How and When to Surrender in Valorant

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Can’t handle getting beaten by your enemies?

Then maybe it is time to surrender the game. But ONLY if you think there is a 0% chance of winning that one match.

Well, don’t worry. We have prepared detailed steps for you on how to surrender in Valorant. Just follow all our steps and you will be able to get out of that hellish battle royale.

Steps to Surrender in Valorant

It is fairly easy to access the surrender feature in Valorant — it only takes 3 STEPS to summon the surrender button.

What’s NOT easy is having to convince your team to surrender. UNLESS you all think the same thing: that it is totally impossible to win that one game.

Anyhow, you can directly follow the steps below to open the early surrender option EVEN without talking to your team. But you will have to rely on your guts in this case and pray that they will say YES.

Step 1: Open the Chat Box

What players only have to do is click Enter and the chat box will pop up right away in Valorant.

Though make sure you are in a safe location before you get into surrender mode. You don’t want to stain your match history with one more unnecessary death.

Step 2: Type “/ff”

Alternatively, a player can also chat the following Riot Games commands in the game:

  • /forfeit
  • /concede
  • /surrender

But note that it is ONLY possible to forfeit a match from Round 5 onwards.

Also, each team only gets to call the surrender feature ONCE per half in Valorant. You basically have to wait for Round 8 to come in so you can surrender your victory.

In short, you only get TWO chances in the entire game: when you become an attacker and defender.

Step 3: Wait for the Team Vote

This is when you wait for all your team members to throw in the towel. They will ALL have to vote YES in order for the match to end. But this works for competitive games ONLY.

Unrated games DON’T require unanimous voting — they accept an 80% YES vote.

Players can surrender matches in Valorant either through…

  • Typing “/yes” or “/no”
  • Pressing F5 (yes) or F6 (no)
  • Or accessing ESC and clicking the surrender button

But what if there is an AFK player?

Well, you don’t have to worry about those AFK players at all. They are NOT considered voters after all. You can give up those impossible games even with ONLY getting 3/4 votes from the entire game.

And just additional info…

Keep in mind that the surrender vote option will NOT appear right after the moment you have typed /ff or the alternative Riot Games commands. Players can only vote AFTER the next round.

Unless you accessed the surrender vote system BEFORE the buy phase ends.

If the Team Votes YES…

The match will end.

And you will finally become the surrendering team in the game.

The winning team will acquire ALL the round wins from the match (including the credits you are supposed to have) — overall getting those 13 rounds to their side.

If the Team Votes NO…

The match will continue.

Unfortunately, you will need to endure all those tough matches UNTIL you get to the 2nd half to call the surrender option again.

But if your teammates still vote NO… Then there is nothing you can do. You have to continue that hopeless game of yours until you actually lose. Or win if there is a little hope to come.

Who knows what will happen.


Already done reading our How to Surrender in Valorant article? Well, that was fast.

Anyway, we hope you have come to understand the ins and outs of surrendering a game — either it is competitive or unrated.

In any case, remember that the decision is NOT just up to you but to your teammates as well.

You may have to trust them if they think it is still possible to win a few rounds. But if they don’t think so, then you may have to sadly say goodbye to victory.