The Best Vi Build Guide For Season 13 (2023)

Vi Build Guide

The Best Vi Jungle build guide 

Vi is a popular jungler that can isolate and catch out any champion she chooses. No matter what obstacle stands in her way, Vi will find a way to overcome it. Her fists and feet are lethal weapons, but it’s her indomitable spirit that makes her truly dangerous. With each victory, she inches closer to her ultimate goal-becoming the best champion in the League of Legends. We’re going to show you how it’s done with this guide for the best Vi build available for season 13.

Vi Pros and Cons

  • Very good potential for successful ganks in different lanes.
  • Powerful ult – Assault and Battery Assault and Battery  is almost guaranteed to kill the enemy.
  • Good passive – Blast Shield Blast Shield which increases Vi’s survivability.
  • Vault Breaker Vault Breaker  allows you to overcome various obstacles and interrupt the skills of enemies.
  • Excellent mobility, which is achieved through certain abilities.
  • It will take some time to get used to the skills and learn how to quickly clear the forest.
  • Assault and Battery Assault and Battery ult can be blocked by the enemy with invulnerability. There are also situations where the wrong use of the ult leads to the fact that you are driving yourself into a trap.
  • When using the Vault Breaker skill Vault Breaker Vi slows down leaving her vulnerable.

Vi’s Abilities: 

Blast Shield Blast Shield is a great passive that gives Vi a shield, the cooldown of the skill will decrease with the level, and the size of the shield will increase. The strength of the shield depends directly on Vi’s maximum health. Vault Breaker Vault Breaker – the skill is great for initiating a fight. When fully charged, Vi is able to fly long distances and even jump over some obstacles. Denting Blows – With this skill, Vi is able to kill tanks and fat champions very quickly. The skill’s damage is based on the target’s maximum health. In addition, immediately after taking damage, the target’s armor is reduced. An important advantage of the skill is that immediately after using Vi gets a very bonus to attack speed. The skill is passive and does not cost mana. Excessive Force – Vi empowers her next auto-attack, increasing her radius, after hitting Vi deals damage to the target and those behind her. The skill can have up to 2 charges. The skill resets Vi’s auto-attack timer. Assault and Battery Assault and Battery – Vi focuses on the champion and flies after him, ignoring obstacles, during the skill, Vi is unstoppable and unstoppable, Vi cannot control herself, so she can fall into the enemy’s trap if the skill is used incorrectly.  

Vi Best Item Build

For the first purchase it’s best to take: Mosstomper Seedling/Scorch Claw Pup + Healing Potion Moss Stomper Seedling Scorchclaw Pup Health Pot Mosstomper Seedling is for those who prefer to initiate fights and go into big tanking. Scorchclaw Pup is suitable for those who prefer to deal more damage.   The choice of mythic items for Vi depends on her preferences in the build: Divine Sunderer Divine Sunderer is probably the best choice, it gives Vi the ability to penetrate tanks even better, and gives him the ability to sustain, due to the HP restored by him. Eclipse item Eclipse – this item is suitable for Vi’s lethality build, it is used to quickly kill the enemy’s backline, Vi becomes thinner, but gains more damage.   The main bruiser build items are the following: Divine Sunderer Divine Sunderer is probably the best choice, it gives Vi the ability to penetrate tanks even better, and gives him the ability to sustain, due to the XP restored by him. Mercury Treads Plated Steelcaps Mercurys’s Treads/Plated Steelcaps, 1 will help if the enemy has a lot of control and magic damage, 2 will help if the enemy has a lot of physical damage or characters whose main damage depends on auto attacks. Black Cleaver Black Cleaver – gives us a lot of cooldown reduction, also when you deal physical damage to a champion you apply armor reduction charges on them, and you also get movement speed for charges on the enemy. Next, you can select items based on the enemy team: Ravenous Hydra item Ravenous Hydra –  Gives a large number of characteristics, aside from the area of effect from auto-attacks, it gives additional AD and vampirism, so it suits many characters well. Deaths Dance Deaths Dance – Increases Vi’s survivability, gives defense, AD, and a good amount of cds. Chempunk Chainsword item Chempunk Chainsword – Gives an acceptable amount of HP, health, and a large amount of CDR, for a fairly low price, it is also useful if the enemy has lifesteal, since the item applies the Grievous Wounds effect. Maw of Malmortius Maw of Malmortius – A good item if the enemy has a large number of magicians, since when the character’s HP reaches a certain value when dealing magic damage, it gives the character a shield that depends on the character’s AD, and also gives omnivamp until the end of the battle. Guardian Angel Guardian Angel – The item is suitable for those who are the main damage dealer of the team, and gives you an extra life if you are killed early on in a fight. Spear_of_Shojin_item Spear of Shojin – Gives a large amount of AD, and CDR due to its passive which gives CDR based on your AD, and also increases the speed of movement depending on the lost HP. Steraks_Gage_item Steraks Gage – Gives AD, the amount of which depends on your base attack power, also when HP drops below a certain value, it gives a shield, the size of which depends on your HP, it also gives a large amount of HP when creating a full item.

