Tier List: Valorant Weapons

Valorant weapon tier list on a gradient background

Tier List: Valorant Weapons

We prepared a Valorant Gun Tier List for those who are wondering what weapons are the current meta. This article will particularly expose the WORST and BEST weapons in the recent patch 3.03.

Valorant Weapon Tier List

We’ve divided our meta list into 5 categories whereas S-tier contains the best weapons. And F-tier is definitely something you should AVOID if you don’t want to lose your best game.

S-Tier (Best)

Sage with an Operator on Bind


Source: Cyper I Valorant


Fire rate:0.6 RDS/SECMagazine:5 RDSCost:4700
Damage:255-150-120 (0-50m)Reload Speed:3.7 SECFeature:Toggles between 2.5x and 5.0x zoom

High wall penetration

The first weapon in our S-Tier list should be none other than the OVERPOWERED Operator which prevails even on the previous meta.

We may not be able to deny that this sniper rifle is the most expensive (it costs 4,700 credits!) among all weapons in Riot Games’ Valorant…

But the Operator will surprise you with its ability to achieve HIGHEST damage output overall. With 150 damage on the body, you can literally get killed with ONE-SHOT even if you’re wearing full armor.

This is exactly why most players are SCARED to go against anyone who uses Operator.

You don’t even need to have a perfect head aim to be able to use it.

Although it might be preferable to have fast hands to catch up with your fast-moving opponents…

Phoenix with a Phantom on Ascent


Source: noted


Fire rate:11 RDS/SECMagazine:30 RDSCost:2900
Damage:156-39-33 (0-15m)Reload Speed:2.5 SECFeature:Firing sound can’t be heard at 40m+ distances except in fire’s direction

Traces not visible to enemies

Despite Vandal having higher damage, Phantom’s still the most POPULAR assault rifle in the game.

And it’s exactly because it has the FASTEST fire rate and BIGGEST magazine among all assault rifles.

And it even features silenced firing too where no opposing players can hear your burst fire if they’re 40m far from you. It is a perfect gun to use to DEFEND your team against flanking enemies.

It also gives you 156 headshot damage. Even an opponent with a heavy shield can’t go against one-tap Phantom users.

But note that this Valorant weapon only gives you optimal results in short-range. That one shot is achievable only within 0-15m.

You will get LOWER damage output as your opponents get FARTHER from you.

Phoenix with a Vandel on Split


Source: Flexinja


Fire rate:9.75 RDS/SECMagazine:25 RDSCost:2900
Damage:160-40-34 (0-50m)Reload Speed:2.5 SECFeature:None

Vandal hasn’t been touched by Riot Games for a long time. And it is still an A-tier nevertheless.

Vandal is identical to Phantom in some ways. Like with how many credits they cost and their similar-looking spray pattern.

But Vandal is second to Phantom when it comes to rifle popularity. Though it’s only because Vandal is a bit HARDER to use

To be specific, Vandal has a slower rate of fire than Phantom. This means you’d have to actually HIT the weakest spot of your enemies so you’ll be able to kill them quickly.

But unlike Phantom, you don’t have to be close to the enemy team with Vandal. You’ll get to deliver 160 damage on the head even if your enemy is 50m away.

You may have to work on your aim to fully make use of Vandal. But it is SERIOUSLY great for acing rounds once you’ve mastered it.

A-Tier (Powerful)

Sinatraa as Sova with an Areas on Ascent

Source: Sentinels


Fire rate:12 RDS/SECMagazine:100 RDSCost:3200
Damage:95-38-32 (0-30m)Reload Speed:5 SECFeature:Fire rate increases over time

High wall penetration

Odin is one fine machine gun that costs 3,200 credits. And it is for those with second-rate aiming.

It is listed in the A-Tier list as it fires 12 rounds per second.

Don’t get us wrong — our high-tier firearms are NOT entirely based on fire rates.

