Tier List: Valorant Agents

Valorant agent tier list on a gradient background

Valorant constantly evolves thanks to frequent changes implemented by Riot Games. As a result, agents cycle in and out of relevance in the often churning meta.

Keeping track of the best agents in the game can be difficult. To make it easier, we created this Valorant tier list for you.

We even added some helpful tips at the end! Here’s our Valorant agent tier list as of patch 3.03!

Valorant Agent Tier List: An Overview

We’ll jump right into it by showing you our Valorant agent tier list. We based this list on all the changes Riot Games made since patch 3.03 and the current meta.

Other factors are the overall utility each agent has in any team composition and how good they are for the solo queue experience.

We’ll show you the list first, then go into further detail in the next section.

Disclaimer: Characters listed under each agent tier don’t follow a specific order. The main order you should note are the tiers themselves.


S-tier agents are staples in any Valorant game. They’re hugely dominant in the current meta and are currently the best picks in Valorant.

  • Jett
  • Viper
  • Sova
  • Skye



A-tier agents are what you’d probably know as “great.” They still play a huge role in any composition, but they don’t deliver as much value as S-tier agents.

  • Killjoy
  • Sage
  • Omen
  • Reyna
  • Astra
  • Raze
  • Cypher



As for those we placed in the B-tier rankings, they’re still good. They’re just not as picked as often and their usefulness can be limited to certain maps.

  • KAY/O
  • Phoenix
  • Brimstone



Each Valorant agent here still has trouble finding their footing in the current meta. They don’t receive as much love as agents in the higher tiers and require decent skills and team coordination to utilize.

  • Breach
  • Yoru


Explaining the Valorant Tier List

You probably have a lot of questions brewing about my Valorant tier list. We’re planning to answer all of them here.

Now it’s time for an in-depth look at why we placed each agent in their corresponding rank.

S-Tier Agents: Best


Jett with knife on blurred map background


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Jett is almost everyone’s favorite duelist. One of the biggest reasons Jett is an S-tier agent is her ability to fulfill different roles.

She can be your entry-fragger, she can Op, she can lurk, Jett can even anchor any site! Also considering the Operator is again relevant in the current meta, having her in your composition is always welcome!

Despite some recent nerfs, she still delivers more value compared to other duelists. This is especially evident in maps like Icebox and Breeze where verticality and long-range engagements are prevalent!

Jett Difficulty: Advanced to Expert

Playing as Jett requires practice, especially with the movement and aim mechanics. Using the operator can be tricky for new players.

Controlling her Cloud Burst’s trajectory also takes getting used to. Her Updraft and Tail Wind abilities trigger sudden movements so your aim has to be snappy, particularly during engagements.

Utilizing her ultimate, Blade Storm, requires precision too!


Viper with ascent background with skills displayed

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Viper is arguably the best controller in Valorant. Despite her ultimate ability’s bug being fixed, it’s still as good.

Her abilities kit is also ever-so-powerful. Her Snake Bite is useful for post-plants and holding off advancing enemies.

Her Poison Orb and Toxic Screen are perfect for blocking vision and weakening enemies trying to push past them. In the current meta, she’s a staple pick and can act as both a controller and sentinel!

Viper Difficulty: Advanced

Her abilities may seem simple, but utilizing Viper properly requires knowledge of lineups. It’s so you can place her wall perfectly and launch those mollies from a safe area, mostly during post-plants!


Sova on a light background with his skills displayed

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There’s no questioning Sova as an S-tier agent because information is king! Every ability of his is highly useful.

His Owl Drone can scout and lead pushes onto a site. His signature ability, Recon Bolt, can scan a large portion of a site and even reach areas Cypher can’t!

Sova’s Shock Bolt and Hunter’s Fury can secure rounds in post-plants. They’re also great for zoning since they can push enemies back!

He’s almost a sure pick in any ranked and professional game. He’s the best agent in the game for gathering information!

Sova Difficulty: Expert

Not only should an expert Sova know a ton of arrow lineups (especially for his recon dart), but utilizing his abilities requires situational awareness that comes with experience!


Sage with her dog and a bucky on white background

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The first point in favor of Skye is her versatility. The second is us reiterating that information is king!

She can easily fulfill multiple roles. Skye can blind or stun enemy players and heal her team, but the biggest advantage she provides is she’s also good at gathering intel!

Her flash ability is overpowered. It can maneuver around tight corners and obstacles, it can even tell you when an enemy is blinded!

Her heal is an AoE ability that can restore the HP of multiple teammates. Her tiger can scout for information and stun enemies!

Her ultimate is also highly valuable since it can reveal the location of enemies! She’s like a mix of Sova, Breach, Sage, maybe even Cypher.

The best Skye players in the game even use her as a cracked entry-fragger!

Skye Difficulty: Expert

Utilizing each Skye ability requires practice and a bit of experience. Aside from supporting your team, being able to engage enemies when the situation calls for it is also a must!

A-Tier Agents: Great


Killjoy with her turret on white background

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Killjoy is an A-tier agent because of her strength in both offense and defense for various maps. This became more evident once Riot Games introduced Breeze.

