The Definitive Guide: Agent Viper

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Want to be a “toxic” Viper main in Valorant? Then this Valorant Viper guide is for you!

We’ll be covering Viper’s strengths, weaknesses, and her abilities as deeply as we can. We even have some bonus tips for you at the end!

Ready to become cracked at this game? Read on!

Valorant Viper Guide: A Quick Primer

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Viper is an agent in Valorant, a tactical shooter by Riot Games. Her role is to play as a controller. A controller agent is mainly responsible for slicing up areas of the map to make seizing territory easier.

Viper does this through the use of different devices to split bomb sites, obstruct opposing agents’ line of sight, and weaken any enemies.

We wrote this guide so you can use Viper well and have a bit of fun while you’re at it!

Preparatory Information: Viper Strengths and Weaknesses

Now we’ll kick this Valorant Viper guide off by showing you what she’s good at and what she lacks.


  • Highly effective at obstructing enemies’ vision
  • Has abilities useful for post-plants
  • Viper’s abilities weaken enemies’ health
  • Makes enemy site retakes or pushes difficult
  • Has good vision when hiding in her abilities



  • Toxic Screen can’t be picked up once launched
  • Viper’s abilities also inflict Decay teammates
  • Her abilities also block her allies’ line of sight
  • Abilities have fuel gauge you have to be aware of
  • Her abilities requires lineups in certain situations


Viper’s Abilities: A Comprehensive Look

Now that you have a general idea of Viper’s strengths and weaknesses, let’s go through a detailed look at her abilities.

If you want something visual, just watch this video.

Disclaimer: The YouTube video isn’t updated for all the Viper changes Riot Games made until Valorant Patch 3.03.

Snake Bite

In-game Description: Equip a chemical launcher. Fire to launch a canister that shatters upon hitting the floor, creating a lingering chemical zone that damages and slows enemies.”

  • Price: 200 credits
  • Charges: 2
  • Damage Radius (Circle): 8 meters wide
  • True Damage Rate: [Enemy] 13 damage per second (DPS); [Ally]: 4.33 DPS
  • Duration: 6.5 seconds
  • Status Effect: Inflicts Vulnerable on first tick

Viper firing her corrosive shot to push into C site

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Think of Viper’s Snake Bite as a molly that uses poison instead of flames. It’s pretty similar to Brimstone’s Incendiary grenade.

Viper standing near her corrosive shot

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The differences are Viper’s Snake Bite slows enemies and makes them Vulnerable on the first tick.


There are multiple upsides to Snake Bite:

  • Increases damage received by enemies – Vulnerable enemies take double damage for a few seconds!
  • Creates space – Snake Bite can push off opponents from spots your team wants to take control of!
  • Can be used from behind cover – One big upside is Snake Bite can bounce. You can use it from behind cover, then bounce it off a wall or around a corner to clear tight angles.
  • Easy post-plants – You can use Snake Bite to prevent any enemy from trying to defuse the Spike. This one can be done from a safe area through lineups!
  • Prevents enemy pushes – Snake bite can prevent opponent attacks, especially when executing their offense from a choke point!



Like other abilities of Valorant agents, Snake Bite has its drawbacks:

  • Low DPS – Its DPS is lower compared to other molly-type abilities in Valorant.
  • Friendly fire – Your molly can hurt agents on your team.

Poison Cloud

In-game Description: Equip a gas emitter. Fire to throw the emitter that perpetually remains throughout the round. Re-use the ability to create a toxic gas cloud at the cost of fuel. This ability can be re-used more than once and can be picked up to be redeployed.”

  • Price: 200 credits
  • Charge: 1
  • Cover Radius (Sphere): 9 meters wide
  • Vision Range: 4.5 meters
  • Instant Decay Damage: 30
  • Decay Rate: 10 Decay per second

Viper holding her toxic orb before throwing it to stop enemy advances

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Think of Poison Cloud as Viper’s personal smoke grenade. The difference is she uses toxic gas!

When you use Poison Cloud, Viper equips a gas grenade that can be thrown. Once tossed, it remains where it lands for the remainder of the round.

Viper hiding the spike in her toxic orb to allow allies to spray it if the enemy is defusing

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It can be triggered manually, you can even pick it up and redeploy it. This makes it possible to use Poison Cloud multiple times per round!


Here’s what makes Poison Cloud a highly useful ability:

  • Obstructs enemy vision – One thing is it’s handy for covering choke points and doorways. That prevents enemies from gathering visual information beyond your smoke.
  • For bomb plants – On offense, Poison Cloud can provide you cover while planting the Spike.
  • For post-plants – Using this along with Snake Bite on the planted Spike will kill any enemy attempting a Spike defuse.
  • Weakens enemies – This ability emits toxic gas that inflicts Decay on enemies. Their health is reduced for a few seconds once they exit the toxic gas!



Now we’d like to show you some of the downsides this ability has:

  • Obstructs teammate vision – Viper’s abilities make it difficult for your teammates to collect intel on your enemies.
  • Inflicts Decay on friendly agents – It also reduces the health of your teammates.