We’re just saying it’s FAST and STRONG enough to slaughter your enemies even if you’re aiming at the feet. Not to mention its fire rate increases over time!

With this, it becomes possible to annihilate an enemy EVEN through wall penetration.

And it has the LARGEST magazine size with 100 rounds too! This explains why it has a much slower reload speed compared to its cheaper counterpart Ares.

Reyna with a Spectre on Ascent

Source: xtr


Fire rate:13.33 RDS/SECMagazine:30 RDSCost:1600
Damage:78-26-22 (0-20m)Reload Speed:2.25 SECFeature:Firing sound can’t be heard at 40m+ distances except in fire’s direction

Traces not visible to enemies

The Spectre is an SMG type of Valorant weapon which only costs few credits…

But it actually got a FASTER fire rate than your big guy Odin (considering they’re both machine guns)!

Although its damage is significantly LOWER than what we’ve all had above… But what’s great about it is it has a silenced firing as well.

It won’t give you one-shot kills on the head. But it’s strong enough to bring kills in early game. All you need to do is to control the recoil to make your Spectre HIT every inch of your enemy’s body.

But note that it’s ONLY great for short-range shooting too.

The Spectre is basically a cheaper version of Phantom which is great to use in initial rounds.

Jett with a Judge on Bind

Source: Valorant Flavorz – Gaming Flavorz


Fire rate:3.5 RDS/SECMagazine:7 RDSCost:1850
Damage:34-17-14 (0-10m)Reload Speed:2.2 SECLeft click fire:Fires 12 pellets at one tap

You may be surprised to see Judge ranking high in the A-tier list. But we didn’t get it wrong AT ALL.

Judge is LITERALLY a monster in killing opponents at close distances. It is TOO powerful that Riot Games even nerfed it in the latest Valorant patch.

You should be thankful it only costs 1,850 credits.

This gun fires 12 pellets at the same time. And it slays an enemy with one shot ONLY — that’s either hitting the head or the body with shields.

The reload speed of this gun is even INSANE. In fact, it is the fastest to reload among all main guns in Valorant.

You can technically spam this gun WITHOUT even thinking much about where to hit your opponent. Just fire as soon as you see an enemy up close and they’re dead.

Jett with a Marshall on Icebox

Source: Kaemi


Fire rate:1.5 R


Magazine:5 RDSCost:950
Damage:202-101-85 (0-50m)Reload Speed:2.5 SECFeature:None

Marshall and Operator may be sharing the same magazine rounds…

But it is CHEAPER than Operator — it only costs 950 credits which you can buy as early as the 2nd round. And we’re telling you… It seriously SMASHES in early rounds!

Players don’t typically buy armors early to save rounds. So this is when Marshall takes control over the game.

It can kill you with one shot on the BODY as it has 101 damage. And it even reloads much QUICKER than Operator!

This semi-automatic sniper is the best weapon to bring when you want to switch locations quickly for a better angle.

Jett with a Sheriff on Icebox

Source: Valorant Vision


Fire rate:4 RDS/SECMagazine:6 RDSCost:800
Damage:159-55-46 (0-30m)Reload Speed:2.25 SECFeature:High wall penetration

The sheriff is the BEST PRO SIDEARM to get in the pistol rounds (though it costs several credits).

Its headshot damage EXCEEDS your full lifespan considering you are equipped with a 50-shield. Sheriff is so strong that it kills through wall penetration too!

Although, the sheriff fires much slower than typical handguns… But there’s a reason for that —it’s all because this gun is designed for one-tappers.

The sheriff has a steep learning curve that’s why they say it’s only for Valorant experts. But you will definitely carry the day once you overcome your aiming problem.

B-Tier (Mediocre)

Raze with Ghost on Split

Source: CloverWzy


Fire rate:6.75 RDS/SECMagazine:15 RDSCost:500
Damage:105-30-25 (0-30m)Reload Speed:1.5 SECFeature:Firing sound can’t be heard at 40m+ distances except in fire’s direction

Traces not visible to enemies

The Ghost is the alternative mediocre-friendly gun you can use in Pistol rounds.