She’s a great anchor for any site, but her bots can provide information and guard multiple entryways at once! This provides your team with more options for setups and makes her an expert at guarding any flank!

Her ultimate can also tip a round’s outcome in your favor. A well-placed Lockdown allows for an easy Spike Plant or retake!

Killjoy Difficulty: Beginner

Killjoy’s abilities actually do most of the work for you. That’s what makes her easy to play!

The aspect that may take getting used to is her bots only work when Killjoy is within range. Knowing when to pick them back up or leave them is crucial!


Sage with white and red background

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Sage is a staple for supporting and executing strategies. Her wall is helpful on both offense and defense.

Her slow orb easily hinders an enemy team from rushing any site. Sage’s healing capability is also unmatched!

What makes her so valuable is she can resurrect fallen comrades too! She may not be as capable as others at providing intel, but her offensive and defensive presence are a must-have in most maps!

Sage Difficulty: Beginner

Using Sage is straightforward. Your main role is to properly support your teammates on both sides of the map.

That responsibility means you have to know when to hang back or engage in skirmishes or duels!


Omen on light background with skills displayed

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Omen has established himself as one of the staple agents because of his versatility. He’s probably the only controller capable of fitting nicely in most team compositions.

His rechargeable smokes are valuable, particularly for long rounds. His Paranoia can overwhelm opponents since they’ll be blinded once they’re in its AoE.

Having an ultimate that can act as a tool for intel gathering is also a huge plus! He can switch between a supportive and aggressive playstyle making him one of the best controllers in the game!

Omen Difficulty: Advanced

What makes Omen an agent for advanced players is the need to master his teleporting abilities and make use of verticality. Having this skillset will surely make you one of the best Omen players!


Reyna with black and red background

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To be honest, Reyna comes off as one-dimensional. That’s because she only needs to focus on two things: flashing for her team and getting kills.

What makes her an A-tier agent is she’s exceptional at what she does! She always possesses the potential to carry a team, but she can also be a hit or miss type of character.

That’s mainly because she needs kills to fuel her Devour and Dismiss abilities. In the right hands though, Reyna will always pop off.

She’s been gaining relevance in professional play and she’s always been dominant in pub games. In clutch situations, it’s always likely a Reyna player can secure a round.

Reyna Difficulty: Beginner

This might surprise some, but Reyna’s one of the best agents for beginners. The simplicity of her playstyle makes it so.

Leer, shoot, Devour or Dismiss, repeat. That’s pretty much it! The most learning required for beginners would be knowing the right time to peek!


Astra on grey background with a bulldog

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Astra is unquestionably one of the best controllers in Valorant. All her abilities have tons of utility and do a lot for her team.

Her suck ability delays bomb plants, enemy team site pushes, and assists in executing offensive strategies. Her smokes are rechargeable, can be faked out, and even stored for later use!

Her Ultimate is also no joke. It can cut up a site (even the map) in half!

The fact that it completely blocks off enemy vision and muffles noise from the opposite side helps any team secure easy Spike plants, retakes, or even discourage attacking opponents!

Astra Difficulty: Expert

The reason she’s an A-tier agent is piloting her requires practice, patience, and skill. You have to play Valorant with an understanding of strategies and situational awareness!

Knowing the right placement of stars, when to pop them, when to remove them, and when to relocate them requires a proper grasp of Valorant gameplay.

Reaching this skill level rewards you though! In fact, Astra is a staple in high-elo and professional play!


Raze on dark splash art

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A skilled Raze player can be one of the most frustrating opponents to match up against in Valorant. She wreaks havoc on any enemy team and easily seizes territory thanks to her kit.

Her abilities are mostly explosives that can clear tight areas, force enemies to reposition, or heavily damage them.

Her Boom Bot deals significant harm, but its intel-gathering capability is what makes it useful. Her Paint Shells also discourage enemies from bunkering.

Her Blast Pack can destroy Sage’s wall, Cypher’s tripwire, and other traps. Her ultimate also forces opponents to retreat since it can send them kingdom come!

Her main disadvantage would be any map with wide-open spaces like Breeze. But given her team utility, she’s always one of the top picks in Valorant!

Raze Difficulty: Beginner

Honestly, playing as Raze is simple. What makes one of the beginner-friendly agents in Valorant is the fact that her abilities can tear through the enemy team’s health!

That means you don’t have to land as many headshots! The most practice you’ll need involves using her satchels to boost her movement.

They can help you traverse the map and you can take advantage of verticality!


Cypher with white background

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Cypher is always a good agent to have. The only reason he isn’t higher on my Valorant tier list is that players favor Killjoy over Cypher.

That doesn’t make him less useful though. His information gathering will always give your team a tactical advantage.

He can even guard your flank and hold down a site on his own! He’ll always be a decent agent with a valuable presence on both sides of the map.

Cypher Difficulty: Beginner

It’s a bit obvious why Cypher is one of the best Valorant agents for new players. His traps do most of the work!

What requires practice is proper trap placement though. Aside from that, he’s simple to get the hang of!

