The Definitive Guide: Agent Breach

Brimstone Splash Art with a black and white background

So what does the bionic Swede have up his sleeve?

Well, apparently, almost everything you would need to win a game of Valorant! In fact, we’ve heard comments of whether Breach should be nerfed.

Crazy, right?!

Before you even start playing Breach, read this guide to learn about how to use Breach’s abilities, his role as an agent, and attack & defense tips to become a pro Breach player!

Brief Overview of Valorant Agent Breach

Not many players choose to play Breach.

Why is that? Three words: High skill ceiling.

As ground-shaking as Breach’s abilities are, Breach is a player that requires massive patience and time to master and learn.

But if you’re willing, you can use Breach as a powerhouse player to practically win most games by allowing your teammates to safely get through choke points including the bomb site.

Breach is an initiator, meaning his main goal is to gain information for his allies, utilize his abilities to safely push into the bomb site.

What most players don’t understand about Breach is his positioning and how to strategically use him to win the game. Let’s dive into that below.

What Is Breach’s Role as an Agent?

Beginners or anyone new to Breach might focus on his annoying yet hardcore abilities perfect for both offense and defense.

As a result, beginners just might charge directly during trades, and well…

It’s a horrible decision. Abusing a character might be effective against low elo players, but as you climb higher up, strategy is far more crucial.

Breach mains understand you have to be capable of reading your enemy along with the situation.

Since Breach is an initiator, Breach players should focus on getting information early game to fully maximize his kit.

Before we dive into Breach’s abilities, remember these 4 characteristics:

  1. Breach should never or rarely be the first to go in. This is mainly reserved for an entry fragger or duelist.
  2. Because his abilities allow him to do both offense and defense, it’s always best to save him for late rounds in the game while focusing on getting information and maximizing his kit.
  3. Breach can easily set up an effective play including a trade-off kill for the entry fragger if played right.
  4. Keep in mind Breach’s offensive attacks allow him to win trades and duels without a lot of risk for himself or the team. As for his defensive side, his movement impairing and sight-blinding flash abilities can stall a push from the enemy team to buy off some time before help arrives.


Valorant Breach Abilities Explained

Breach is one of the stronger agents to play in Valorant currently. His supportive capabilities are terrifying and he has enough utility to provide a solid defense against most enemy agents.

If you’re having a hard time getting a grasp of what we mean, allow us to explain why by talking about Breach abilities down below:

Q Ability: Flashpoint

Let’s talk about one of Breach/s most annoying abilities: Flashpoint.

It has the longest blinding in the game.

Breach using his Flashpoint ability to clear the way for his team

Given its delay before it triggers, some might think that’s a downside, but the truth is not a lot of players have a lot of time to react to this blast especially in low-elo games.

How to Use It:

When you’re on the offensive, use Flashpoint against enemies along ramps or through the corner of a wall to flash and blind enemies from every choke point.

Try testing out this flash ability/projectile in a map like Split.

If you notice enemies will come from a narrow area or a corner ramp, firing Flashpoint on the sidewall gives you enough time to blind opponents and go for the kill.

Now, we didn’t create this Breach agent guide to simply talk about offense.

On the defensive side, make sure you also distance yourself appropriately from your enemies AFTER using Flashpoint.

It’s possible your enemies will outstrategize you into thinking you’ll be facing one opponent only.

If there are multiple agents that follow after landing a single kill, you’re as good as dead if you don’t think about your next move or recklessly close in the enemy.

E Ability: Fault Line

Fault line is one of Breach’s LEAST annoying abilities. It’s also a signature ability that’s simple to understand.

Breach sets a quake that travels along a straight line and dazes his opponents.

The effects of Fault Line last for about 2 seconds, and you also have the option to charge it so you can cover more zone area and distance.

Brimstone using his Faulty line ability to concuss enemy players

Take note: Fault Line can also damage your own team. Before you release the charge, notify your team beforehand.

How to Use It:

The biggest downside of Fault Line it’s easy to dodge. Not to mention, the fact it moves in a straight line makes it even easier to predict where enemies should move.

But here’s the interesting part.

Fault Line is an ability MEANT to force enemy agents to move from their position and into a more vulnerable spot.

That also means it’s preferably better to use this ability if you have a teammate with you like Jett. Once the enemy dodges your ability, your teammate can swoop in for the kill.

