Why would someone want to Smurf?

In League of Legends, there is a certain competitive aspect that draws each player to be better than their counterpart. Smurfing allows players to play in an elo far below theirs(Or close by). But why would someone want to Smurf when they could just climb on their main account?…

  • They are feeling stuck on their main account. Looking for a stress-free game where they can reset their mental. In High elo, games can be extremely mentally taxing, thus having a League of Legends Smurf it allows them to get on and blow off some steam.
  • Their friends are a lower rank than them, or may even be new to the game. In League of Legends, you can only play with people around your rank. (Generally one rank above or below your own, IE – Silver can play with Gold or Bronze. Whereas Bronze can only play with Silver or Iron.) – Smurfing allows a way around for this situation.
  • Test our new champions and builds. Smurfing is an excellent way of learning a new champion who you feel inexperienced on, without ruining your main Elo. You can try fun builds and maybe even find one that suits you better than your normal build.
  • Try out a new LoL Region. If you wished to try out a new Region on your main(NA, EUW, EUNE, ETC), it would require nearly $20 USD EACH time you wanted to transfer. A Smurf on League allows you to try out different regions for a far superior price.

There are many reasons why someone would wish to play on a League of Legends smurf account, it’s all about finding what helps you have the most fun.

We hope this gives you more of an open mind to smurfing and helps you not just see it as a “Toxic player” going onto a new account after being banned. Instead it’s a way of learning new things inLeague of Legends without risking your main rank.