Toxic Screen

In-game Description: Equip a gas emitter launcher. Fire to deploy a long line of gas emitters. Re-use the ability to create a tall wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel. This ability can be re-used more than once.”

  • Price: Free
  • Charge: 1
  • Instant Decay Damage: 30
  • Decay Rate: 10 Decay per second
  • Decay Recovery Delay: 1.5 seconds
  • Decay Recovery Rate: 25 HP per second

Viper using her smoke screen to cover A heaven on Haven

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Toxic Screen is Viper’s signature ability. Think of it as a thin wall of smoke, but it’s a toxic gas.

Viper using her Smoke screen ability to cover the lower side of heaven on Split

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Instead of a solid mass enemies have to break, they can pass through it but get Decayed in return. It can also be triggered manually and it’s a long line that splits maps effectively!


Here are some advantages gained when you use Toxic Screen:

  • Helps you seize map control – On attack, Toxic Screen can split a bomb site in half. Viper’s walls obstruct enemies’ vision and allow your team to push onto the site without giving away any intel.
  • Prevents enemy attacks – This works for defense and retakes. Viper’s walls prevent enemies from collecting intel, they’re Decayed if they push through so they can be killed by a few shots!


Here are some drawbacks when you use Toxic Screen:

  • Obstructs vision and reduces team health – Your teammates can’t see past it and pushing through it aggressively weakens your team.
  • Can’t be picked up and redeployed – You only have one shot at placing your Viper walls correctly.
  • It can be countered – Enemy team compositions with Sova or Skye can easily find your location. An aggressive tactic like flashing past Viper’s wall and rushing can even surprise you!


Viper’s Pit

In-game Description: Equip a chemical sprayer. Fire to spray a chemical cloud in all directions around Viper, creating a large cloud that reduces the vision range and maximum health of players inside of it.”

  • Price: 7 ultimate points
  • Decay Radius (Indefinite Shape): Up to 18 meters wide
  • Vision Range: 8 meters
  • Instant Decay Damage: 30
  • Decay Rate: 10 Decay per second
  • Decay Recovery Delay: 1.5 seconds
  • Decay Recovery Rate: 25 HP per second
  • Duration: 15 seconds (Refuels one second for every second Viper spends inside her ultimate, can refuel up to 15 seconds)

Viper using her ultimate ability to allow her to protect the Spike

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The Viper Pit is Viper’s ultimate ability. She sprays a cloud of toxic gas to create an enormous chemical zone.

Sage inside of Viper ult with a red outline around her

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It covers a wide area and Decays and impairs the vision of anybody passing through it.


Here are instances where the use of the Viper Pit is highly effective:

  • Shutting down enemy attacks – Using this on a bomb site or choke point discourages the enemy from pushing that area of the map.
  • Preventing site retakes – When you use Viper’s Pit in post-plants, you’re already close to securing a round.
  • Covers you and your teammates’ positions – The large zone Viper’s Pit covers makes it easy for your allies to hide within.
  • It can be refueled – Its duration of 15 seconds can be refilled as long as Viper is inside the Viper’s Pit.
  • Viper has better vision than others inside her ultimate – Viper’s opponents are still highlighted inside her ultimate and she can easily spot them!



As for the drawbacks of Viper’s Pit, they are:

  • Vision obstruction and friendly fire – The common downside of Viper’s abilities is it affects teammates negatively.
  • It cannot be picked up and redeployed – Once it’s placed, you cannot relocate it. The toxic zone stays in the same spot!


Maximizing Viper: Some Helpful Tips

Now that you know her abilities well, here are some tips to level up your Viper gameplay.

Know Your Role

This is probably one of those common tips for beginners.

Viper makes seizing control of map zones easy for your team. One common mistake is to toss Viper’s abilities willy-nilly!

Also, learn to play defensively. You’re not supposed to be rushing headfirst into a skirmish!

Use Viper’s Abilities to Play Mind Games

Using your Toxic Screen to split a bomb site draws lots of attention. Following it up with her other abilities can force the defense to rotate from another site!

If this happens, you can fake opponents out and rotate to the almost defenseless site for a Spike Plant!

Learn Your Lineups

If you want to play Viper effectively, you have to know your lineups. Why?

It’s useful for post-plants, for hitting opponents hidden in specific spots, it even plays a role in whether or not your group clinches a round!

Trivia: Lineups are points of reference in Valorant maps you aim your crosshair at so your abilities hit a specific spot.

Here are some Viper lineup tutorials for each map. These should level up your gameplay by a mile:


Poison Cloud is Useful in Post-Plants

Using Viper’s smoke grenade in combination with Snake Bite can easily kill anyone attempting to defuse the Spike. That Decay, Vulnerable, and DPS combo can eat through HP in no time!

Always Check Your Fuel Gauge

Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, and Viper’s Pit all have a fuel meter. Be aware of how much fuel you have at all times!

You don’t want it to suddenly run out at the wrong time!

Itching to Play Some Valorant?

We’re sure you are! Becoming a cracked player in this tactical shooter by Riot Games takes time and effort.

We hope my guide and tips helped you out!