Furthermore, it has great use if your team plans to push through a choke point. Firing this ability will undoubtedly cause enemy players to move, giving you 2 to 3 seconds of an advantage to secure a winnable trade.


C Ability: Aftershock

There is one thing we love about Aftershock: the damage.

Aftershock works similarly to Flashpoint where you can fire it through walls. And yes – allies caught in the same blast radius will also take a HEAP of damage. Be careful!

Even if you fire it through a wall, a close-range hit or at point blank range could mean an INSTANT KILL.

Brimstone using his Aftershock ability on Ascent

Although it shares similar traits with Breach’s flash ability, don’t spend too much time trying to fire it through a wall.

Instead, it’s better to allow the burst of Aftershock to clear any angles or corners within the maps.

How to Use It:

There is something many Valorant players don’t get at first. If you noticed, Aftershock takes a loooong time to trigger. Just like Fault Line, Valorant players will easily notice it’s coming for them.

If you take a look at your minimap while casting it, you can see how your opponents or anyone would notice Aftershock heading towards them.

But don’t worry. That’s what this guide is all about, after all. Here’s what you should remember:

Aftershock is meant to EXPOSE your enemy’s position.

If your instincts tell you a Valorant enemy player is hiding behind a wall, corner, or side of a choke point, using Aftershock through walls forces your enemy to reveal their location.

You can even use Aftershock to block any small chokepoints you see in your minimap, reveal their position, and either push through the site or go in for the kill.

Here’s why:

Aftershock deals tremendous damage to anyone. NO FOOL wants to take a direct hit.

Furthermore, this is a strategy you can use to deform your enemy team’s formation and tactical advantage.


X Ability: Rolling Thunder

And finally, Breach’s ultimate ability: Rolling Thunder.

Breach’s ultimate is similar to Fault Line EXCEPT you don’t need to charge it.

You can also check your minimap or map in general before firing it to give you a better guide of the range and space Breach’s ultimate will cover.

Breach using his Rolling Thunder ability to stun enemy players

Any player who gets caught in the range of Rolling Thunder or is within the space once his ultimate is activated will be knocked up, stunned, and experience a significant decrease in movement speed, vision, and fire rate.

The best part of Rolling Thunder? Its effect lasts a very long time.

How to Use It:

On your mini map, firing Rolling Thunder will look like a cone-shaped seismic quake that hurls towards enemies in waves.

It covers a HUMONGOUS area that’s nearly impossible to dodge. Using Breach’s ultimate in most maps shouldn’t be that hard to do either.

Because it comes in waves, using Rolling Thunder is extremely useful if you and your teammates want to push through a site or choke point.

Notice how Breach’s ultimate doesn’t immediately affect the entire space?

Once fired, you and your team can slowly move forward while the enemies rush to safety. At the same time, your allies can use this opportunity to kill opponents and grab victory.

Valorant Breach Guide: Who Should Play Breach?

Riot Games unleashed a utility monster, and yet, Breach still falls as one the lowest picks as recorded in Riot Games Valorant data

Valorant pickrate statistics showing breach at the bottom

So why even bother to read this agent guide? Because Breach is still a versatile and strong character to play in higher-elo matches and even for pro-team tournaments.

Breach works well even in maps like Haven, Ascent, and Split.

However, the main drawback is Breach’s requirement to land constant effective plays and win games: communication.

Playing solo-queue makes it all the more challenging since there’s no guarantee your teammates for that match will communicate well with you.

Although Breach has excellent crowd control capabilities, the bionic Suede requires heavily on teamwork, making it harder to consistently achieve in solo-queue or lower-elo games.


  • Has the longest blind in the game to suppress enemies
  • Great support abilities for offense and defense
  • Versatile pick for nearly any map
  • Has one of the best ultimates in the game


  • Requires strong coordination and communication; challenging to achieve for solo-queue
  • Takes longer to follow up on kills after using an ability
  • Most lower-elo players prefer to frag kills rather than be a support

Valorant Breach Guide Verdict

We’ve walked you through a Breach abilities guide, tips on how to use those abilities, and the pros and cons of using the bionic Suede.

Although most argue that the data doesn’t lie, this is not to say he’s a bad pick. You will find guides like this one that show the bionic Suede dominating placement matches.

If you’re willing to commit to learning all there is to know about Breach, read other guides and tips on how to help his abilities land better, for instance. We hope this guide helped you!