Who is the Best ADC in League of Legends?

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If you are new to League of Legends, you’ll soon discover the vast array of champions, each possessing their unique abilities and play styles. One of the most critical roles in the game is the ADC, also known as the Attack Damage Carry. ADC champions deal a significant amount of damage from a distance, making them essential team members. 

“Who is the best ADC in League of Legends?” is a common question among players. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 best ADCs in League of Legends, helping you choose the right champion for your gameplay style.

Best ADCs in League of Legends

Top 10 Best ADCs in LoL

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10. Jinx

Jinx is a highly popular ADC with a versatile kit that allows her to excel in various playstyles. Her Q ability, Switcheroo!, lets her swap between her minigun and rocket launcher, while her W ability, Zap!, can be used to poke enemies or set up kills. Jinx’s E ability, Flame Chompers!, can trap enemies or be used as a zoning tool or escape mechanism.

Jinx’s ultimate ability, Super Mega Death Rocket!, deals massive damage to all enemies in its path, making her a strong team fighter. With a high pick rate in both ranked and professional play, Jinx is a champion that can deal significant damage and turn the tide of a game with her abilities.

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9. Vayne

Vayne is a highly contested ADC in ranked play due to her high damage output and mobility. Her passive ability, Silver Bolts, deals extra true damage based on the enemy’s maximum health, making her a great choice against tankier opponents.

Her Q ability, Tumble, allows her to quickly reposition during fights, while her W ability, Condemn, can be used to stun enemies against walls and set up kills. Finally, her ultimate ability, Final Hour, grants increased movement speed and invisibility when moving toward enemies, allowing for chase-downs and escapes.

Kai'Sa Artwork image by Pu Zhao

8. Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa is a newer champion that has quickly become a popular choice in both solo queue and professional play. Her kit allows her to be a versatile champion that can adapt to various playstyles. Her Q ability, Icathian Rain, fires a barrage of missiles that can deal a significant amount of damage to multiple targets.

Kai’Sa’s W ability, Void Seeker, is a long-range skillshot that can reveal and damage enemies, making it useful for scouting and poking. Her E ability, Supercharge, gives her increased attack speed and movement speed, allowing her to chase down enemies or reposition during fights.

Finally, Kai’Sa’s ultimate ability, Killer Instinct, allows her to dash into an enemy champion to deal a large amount of damage. This ability can be used to engage on priority targets or to escape from danger.

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7. Tristana

Tristana is a long-standing champion that remains a strong pick in the current meta due to her high damage output and mobility. Her Rapid Fire Q ability increases her attack speed and range. Rocket Jump allows her to quickly reposition during fights and can be chained with kills/assists. Explosive Charge deals AOE damage and can be used to push waves or turrets. Buster Shot knocks back enemies, dealing damage and creating distance for disengages or setting up kills team.

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6. Ashe

Ashe is a utility-based ADC that is often picked for her ability to provide vision and crowd control for her team. Her ultimate ability, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, can stun an enemy champion from a long distance, making her a valuable asset in team fights.

In addition, Ashe’s W ability, Volley, slows multiple enemies and deals damage, while her passive ability, Focus, lets her deal extra damage to recently slowed or stunned foes. Her E ability, Hawkshot, scouts out areas and provides vision, useful for tracking enemies or avoiding ganks.

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5. Ezreal

Ezreal is a versatile champion with high mobility and long-range abilities, making him a viable ADC or mid-laner. His Mystic Shot deals damage and reduces the cooldown of his abilities.

Essence Flux can buff allies or damage enemies, and can also apply on-hit effects. Arcane Shift allows him to reposition and dodge enemy abilities, while Trueshot Barrage deals massive damage.

Ezreal’s passive ability, Rising Spell Force, grants bonus attack speed for each ability hit, making him effective in prolonged fights.

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4. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is an early game bully that can dominate the lane with her long-range abilities. Her Q ability, Piltover Peacemaker, deals damage in a straight line and can hit multiple targets. Her W ability, Yordle Snap Trap, can be used to set up traps that root enemies in place and grant Caitlyn a headshot bonus when triggered.

In addition, her E ability, 90 Caliber Net, allows her to reposition and escape from danger while also dealing damage. Finally, her ultimate ability, Ace in the Hole, deals massive damage to a single target from a long distance, making it an excellent tool for picking off low-health enemies or finishing off fleeing opponents.

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3. Xayah

Xayah is a champion that is often picked for her ability to deal a large amount of damage while also providing crowd control for her team. Her ultimate, Featherstorm, grants her invincibility and damages all nearby enemies. 

Her passive, Clean Cuts, deals bonus damage to enemies hit three times. Her Q, Double Daggers, throws two daggers that can be recalled for bonus damage. Her W, Deadly Plumage, poisons enemies and grants her attack speed. Her E, Bladecaller, deals damage and roots enemies hit by her feathers.

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2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s Q ability, Double Up, deals damage to two targets at once, making it useful for clearing waves and harassing enemies. Her passive, Love Tap, deals bonus damage to recently hit targets. Her W ability, Strut, grants her bonus movement speed when not attacked. Finally, her E ability, Make it Rain, slows and damages enemies in a targeted area, useful for zoning and setup.

Senna Artwork
image by Jennifer Wuestling

1. Senna

Senna is a versatile champion that can be played as an ADC or a support. Her unique abilities allow her to deal damage while also healing her allies. Her Q ability, Piercing Darkness, can damage enemies and heal Senna and her allies. Her W ability, Last Embrace, can root enemies and set up kills for Senna and her team. Her passive ability, Absolution, lets her collect mist to increase her attack damage and range. Finally, her ultimate ability, Dawning Shadow, can heal allies and damage enemy champions in its path.

Best ADC and Support Duos in LoL

In League of Legends, ADC and Support champions often work together as a duo in the bot lane. Here are some ADC and Support combinations that are known to work well together:

  • Ezreal and Yuumi: Ezreal can use his Q ability to poke enemies from a distance, while Yuumi can attach herself to Ezreal and provide healing and mobility through her abilities. This combination allows Ezreal to stay safe while dealing damage, making it challenging for opponents to engage.

  • Jinx and Thresh: Thresh’s crowd control abilities, along with his lantern, can help Jinx position herself correctly and deal damage.

  • Vayne and Lulu: Lulu can use her Whimsy ability to grant Vayne additional attack speed and movement speed, while her shields can provide additional protection. Lulu’s crowd control abilities can also be used to peel for Vayne, making it difficult for opponents to engage.

  • Caitlyn and Morgana: Caitlyn’s range and poke abilities pair well with Morgana’s root and black shield, making it difficult for opponents to engage.

  • Draven and Nami: Nami can use her heal and movement speed boost to keep Draven alive during team fights. Additionally, her Aqua Prison ability can be used to stun enemies, making it easier for Draven to hit them with his axes.

It’s important to note that these combinations are not the only viable ones, and the effectiveness of ADC and Support champions working together depends on the player’s skill and team composition.


So, who is the best ADC in League of Legends? It’s hard to say, as each champion brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the table. However, some of the most popular and powerful ADCs in the game include Jinx, Vayne, and Kai’Sa. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual player to find the champion that best fits their play style and works well with their team.