B-Tier Agents: Good


Kay/o with judge on white background

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KAY/O players might be surprised that he isn’t as high on this list. Allow us to explain why.

Yes, his kit offers tons of utility. It suppresses enemy abilities, reveals enemy locations, has flashes, a molly, and it can even resurrect him!

He’s even capable of pressuring opponents and being a self-sufficient fragger. There’s more to properly utilizing KAY’O than meets the eye though.

From watching the recent VCT games, you’ll learn that proficiency at KAY/O requires some knowledge of lineups. You’ll even notice how they use his ultimate situationally!

My point is this agent still has a lot of untapped potential. We can only find out in the future how high his ceiling really is!

KAY/O Difficulty: Advanced

As we mentioned, it turns out that properly utilizing this agent requires some knowledge of lineups.

Learning a lot of those lineups and knowing in which situations to use them requires some time and practice!


Phoenix on Dark splash art

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Phoenix will always be a capable duelist. The only reason we placed him lower in our tier list is he doesn’t get as much love as his other duelist counterparts.

He still offers a lot of utility with his flash, wall, and molly. But with initiators or controllers possessing similar capabilities, other duelists may deliver more value.

His ultimate still has its advantages though. It doesn’t cost a lot and allows him to safely engage opponents, gather information, and even frag out if the opposition is caught off-guard!

Phoenix will always be known for versatility with his self-healing, vision blocking, and space creating. Just be sure to complement him with great controllers to maximize his effectiveness!

Phoenix Difficulty: Beginner

Phoenix abilities don’t require a lot of setups or map knowledge, his ultimate even allows new players to play aggressively!

His Curveball takes getting used to though. Properly throwing them around corners or angles takes practice!


Brimstone on White Splash art

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Brimstone is overshadowed by other controllers who offer more uses or hybrid playstyles. That’s mainly why Brimstone is one of the B-tier agents.

His Sky Smokes are still the best smokes and his molly lasts the longest. Launching your Stim Beacon for teammates during skirmishes always pays off.

As for seizing or denying territory and post-plants, his ultimate ability can still be overwhelming. At the end of the day, he’s still a decent agent!

That’s all you can expect though, nothing more, especially with his usage becoming limited to maps like Bind.

Brimstone Difficulty: Beginner

Brimstone is actually ideal for new players learning how to be a controller. He still fulfills the role well and maximizing his abilities requires little need to engage in duels!

C-Tier Agents: Not Optimal


Breach on light background with skills displayed

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Despite some nice changes to his kit, Breach isn’t picked a lot. This is why he ranks as a C-tier agent.

His abilities can be overwhelming (like his buffed Rolling Thunder), but his potential is left mostly untapped since most players find it difficult to work with him in the solo queue environment.

He requires consistent coordination to properly mesh with a team given his AoE and crowd control capabilities. At this point, only time will tell whether or not he gains relevance in the meta again.

But if you’re teaming up with friends, he’s still a viable option!

Breach Difficulty: Advanced

Like we said, maximizing Breach requires good team coordination. That may be difficult for beginners, especially if you’re still studying how to be an initiator.


Yoru with a sheriff on white background

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Riot Games will be implementing some Yoru reworks in the future. What they have in store for him is yet to be seen though.

As for his ranking as a C-tier agent, it’s because he’s currently not a clear-cut duelist.

The general player base isn’t that great at using him yet and the average player doesn’t see him as one of the best duelists in Valorant.

His pick rate in professional games are also low, so we are yet to see proper maximization of his potential.

Yoru Difficulty: Advanced to Expert

His flashes are easy to grasp. What makes him difficult to pilot is his other abilities.

His teleport, fake footsteps, and ultimate require a mix of timing, an understanding of lurking and baiting, and situational awareness.

If you’re new to the game, we recommend you avoid Yoru and try another duelist first.

For Beginners: Choosing the Right Valorant Agent

Agents in Valorant each have their own unique profile and choosing someone that fits you can be boggling at times. Allow us to give share a few tips to make your choice easier.

Make Sure It Fits Your Playstyle

Your playstyle plays a huge part in picking the right agent. If you love playing aggressively and engaging enemies, a duelist should float your boat.

If you’re more comfortable supporting and setting your team up, an initiator or controller would be perfect.

Like to play defensively? Go for a sentinel.

It’s pretty simple really, but don’t forget to practice!

Have a Goal

What you want to master is also another key factor in agent selection. Just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to be an expert in taking bomb sites and clearing it for my teammates?
  • Do I prefer creating offensive opportunities or supporting my teammates to succeed?
  • Does being capable of hindering an enemy offense on my own seem appealing?


These are some basic roles that agents in Valorant fulfill. If you have an answer to any question, selecting a role becomes so much easier!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

It’s the most generic tip you hear from everyone, but it’s actually the most valuable. Rack up those games and practice with the agent you want to master!

Improving your skill will always be worth it!

Itching to Try a Valorant Agent?

We’re sure you are! We hope our Valorant agent tier list helped you out.

Remember: choose a character that fits your playstyle first, practice as much as you can to see what’s comfortable for you, and set a goal as to what kind of role you want to play for your team.