You can fire much FASTER with this gun. And it has the most stable spray among all sidearms in Valorant.

It’s also easy peasy to bring a sure headshot kill with this Valorant weapon since it gives you 105 damage from 0-30m. But that’s just in the pistol round where nobody typically wears armor yet.

The Ghost is living up to its name too — it is a silent killer just like the Phantom and Spectre. You can just say it’s their mini descendant.

It carries a 15-round magazine as well which is the BIGGEST number among all its handgun counterparts.

Omen with a Bulldog on Split

Source: TrashTripp


Fire rate:9.5 RDS/SECMagazine:24 RDSCost:2050
Damage:115-35-29 (0-50m)Reload Speed:2.5 SECAlt-fire:3 round burst

Bulldog is another rifle you shouldn’t miss using if you heavily rely on aim-down sights (ADS).

A distinct feature of this Valorant weapon is it fires 3 rounds with one tap as you scope. Its damage is consistent with 35 on the body and 115 on the head.

So this means Bulldog can quickly kill players wearing NO armor.

But you should know that it DOESN’T fire continuously when you’re looking through the iron sight. Holding right-click won’t be effective with Bulldog.

So, it might NOT be the best weapon to use in the late games. Unless you can actually catch your opposing players faster than they can get to you.

ADS takes a longer time to shoot after all.

Reyna with Frenzy on Ascent

Source: BullCashish


Fire rate:10 RDS/SECMagazine:13 RDSCost:450
Damage:78-26-22 (0-20m)Reload Speed:1.5 SECFeature:None

Frenzy is most known for its high fire rate despite it being a small handgun in Valorant.

It gives a 78-26-22 damage (0-20m) which is nothing compared to Ghost and Sheriff that can easily kill players in pistol rounds. But Frenzy still has the ability to destroy few enemies given that it fires almost as FAST as SMGs and rifles.

This weapon is average — it doesn’t disappoint you but it neither gives a big impression to players.

It’s RARELY picked by players too compared to Classic and Ghost.

We guess players just don’t see it as something worth buying in the early game. Or they’d just rather save credits in exchange for an early first-rate Valorant weapon.

Viper with a Guardian on Ascent

Source: SkillCapped Valorant Tips Tricks and Guides


Fire rate:5.25 RDS/SECMagazine:12 RDSCost:2250
Damage:195-65-48 (0-50m)Reload Speed:2.5 SECFeature:High wall penetration

Guardian is a B-tier semi-automatic assault rifle that can land a high-damage pellet on an enemy.

It particularly provides a 195-shot on the head at all distances (which is HIGHER than Vandal).

This is more than enough to wipe out someone wearing a heavy shield. In fact, it has the HIGHEST damage among all rifles in Riot Games’ Valorant.

You can actually expect it to slaughter enemies through wall penetration as well.

But as much as this sounds promising, it has the SLOWEST fire rate.

This weapon is not for burst mode firing — it’s intended for one-shot kills only. It’s basically a Sheriff but only it’s a rifle.

You can have a trade-off for Spectre if you’re not confident with your aiming. But mind you that you can dominate the game once you learn how to use it.

Jett with an Ares on Ascent

Source: Wang


Fire rate:10 RDS/SECMagazine:50 RDSCost:1550
Damage:72-30-25 (0-30m)Reload Speed:3.25 SECFeature:Fire rate increases over time

High wall penetration

Ares is the final B-tier Valorant weapon which is the affordable version of Odin.

They may both have a high wall penetration since they are both massive machine guns. And their rate of fire boosts up as you take a shot too.

But they have a lot of differences too in terms of performance as well.

In short words, Ares operates WORSE with its ​lesser damage and slower fire rate. And it has a fewer magazine too compared to Odin. Although, it reloads much faster than Odin.

