Why Buy An Unranked League of Legends Account?

Smurf accounts for League of Legends are extraordinarily useful and a more efficient use of your time and money…

Not only does buying an account save you the time of leveling to 30 your self (which may take as much as one full week or longer) – Our accounts also include an amazing amount of Blue Essence, which you can utilize to purchase numerous amounts of champions you wish to play. As an alternative of having a limited number of champions, you’ll be able to increase your champion pool to allow more than enough champions to satisfy any lane you desire to play.

De-tilt from your Main Account

A Smurf account allows you to fall back to whenever you’re having an “Off day” on your main account, it keeps you from tilting and allows you to play with a level head – All while knowing you are not risking your main accounts rank.

Hone your skills on new roles or champions

Smurfing offers you the ability to try out and learn new roles and champions. This expands your pool, allowing you to climb even higher on your main account – or perhaps even discovering a new favorite champion to play!