ambushed, it is better for Sage to never be the first one in line. This way, you’ll be able to heal any of your allies in need.

Take note of these other handy tips:

  • For the first-round buy, it would be a good idea to purchase barrier orbs.
  • The barrier wall will be able to withstand the pistol shots that will be used during the earlier rounds. These walls would be great to control the field during attacks, as better vantage points, and as ways to redirect your opponents.
  • After the first-round buy purchases of the barrier orb, you can opt to buy light armor and slow orbs.

See her line-ups here:


Sage on Defense

Sage using her Ice orb to slow down enemy advances on Icebox

Playing Sage during defensive tactics is a lot more straightforward since she is a sentinel agent.

You’ll want to use the defensive barrier walls to block off any vents to prevent the enemy from getting to your team.

They’ll also block off your enemy’s line of sight. They will be left to rotate or shoot down the wall and thus, revealing their location to you.

Don’t forget, you can also use the walls as vantage points for you and your allies to surprise and shoot down enemy players.



Sage is a great Valorant agent to have on your team with the skill to turn the game around.

Following the tips and tricks on our guide, you can create and enjoy AWESOME plays, and climb up to the top ranks with Sage.

We hope you enjoyed this Valorant Sage guide. Comment down below if you have some more cool tips and tricks you’d like to share!