Full Vi Build Example

Divine Sunderer Chempunk Chainsword item Steraks_Gage_item Spear_of_Shojin_item Mercury Treads Maw of Malmortius Divine Sunderer, Chempunk Chainsaw, Steraks Gage, Spear of Shojin, Mercury Treads, Maw of Malmordius

Best Vi Runes: 

Vi Build Runes Primary Branch: Domination:  Hail Of Blades – This rune allows us to quickly use our W. Sudden Impact – Increases our physical and magical penetration for a short time after applying dashes or invisibility. Eyeball Collection – a rune that gives the character charges for each kill or assist, while the charges give AD or AP, adaptively from the character’s damage. Relentless Hunter – A rune that gives a charge to the character for killing each of the 5 champions, each charge increases the character’s movement speed out of combat. Secondary Branch Precision:  Triumph – increases the character’s survivability, because after killing or participating in a kill, you restore some of the lost XP and additionally get 20 gold. Legend: Alacrity – Increases the character’s attack speed, helps Vi proc more W’s.   Stat mods: attack speed, adaptive force, health  

Vi’s Best and Worst Matchups

Vi Counters: 

RekSai Rek Sai is a character with not only survivability but also the ability to destroy Vi in the earlier stages of the game, if she is against you, you should be wary of her and avoid 1vs1 battles. KhaZix Ka Zix is ​​not only a good jungler, but also a very strong duelist. In the first half of the game, this champion will have incredible damage and it is better not to cross paths with him.  Trundle Trundle – this character does not leave Vi and a chance in a 1 vs 1 fight. Trundle has very high damage at 1 levels, and after 6 he will be able to steal Vi’s defenses and HP with his ult. Therefore, 1vs1 fights with him will only be a waste of time,  as he will not be as mobile as you are, you should try to keep track of his location.  

Best Vi Duo Synergies 

Yuumi is a very strong addition, with her healing you can easily win 2vs2, 2vs3, and even 2vs4 battles. Yumi also adaptively gives herself and the one to whom she is attached AP or AD. Nami – Due to the chain of control of Nami, you will become incredibly strong due to her healing and strengthening. Yasuo – is a great combo of control and damage. Since your skill set has 2 knock-ups with Q and R, his ult can easily synergize with vi to deal huge damage to the opponents.   

The Best Vi Skins

Skins can cost upwards of $15 per skin. Visit GooseSmurfs for affordable and secure league of legends accounts that cost less than a skin from the Riot Shop!

Demon Vi – 1350 RP

Demon Vi Demon Vi is one of our favorite skins because of the cool wings and AMAZING sound effects. We also like this skin the most because the red color is very bright and beautiful.

Neon Stike Vi – 975 RP

Neon Strike Vi Neon Stike Vi was the first skin released for Vi, and it still remains one of the best. It has a cool background and amazing background sound effects, and this is one of the very few skins that has moving parts (glasses). The only reason it’s lower than number 1 for me is that it doesn’t have the good W sounds that Demon Vi has.

PsyOps Vi – 1350 RP

Psy Ops Vi PsyOps Vi is the newest and the most sophisticated. It also has good color schemes. During the days of the event, a special border and a Psi Squad badge were also available, which could be purchased with tokens. All of these personalization options make the S-Tier ML skin.

Should You Play Vi?

Vi is an incredibly strong champ and will never let go once she gets ahold of her opponent. If you’re interested in playing Vi but don’t want to ruin your elo on your main League of Legends account, check out GooseSmurfs for ranked and unranked accounts that are both affordable and secure.