But this weapon is still competitive enough to wreak havoc on your opponent’s site in the early game.

C-Tier (Subpar)

Omen with a Bucky on Training Grounds

Source: Lotus


Fire rate:1.1 RDS/SECMagazine:5 RDSCost:850
Damage:40-20-17 (0-8m)Reload Speed:2.5 SECLeft click fire:Fires 15 pellet at one tap

Bucky takes first place in the C-tier weapons list although it’s not as great as the guns we’ve previously had.

This one’s a shotgun type. And it delivers a 40-20-17 damage which is STRONGER than Judge.

But how come it’s C-tier?

Well, its fire rate is as SLOW as a snail. In fact, it’s the slowest one among all weapons in Valorant (excluding the snipers since they’re a different breed).

And it has lesser magazine rounds and reloads much slower too.

These matter a lot for a shotgun since it’s close range. Your enemies will EASILY catch up to you if you can’t kill them in one go. You’ll always be in a kill-or-be-killed situation with Bucky.

Sage with a Classic on Training grounds

Source: MicrowaveGaming


Fire rate:6.75 RDS/SECMagazine:12 RDSCost:Free
Damage:78-26-22 (0-30m)Reload Speed:1.75 SECAlt-fire:Fires 5 pellets at one tap (2.22 bursts/sec)

Classic is the default sidearm in Valorant.

Both Frenzy and Classic share the same damage. But the latter is in the lower position due to LOWER fire rate.

Though Classic’s more often compared to Ghost since their stats are almost aligned.

The only significant difference is that Classic features a shotgun alt-fire — it fires 3 bullets at the same time with 2.22 bursts/sec.

Now, you may be wondering why this gun is subpar when it’s frequently compared to B-tier guns.

Well, it’s all because of the recoil.

It’s obviously WORSE than Frenzy since Frenzy kills faster. Recoil isn’t a problem here. But compared to its rival Ghost… Ghost is much easier to control than Classic.

Jett with a Stinger on Training Grounds

Source: CythR


Fire rate:16 RDS/SECMagazine:20 RDSCost:950
Damage:67-27-22 (0-20m)Reload Speed:2.25 SECAlt-fire:4 round burst

Stinger, on the other hand, is similar to Bulldog (although it’s an SMG too but with a fewer magazine than Spectre).

It features a strained round burst as well. But only that it fires 4 pellets through ADS.

Stinger is proud that it can fire 16-rounds/sec. It’s the FASTEST gun among every weapon in Valorant.

And it also costs only 950 credits too.

But… Stinger is not worth getting for late games like Bulldog.

We’ve barely seen players use this gun in recent patches too. This shows how much of an outcast Stinger has become ever since other guns have been buffed.

F-Tier (Worst)

Omen with a Shorty on Bind

Source: ImDevin


Fire rate:3.33 RDS/SECMagazine:2 RDSCost:150
Damage:24-12-10 (0-7m)Reload Speed:1.75 SECLeft click fire:Fires 15 pellets at one tap

Shorty doesn’t have a place in D-tier — it goes straightly in the last tier which is basically the WORST in our weapon tier list.

The main reason for this is it has the WIDEST spread among all shotgun breeds. All your 15 pellets won’t hit your enemy’s body even if they’re just in the close-mid distance.

It’s STRICTLY for super close range only.

And it’s also extraordinarily situational. You’re doomed if enemies rotate to different sites. This means you’ll have to chase them which isn’t entirely great for a super short-range handgun.

Besides, it also has the LOWEST damage among all sidearms in Valorant.

You won’t benefit from Shorty AT ALL regardless of whether it’s for early or late games.


That’s all for our current meta Valorant weapon tier list. It may change in the future if some significant adjustments are made by Riot Games.

Who knows… Our little Shorty might become the big gun in the forthcoming patches.

Anyhow, feel free to opt for what suits you the most.